A Story by Ryan Machanic

a project i am currently working on , i believe that it can be absolutely wonderful .




The familiar smell of bacon and eggs being fried on the stove in the morning, pleasantly startles him to consciousness. as he wakes up in a room that is all too familiar. The clothes from last night still strewn about the floor and the apparatus hanging from the fan are interesting but vaguely remembered. The events from last night were crazy and unpredictable, passionate yet fierce. All the emotion runs back as the water is splashed briskly in his face taking the first glimpse of the day.  Vision starts to clear as he’s woken up by the subtle burn of the mouth wash, taking a smooth ginger pace down the stairs chin up there is a king in the midst. With a smooth caress and a kiss on the neck   he whispers  “ good morning beautiful “ to which she replies “ hey handsome” the food on the stove is now merely an afterthought, as they cannot keep their hands off one another. She says “stop the foods going to burn and with a slight chuckle she blurts let me go “ he reluctantly obliges and sits at the table, usual morning routine cup of coffee, the sports section  “headline “ NY Jets to the super bowl. What time do you have to be to work hunny? She asks lovingly.  Umm I will leave here in about 30 minutes that should get me enough time. As the plate is set down in front of him he’s takes a second to check out the perfection that is his woman, glancing at her curves, her movements, the family pictures in the house. The morning couldn’t possibly be any better, “ the food is delicious “  “ what else did you expect” she replied in that snippy tone that he adored so much, she takes a firm seat on his lap and begins the routine days questions,


“What time do you get off? “

, “Would you like to do something later?”

, “Are you going to call me on your lunch break?”


  I don’t know, possibly, it depends on if I get out of court in time the cases are

Piling up and late nights  like these aren’t helping.



Oh You got jokes you smug b*****d, she hops ups a moves around the kitchen fiddling with the pot of coffee silently begging him to ask for a refill just so she can capture a few more minutes before the monotony of the day becomes truly apparent but the clock reads 7:30 enough time has been wasted.  Brief case keys a last minute fix of the tie and vamoose out the door he goes doubling back for the phone and a goodbye kiss


“Have a great day at work babe“ she says


“Trust me I will “


As he struts to the door and thrusts   it open to welcome the new day   they lock eyes a ghastly stubble with fierce red eyes lie in wait on the other side of the door, smiles turn to frowns, zeal suddenly transforms into cowards and the last words he utters  before the flash and the darkness were


“I’m sorry.”


 Before the smoking of the barrel ceased  , and his now lifeless body  tumbles helplessly to the earth  , the shock of the situation consumes her. Her shock is visible  , shaking as she drops the dish into the running water of the faucet, although she hasn’t   seen the brutality she knows that the worst is the only thing that is to be expected.  Her head whips around and the curls fly from her face just in time to see his blood  trickle off the wound as he lay sound asleep . The sound of her heart breaking was more audible than that of the gunshot , the sight of her lovers body on the floor was too much for her knees to bear as she collapses to the floor  , her night gown pressed upon her face as she tries to shield herself from  the harsh reality of what was …

“Get the F**k up B***h “ he roars as he whisks her into the chair by the strands of her hair  , now sitting in the same  throne that her and king just  shared  bore a totally different feeling , she cries out helplessly as he forcefully bounds her  wrists  , and feet .  he ties  the lovers  blood soaked tie in her mouth as if to mock her and the situation as he looks up on her with disdain .  no words have been spoken between the cries  he is cool  , calculated , after  the gag is  applied he roams the house  mulling over the  decision  that he just made .   In a place that looks like home he doesn’t feel like home ,  walking up a familiar  stair way  but feels all to unfamiliar, rubbing his hands along the wall and the runners  as if he was trying to pull the memories from the walls , as if he was draining the energy from the house  . looking a pictures with  a man that looks like him but he has not recognized in a long time . and emptiness comes over him as he hears the  muffled groans  and strains coming from  down stairs . losing  himself in the moment as he stands  tall in a room that now resembles the honeymoon suite  but has not a had marital relations take place  in eons .  A tear drops on the barrel of the still warm gun and sizzles as it hits the slide , as hes awoken once again from his   his trance like state  by the muffled strains and groans from his prisioner .  he clutches the gun  with the  force of a vice grip and wipes the tears from his  burly cheeks  and   walks from the room back to  the kitchen ,  No words  are spoken still but the message is clearly  conveyed through the exchanging looks that the two share  as he sits across from  her   a glaring at her once beautiful face that is now remincsicint of a holiday  pig stuffed with a gag as if it were an apple .. the tears continue to stream from her face as she writhes and  wiggles to free herself  from her bounds , as he sits calmly with  all  the  confidence in the world in his forcefully tied  Shroud Knot , that he learned many moons ago ,  when he was a different person ,usually used for repelling down the side of the moutains it is now used to restrain her every movement.  He places the sleek shiny chrome 45  springfeild  pistol on  the table and places  it on the table next to a small cloth , the fear in her eyes grows to a fever pitch as his hand  inches toward the chrome slide , then gripping the matte black  handle , as if to analyze his tool of destruction ..  he sniffs the chamber   as if aroused by the smell of the gun powder in the similar  manner a person would if a hearty breakfast was on the stove …

he opens  his mouth and utters the first words , “20 years “ ,  his hands  frame his head   to hold the thoughts as                            he chokes back more tears as he  repeats the  previous  Phrase “20 years” how could you do this to us , the  kids .  he cant hold the emotion back anymore. He lays his head down  whilst he pounds his fists on the table


© 2011 Ryan Machanic

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Added on February 11, 2011
Last Updated on February 11, 2011
Tags: emotion, conflict, adultery, murder, death, love triangle, guns, love, seperation, family


Ryan Machanic
Ryan Machanic

Orlando, FL

IWrite , i write to describe , i write to express , i write to feel , but i also write to be the best . I'm 21 currently in college residing in orlando FL .... an a meandering path to a best seller. more..