Dad's for the week

Dad's for the week

A Chapter by MathersMania

This morning was like any other morning, then again, my mornings never seem to change. I seem to be in a never ending loop, day after day, every day being the same. I wake up and shower, get ready for school, and eat my breakfast. My dad is usually never home now, since he went back into the spotlight. He's always at award shows, or doing a concert/music festival, or just out with his friends. I get it, he's famous, but I liked it better when he stepped away from the spotlight, even though he was always angry and sad, I still got to spend time with him. Now I know that's a really bad thing to say, but I guess what I'm trying to get at, is that I miss him. 
Anyways, I'm getting off topic here. In case you're wondering, I'm Hailie. I have two sisters, one older and one younger. I love them dearly, even though my older sister, Alaina, is starting to become a drunk. And my younger sister, is the most girly kid you will ever meet, and I was never like that and probably never will be. I like sports, and skate boarding, ya know, s**t like that. But I still like to hang out with them, *car horn starts to beep* oh s**t, that's my moms way of saying "get your a*s down here Hailie, you're gonna be late"


School is the most horrible place in the entire world. My mom and her boyfriend we're constantly fighting in the car, Whitney wasn't really all that happy about it. Alaina wasn't paying attention, as always, I think she was hung over. It's hard to tell now, she's like never sober. I was listening to my iPod, but I could still hear the yelling over my music. I mostly listen to Hip Hop, you know, Tupac, Biggie, even my dad sometimes. My mom usually doesn't let me listen to my dad, but of course I don't listen to her.

My only friends are Sarah and Maria, we're considered 'losers, unpoplular, weirdos'. We probably wouldn't be considered that if the school knew who I was, but I really don't want that. I don't really look like my dad, but according to some people, I do. I'd rather look more like him though, because my mom was apparently considered a w***e. Whatever, we're not talking about my looks, we're talking about how my school doesn't know who I am. I guess it's better this way, but there are some days, when I wish I could just yell out "My dad's Eminem b*****s!". But I know my dad doesn't want that, and I hate upsetting him. So I just deal with all the s**t I get at school, and not tell him about it.
Lunch came around, and Maria got pudding thrown at her. She was trying to brush her long wavey black hair, even though it was almost impossible with all that pudding. Sarah kept pulling up her hood, terrified of getting something thrown at her. I on the other hand, f**k s**t up when people f**k with me. I have some of the best comebacks anyone has ever heard, so I can think of s**t to say quick, which is one of my strengths. So people don't usually mess with me, but when they do, it's a horrible out come. I don't really understand why I'm still a loser, I've been a loser since fifth grade, I'm now in ninth. So this s**t confuses me, but I just take it. 

The end of the day came surprisingly fast, but I was extremely glad, I can't stand these freaks. My mom wasn't in the parking lot, and the buses never go near my house since I live a little farther out of Detroit, so I guess I have to board home. Once I was about half way, I got a phone call from my dad. It was a little unusual, but I still answered it. "Hey dad, sup?" I can hear laughter in the background, where the f**k is he? "Hey Hai, your mother said you have to come to my house today after school. You and your sisters are staying here for the rest of the week, we can get your things later on tonight." weird, usually when we stay at dads, my mom tells us before school. She must be 'fixing' her problems with her boyfriend. She should just dump his lazy a*s, none of us even like him, he's such a dickhead. "Oh, okay. I was on my way to moms, but I guess I can just turn around". I started turning my board around and I seen my dad's car driving up beside me, if I hadn't of turned around, I would of been very creeped out. 
I kinda just stood there for a few seconds and waited for his truck to stop, this was a very awkward moment. Royce rolled down the window, laughed at me because I kinda just stood there awkwardly like some sorta freak. Was he drunk? I don't even know. My dad signaled me to come inside, I was still holding my phone to my ear for some odd reason, he hung up awhile ago. I jumped into the back of the car and was surprised to not see my sisters. "Yo, where are the other two?" I was a little confused, and a little impatient. "HEY, I'M TALKING TO YOU" I don't know why I just yelled that, I wasn't having the best day. My dad turned around and just looked at me, with those death eyes. "Sorry, not having the best day.. but seriously, where are they?" 
"ALAINA, YOU ARE IN SO MUCH S**T." Awh s**t, Alaina must of gotten drunk again, It's only 6 in the evening, where the f**k does she have the time to get drunk? Whitney was already running upstairs because she knew what was about to happen. Yelling, screaming, fighting. I'm way to used to it now, nothing phases me now. They both walked into the kitchen, where I was. I was doing my homework at the kitchen table and Alaina came tumbling in. Yupp, she's drunk. My dad had his 'angry face' on, well that's what I call it. Whenever he yells to much, his veins start to show and his face gets all red. It's a very interesting sight to see. He usually yells at Alaina, because she's the drunk, and starting to become a stoner. I've never tried drugs before, I'm to afraid of the punishment I'd get. 
They started fighting, they didn't even know I was there. Alaina was to drunk to notice me, and my dad was to angry to notice me. I just sat there casually, doing my homework and drinking my chocolate milk. When the fighting was finally over, Alaina ran into the closest background and started puking like a freak. My dad just stood in the kitchen and took a deep long sigh, he was very disappointed. Just then, there was a very loud and long bang coming from Whitney's room and some serious crying.. What the f**k happened?

© 2011 MathersMania

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Added on November 8, 2011
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