You're never over

You're never over

A Chapter by MathersMania

I went racing up stairs, my dad was right behind me. The crying and screams got louder, I busted down Whitney's door since it was locked, why the hell was it locked? She was sitting on the floor, crying and her leg was bleeding. "Oh my god, Whit what happened!?" I was beside her within seconds, she was holding her knee and you could see the blood going through her pants. "I-I-I fell d-down." IN WHAT WORLD DOES SHE FALL DOWN AND BLEED!? "Whit it's gonna be okay" My dad kissed her on the forehead and went to get her one of those big band-aids. 
It was around nine o'clock now and Whitney finally stopped crying, the damage wasn't to bad. Just a cut and a bruise, she'll be running around tomorrow morning and jumping on my bed trying to get me up. I was finishing my homework on my bed when my dad walked in and just looked at me. He was standing by my door and just smiled for some odd reason.. "yo, you on drugs again or something? Why you lookin' at me like that?" he just laughed at me and came to come sit with me on my bed. "Hai, when did you get so big? I swear, yesterday you we're Whit's age and never wanting to leave my side. You we're that one little shy blonde girl who always hid behind her daddy" I laughed at him and looked down at my homework. "Well dad, people change, they get older. You need to accept it old man" I threw a crumpled up piece of paper at his head. 


I turned over and seen the time. HOLY F**K, I THOUGHT I SET MY ALARM!? It's 1 o'clock in the afternoon, why didn't I get up at 7:30 like I'm supposed to!? Oh god, why didn't the alarm go off? *sigh* I should just stay home, I'll only be at school for another two hours anyways. I heard a knock on my door, who the hell is that? "I'm coming, I'm coming" I lock my doors when I go to bed, I don't want Whitney bugging me 6 o'clock in the morning. I was about to unlock my door, but it was already unlocked.. weird.When I opened the door, my dad was standing there with a tray full of lunch. "The hell?" was all that could come out of my mouth, I think he's back on drugs. "I made you lunch, I also shut off your alarm this morning because there's no school today, I hope you don't mind" I laughed and took the bowl of the grapes off the tray and threw one at my dad. He opened his mouth and in it landed, damn I have good aim. I popped one in my mouth and signaled him to come in my room. I sat on my purple chair and he sat on the bigger black chair, we always say there are 'our chairs'. 
After an hour or so of hanging out with my dad, he told me he needed to start on a song for his newest album, Recovery. It's a more, raw album. Ya know, more serious? It's not like Relapse, or Encore, or The Eminem Show. He probably won't do any songs about me either, he hasn't done one since I hit puberty. I don't really mind though, it's for the best I suppose. I'm now sitting in my room, alone. I'm pretty damn used to being alone though. I usually draw, or write stories when I'm alone, my mom and dad have seen my drawings and read my stories, they seem to like them. Right now I'm working on a drawing for art class, it's supposed to be a drawing of my family. My family is pretty fucked up though, so I have to draw two different parts. I'm working on the first part, my dad's side. I'm drawing me, my two sisters, my dog Rufus, and Proof. Even though Proof is no longer with us, he was like a second dad to me, you know? He's still here in spirit, and he always will be, so therefore he has angel wings in this picture. 
I few hours have gone by and I'm almost done coloring the first part of my 'Family Portrait'. My dad walked in with supper, didn't I just eat a while ago? "Yes, may I help you Mr.Mathers?" he laughed then set the plate down. Ouh, chicken. "What'cha working on there Hail?" my dad questioned.
"Something for art class, you like it?" I showed him, and I swear there was tears in his eyes. 
"I know Proof isn't with us anymore, but he is in spirit. So I drew him in my picture, it's supposed to be a family portrait, but since our family is a little messed, I have to draw two parts. Proof was always apart of our family, he was like your brother, and my second dad. So he deserves to be apart of my picture, with wings, because he's a guardian angel now" I smiled, I never realized how smart I sound for a fourteen year old. My dad gave me a big hug, I hugged him back of course. We just stayed like this for a few minutes, both of us tearing up at the thought of DeShaun. 
It was getting late, and I finished my second part of my family portrait. This photo had me, my mom, my sisters, and my mom's fiancee.. she called and told me. She didn't bother to tell my dad first, or my sisters, she called me. I don't really understand why they're getting married, they're always fighting. Anyways, I don't have any pets at my moms house, I'm not aloud. I used to have a cat over there, but he 'got lost and ran away'.. I don't believe them, my mom's boy always hated my cat. 
It was 5am and my dad was shaking me like crazy, trying to wake me up. "WHAT!? d****t dad, it's 5 am. Who died?" I tried to sit up, but I was just to tired. 
"No one died, I just wanted to tell you something" He sounded like a 6 year old on Christmas morning. 
"What dad? What do you want?" I wiped my eyes and yawned, man I haven't been up this early since I was 10 years old and proof died. 
"I wanted to tell you, you helped me write a song. It's a tribute to Proof. It's called, You're Never Over. I haven't gotten all the words down yet, but I know the general idea. I've gotten down a few things, but not enough to make it a song. I wanted to tell you before I went to bed, I wanted to thank you." Really dad, this is what you had to tell me? 
"Well, you're welcome. And thanks for waking me up so early dad, I love waking up before the sun does." He laughed and kissed my head "Night Hai" 
"LITTLE LATE THERE DAD" I yelled as he left my room, god he's so weird.

© 2011 MathersMania

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