It's no longer me that you want

It's no longer me that you want

A Chapter by MathersMania

Did I mention I have a boyfriend? My dad doesn't know, even though we've been dating for the past 3 months. He tells me he loves me everyday, but almost all the time I catch him checking out girls. I don't really think much of it though, considering I check out guys sometimes. But I'd never, ever cheat on him, and I'm hoping he'd never cheat on me. I do love him, well I think I do. I've never been in love before, and this is my first relationship. But when I was younger, I told my dad that when I get my first boyfriend, I'd tell him right away. Then my dad would always say "When you get your first boyfriend, I'll be dead. Because your not aloud to date until your forty", okay there dad. I do feel kind of bad though, because I never actually told him I have a boyfriend. Hopefully we stay together for a long time, so when I'm ready I can tell my dad. My mom knows about him, because she caught us kissing at the mall. Since then, every time I get in trouble, she threatens to tell my dad about us. 
On my way to school, I texted my boyfriend, Kevin. He's funny, cute, sweet, and really really hot. But he has his moments, where he's a total a*s to everyone, including me. Those are the moments I try to stay as far away as possible from him. We haven't hung out in awhile, so I'm hoping we could go watch a movie or something tonight. He texted me back with a cute little love quote, awhh these are the moments I love. We texted each other the entire way to school, and we held hands every chance we got all day. It was an amazing day, or so I thought. My last period class is History, and my teacher told me to take something down to the office, you know, those little lame a*s notes about the students and s**t. So I did, but as I was walking I heard weird noises coming from the girls bathroom. I thought it was some girl puking up her lunch or something, so I just continued my way to the office. On my way back, I stopped in front of the door and looked both ways down the hall, just to make sure no one saw me. I pressed my ear up against the door, and I hear moans, like sex moans. I was grossed out at first, but then I heard the most horrible thing ever.. "HARDER KEVIN, HARDER" I collapsed on the floor. There we're only four Kevin's in this school. My Kevin, who by the way, wasn't in History, a teacher Kevin, some smelly kid named Kevin, and some girl who turned into a guy over the summer. Her name used to be Kelly, but she change it to Kevin. Tears started forming in my eyes, and I just sat there in front of the door, listening to the horrible noises from the other side. I slowly and quietly tried to open the door, but it was locked some how. By this time, I was pissed the f**k off. I didn't know what else to do, so I grabbed the fire extinguisher and busted the door down with it. As soon as the door fell, I seen Kevin and some random a*s b***h on his dick. I couldn't believe he'd do this to me, and he held my hand all day, gross!

"WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON HERE?" I threw the fire extinguisher to the ground. 
"Oh s**t, Hailie. I didn't mean for this to happen." he pushed the girl onto the counter, was her really supporting her when she was all over him? 
"Oh yeah, you didn't mean for it Kevin. What, she tripped? Fell? Landed on your dick?!" a few students started coming towards the bathroom to see why I was yelling. Kevin was trying so hard to put on his pants. That stupid s**t was just sitting there, on the counter, naked. 
"And you, you stupid a*s c**t. Why the f**k we're you f*****g him!? Don't you know we're dating? You w***e!" I started running up towards her and pulled her by the hair and pushed her to the ground. I didn't really want to touch any other part of her, considering she might have aids. 
"Yo, what the f**k Hailie. Don't push her!" Was he really defending her? 
"What the f**k Kevin, I can do whatever the f**k I want. You we're the one f*****g her, making a really big mistake, remember?" why is she still on the ground, isn't her a*s cold from this flooring? 
"Yo, what's going on in he- oh s**t, what the hell happened?" Some random friend of Kevin's came into the girls bathroom. Why was he in here, can he not read?
"Kevin cheated on me, that's what the hell happened" this b***h still didn't get up. Why the f**k was she still naked? Is she on acid or something? More students started forming around the broken down door, s**t my parents are gonna have to get that fixed. 
"Excuse me, Excuse me! What's going on here?" Oh s**t, the school's principal. He's a total d****e. "ALANDRA, WHY ARN'T YOUR CLOTHES ON!?" Who the f***s Alandra? 
"Well, I was to busy sucking Hailie's boyfriend's dick" Oh this b***h. I pulled her hair even harder than the last time and pulled her up, we started throwing punches, hers we're like a four year olds punches. God this s**t doesn't know how to hit. 
The teachers ended up pulling us off of each other, I swear a few guys got boners from watching us fight, she took my top off some how. So I was pretty much fighting her in a bra, and I still won. We we're both sitting at the office, waiting for our parents. How was I going to explain this to my dad? I knew he was the one who was coming, whenever I get in trouble he always comes. She finally put some clothes on, and my shirt was ripped so I had to wear one of Maria's shirts. Kevin kept trying to say he was sorry, but I dumped his a*s and left him in the washroom, in front of everyone. 'Alanda's dad came into the office first, I got kicked out into the hallway so they could all talk. I knew she was gonna make up s**t, but the principal saw her naked on the floor, saying she was sucking Kevin's dick. So there's not really much that she could lie about if you think about it. I seen my mom walk up the front steps of the school, why was she coming? I hope she didn't bring her whack a*s boyfriend, or fiancee whatever. She came and sat next to me, asking me what happened and what I did this time. I told her my side of the story, which was the complete truth. 
The principal walked out a few minutes later, shaking hands with that s***s dad. God, he looks like a f*****g man w***e, he better not try to hit on my mom, I don't want that stupid c**t as a step sister. We both walked into the office, and once again, I told my side of the story, but with a little more detail. He called in the other two after I was done, and yelling just started happening the moment she walked in.
"HAILIE IS SUCH A LIAR, WHAT EVER SHE TOLD YOU, SHE LIED" of course she was gonna try and start this with me. In second grade I lost my backpack, but I told the teacher she stole it, I hated her since day one. So now she believes that whatever I say, is a lie. 
"Yo, b***h. You we're the one f*****g my ex, so you deserve to be smacked again" her dad looked kinda shock, did he not know what she did? 
"ALANDRA MARIE SCHAMS, IS WHAT SHE SAYING TRUE!?" Marie? SHE HAS THE SAME MIDDLE NAME AS MY SISTER? Oh god. And what kind of last name is Schams? Good lord people.
"Oh of course it's true, your daughter is a total s**t, no offense sir." Maybe if I just kiss up to him, everything will be alright. 

After about 20 minutes of more fighting, she got suspended and I got detention for the rest of the week. My mom promised to pay for the doors to be fixed, even though my dad will probably end up doing it. After everything was all settled, I proceeded to leave with my mom. 
"What are you doing? I'm not going home. I have to go meet with Greg to start the wedding details" She's just gonna make me walk home? Seriously? I left my f*****g board in Kevin's locker and no way was I gonna go and get it. It's also a little weird that my moms fiancee's name, is the same as 'B-Rabbits' mom's boyfriend's name in the movie 8 Mile. I didn't feel like causing any more fights than I already have, so I just agreed with her and started walking to my dads. He's probably wondering where I am.. Speaking of my dad, here he is calling me. 
"Hey Hailie, where are you? You're usually home at 3, it's almost 4." I knew he was gonna ask that question. 
"Well dad, I'm walking home. Some things happened at school, no big deal. I'll tell you when I get home. My phone's gonna die soon, so I have to go. Bye, love you!" I lied, it wasn't gonna die, and this was a big deal. I shut off my phone anyways, I knew he was gonna try and call back to talk to me. But I really don't feel like talking to anyone right now, I kinda just feel like crying. So that's what I did, I cried the entire walk home. I hate when people see my cry, I feel so weak and I never feel weak. So I cry when I know I'm alone and no one will bother me, like right now. I was about 5 minutes away from home when I stopped crying and wiped my tears away. I tried to even out my breathing and make my face a little less red. Hopefully no one will notice me when I get inside. 


Whitney noticed I wasn't acting normal, I didn't start my homework, and I didn't go down to eat dinner when I was called. So she came into my room and asked me what was wrong, I told her nothing of course, I didn't want to worry her. I also did want her to tell me dad, because then I'd have to tell him about Kevin, and having a boyfriend and hiding it for three months. I know I'll get in s**t for it, and I don't really want that right now. So I'm just gonna try and hide it the best I can, even though I'm not doing a very good job. 
"I know somethings wrong Hailie, you didn't eat yet" s**t, she's smart for a seven year old. 
"Nothing's wrong Whit, I'm just tired and not hungry. Don't worry about me"

© 2011 MathersMania

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Added on November 9, 2011
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