First Kiss

First Kiss

A Chapter by MathersMania

There we're a few more gun shots and me and Kaitlin ducked down. They sounded like they we're coming from right outside, then there we're police sirens. It was around 10:30 now, that's pretty early for police I guess. I wouldn't know, I'm not a f*****g cop. After everything settled down, we got back up. It was 11 o'clock now, and Kaitlin looked like she was about to pass out. 
"Hey, you tired?" well obviously, you idiot.
"Yeah, I think I'm gonna go to bed now. You can either sleep on the other side of my bed, or on the floor with a blanket and a pillow. Decide soon, night" She went and layed down on her bed, right beside the wall. It looked like she wanted me to come and lay down with her, so that's what I did. I shut off the lights, and took off my shirt, I know what your thinking, no we didn't f**k, we just slept. 
November 2nd, 1985
*Kaitlins POV*
I heard knocking on the door, I sat up and looked at the time, it's 6 o'clock am. Marshall was laying down on the bed, asleep, with no shirt on. Why wasn't he wearing a shirt? Whatever, it's kinda hot. I got out of bed and went to go see who was at the door, it's my moms boyfriend, who was drunk. 
"Hey, wheres your hot a*s mother?" his words slurred.
"She's passed out, as always. What the hell do you want Roger?" he didn't answer me, he just went tumbling towards my mom, and tried to wake her up. Whatever, I don't care what he does. I went back into my room, it's Monday and I have to go catch the bus at 7:30 for school. I hope Me and Marshall are going to the same school, if not, well that sucks. I started going through my dresser looking for something to wear, then he started moving around. I decided to just quietly go take a shower and get dressed in the bathroom, hoping Roger wouldn't go in my room and see Marshall. I don't think he would care, or even remember to tell my mom when he was sober, but just in case. 
When I was done it was around 6:40, I decided to wake up Marshall, because if we're going to the same school, he can't be late. My school doesn't tolerate lateness. 
Once I finally got him up, he went to his house to go shower and get dressed, he said he'll come back here when he's done. 
While he was gone, I dried my hair and put a little bit of make up on. I then walked into the kitchen and Roger was passed out on the other couch next to my mom, dumb drunks. 
I ate some cereal and waited for Marshall, it was very quiet in my house. I heard someone coming up the steps, it was 7:10 now. He knocked on the door and I opened it, just as I thought, it was Marshall. 
"Hey, where's the bus stop anyways? I hope it's not to far, I don't feel like walking right now." I laughed, lazy a*s.
"It's just down the road, about 5 minutes away. 
"cool" he sat down with me and I gave him some cereal, once we we're done we started walking to the bus stop.
"So, how many kids are at this school?" 
"About 900, there's a few schools in Detroit, but a lot of kids drop out by grade nine" 
"S**t, that's a lot of students"
"haha, not really. Only around 700 show up, a lot of them skip"
Once we arrived at the bus stop, we only waited for a few minutes. We waited in silence, but there was a group of guys and girls talking really loud. I heard them say my name, but I didn't know what they we're saying.
Finally the bus came, and me and Marshall sat next to each other. 
"How long does this bus take to get to school?" 
"You're so impatient today. It takes around 10 minutes, school start's at 8:10, before you ask" he laughed, so did I.
~~One Week Later~~
November 9th, 1985
*Marshall's POV*
It's been about a week since I met Kaitlin, she's great. She's really funny, and nice, and really pretty. We've become really close friends, and we hung out every day since we met. I stayed at her house two more times, because of the fights me and my mom get into. We always sit together at lunch, and on the bus, a few people even thought we we're going out. Which I was gonna talk to her about, I really want her to be my girl. 
"Hey Kait, ready to go?" She was sitting on a bench outside of school, she always waited for me before she got on the bus.
"Yeah I'm ready, let's go" she got up, she looked really hot today. Even though we're only thirteen, she still looked hot to me. It was a warm day surprisingly, it's been cold every day since I got here. She was wearing a long sleeve shirt, but it was tighter then her usual clothes, and she was wearing jeans, and her black converse. She usually wears baggy clothes, just because she likes them. But today she looked hotter than usual. 
We both got on the bus, and she sat by the window like always. I kept looking at her chest, she didn't have big b***s, but she had b***s. Hopefully no one noticed me looking, or else that'd be a little awkward. 
When we finally got to our bus stop, I told her I wanted to talk to her, so we went for a walk. 
"Wanna play truth or dare?" well that was random.
"Sure, you first"
"Okay, truth or dare?" I of course will pick dare.
"Alright, I dare you.. to go and hump that tree"
"What the f**k kinda dare is that?"
"I don't know, it's the first thing I thought of. Now don't be a chickenshit, go do it"
"Fine.." I dropped my bag beside her and went and humped the tree, I was kinda wishing it was her.
"Happy?" I walked back to her, grabbed my bag and we continued walking.
"Alright, truth or dare?"
"Uhm, Dare" yes, finally.
"Okay, I dare you kiss me" 
She stopped and looked at me, she probably wasn't expecting that.
"I said, I dare you to kiss me" 
"Uh, okay" we both stopped where we were, we were in some trail, no ones ever around. 
"I don't really know what to do though.. I've never kissed anybody" we both laughed, I haven't kissed anyone either. 
"Well, we could both help each other, remember?" 
We both took a step closer to each other, not really knowing what to do. So I put my hands on her waist, and she put her arms around my neck. We both looked into each others eyes, and slowly leaned it. Our lips met, and I started kissing her, and she kissed back. Her grip around my neck got tighter, and I pulled her closer to me. Our bodies we're now touching, and she slowly pulled away. We looked into each others eyes again, breathing deeply, and we both smiled. I leaned in again, and so did she. We kissed again for a few seconds, then pulled away. This would be a good time to ask her. 
"Kaitlin, Do you want to be my girl?" She leaned in again to kiss me, and tightened her grip around my neck a little more. We kissed once again, and then she pulled away.
"I'm gonna take that as a yes." She smiled, bit her lip, and nodded. God she was beautiful. 

© 2011 MathersMania

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love it (:

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I like Eminem. (: more..

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A Chapter by MathersMania