Paper Blades

Paper Blades

A Poem by Jesse Lancaster

Art by Julia Steele, used without permission.

Tie me up,
strap me down,
for fear that I'll break--
snap and tear now that you're not around.

These streets are silent, 
yet with stench abound,
sirens long gone that told when you'd come to town.
I still miss you, even now.

Even if you did place my head on a silver plate,
Even if there was nothing left to break,
Even though when you were done there was nothing left to take,
my heart and your promise you raped,
leaving me brainless and thin as paper
to be cut by your words, sharp as blades. 

© 2012 Jesse Lancaster

Author's Note

Jesse Lancaster
Although it's better than I thought it was, it is a couple of years old and I feel that I've definitely improved since then. A little bit over the top in consideration of how the relationship ended, but that's the norm for the human heart. New experiences are exaggerated and intense, because you've never felt anything like it.

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Added on August 30, 2011
Last Updated on November 11, 2012
Tags: old, sophomore year, promise, sharp, silver plate, take, silent, stench, break, fear, strap, snap
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Jesse Lancaster
Jesse Lancaster

Manchester, CT

I'm Jesse Lancaster. No I'm not. I am: 19 And now: @ Uni for my sophomore year. My writing draws heavy influences from the music I listen to, other writers (such as Chuck Palahniuk, John Green a.. more..