Sestina In Paradise

Sestina In Paradise

A Poem by Matt Millsaps

Just trying out a poem in sestina form


As I walk through the meadow at last I see

A beautiful flower, a hill, and a breeze

The sky’s opaque clouds, a shiny blue and pink

The sight as heavenly as life

As I make my way, I begin to think

What a wonderful life I have lived

As dark as death, my clothes wither after I have lived

As soon as my death begins I see

What my friends and family think

The lies are like a sharp breeze

A mockery they have made of my life

My heart fades to a mellow pink

What do they know of my life? As mute as my lip’s tint of pink

They do not know the tragedies I have lived

How dare they mock my life!

If they could see what I see

If I only knew, I would have pushed them away like a strong breeze

I only wish happiness is what I could think

But, dread! Dread is all I wish them to think

The terror causing their blood to boil and skin to flush pink

I with them dead! The death angel sucking their life like a swift breeze

I wish my family never lived

To never of met them or even have been born, never being seen

This dark paradise I called my life

Displays how it was! My life

Was hell. To think

Of all that I did see

Like a beautiful pink

Rose in a garden. That lived

And swayed in the breeze

The hardships, swift like a tornado breeze

Slowly sucking out the life

Of those who wished they never lived

And as I walk through paradise I think

What a beautiful life this pink

Flower has had. But, I do not know what it was seen.

© 2013 Matt Millsaps

Author's Note

Matt Millsaps
Ignore grammer errors. What do you think of the monologue?

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Added on May 1, 2013
Last Updated on May 1, 2013
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Matt Millsaps
Matt Millsaps

Madisonville, TN

Just a guy who likes to play with nonsensical and mysteriously majestic words on a page. Some call it writing, others call it art. I simply refer to it as... expression. Which, if I may state, which I.. more..