Current Events 2020

Current Events 2020

A Poem by Matthew

This piece touches on many different substantial topics that are urgent and need to be faced.

I got one hand in the gutter the other in the metaphysical.


I got one hand in the gutter the other in the metaphysical.

Yo’ Yo’

You are not someone to be owned possessed or controlled.

Psychological manipulation should never be condoned.

We live in a world where people are bought and sold; creating mountains of pain that can never be consoled.

Domination is not love.

Slavery is unjust.

What does it say about each and every one of us if it still exists?

Rebels put up a fist.

Stand and resist statues and monuments that glorify the lives of supremacists.

I’m disturbed by American sociology currently given its context throughout history.

It’s not hard to see that the ideology long up held by the majority views you and me as a battery; void of humanity.

We are trapped in insanity; experiencing the breakdown family and the destruction of community.

Some of the people are destroying property (while some of the) 1% legally

loot the American economy.

One group thrives in sovereignty while the other faces crimes against humanity.

See the barbarity?

We protest police brutality only to be met with police brutality but when NASCAR fans protest confederate flag bans with loaded weapons and show there aggression; why is there no police in riot gear?

I am not saying there should be.

I’m simply pointing out the dichotomy that authority responds differently.

You should question everything including me!

What does it say about you psychologically if you verbally or physically bash another human being?

Black lives have worth and meaning.

I’m listing and learning.

Bound and determined. 

Devote my life to love and service.

America that has capitalized on cultural genocide; our institutions have internalized oppressive stereotypes and turned them into a way of life.

I’d willingly give my life in a hunger strike if it meant that there could be (meaningful) change.

The philosophies of Edward Bernays broadcast over the airwaves with the intention to lock us in chains.

You see he weaponized psychological manipulation.

It’s not about love respect (decency) or compassion; it’s about domination by governments and cooperation’s to create submission among civilians.

A plan designed for engineering of consent in an attempt to circumvent logic within our subconscious in order to colonize us and make a profit.

Deception is not genuine.

I would encourage everyone to become articulate; examine your own ignorance.

How do you respond to your own conditionedness?

Never blindly allow anyone to determine who you are to become.

Don’t demonize yourself or anyone else just because you unknowingly subscribed to a destructive ideology that told you; you had a place to embrace within society.

There are those of us that want a revolution; others would prefer to reform the majority of our intuitions.

If the law is truly reason free from passion then I call on those in power to make major reforms to capitalism and remove (ex) Wall St executives from their cabinet positions.

2008 tens of millions of Americans lost there houses while the bankers that crated the crisis made billions in government bailout bonuses; because of their actions everyday people paid trillions in taxes.

Something is wrong with the axis on the scales of justice.

The murder of George Floyd was one of the catalysts that amplified worldwide unrest.

So now when I witness beautiful black children at protest holding signs asking am I next; I know in my heart we have to demolish the prison industrial complex.

Criminalization creates modern day slaves like sex trafficking and that bothers me at the core of my being.

What about climate change or jobs with a living wage?

Action needs to be taken in order to give our children a future.

It’s poor people that suffer.

Weather you were a United Farm Worker or dust bowl refugee; you might be a descendant of someone held in the bondage of slavery.

If so then you may have seen what happens psychology to (the mentality of) a family that’s lived in poverty generationally for over a century.

If we want those with venerability’s to live a life of dignity.

We must transcend the superficiality collectively; read as much as possible and rise intellectually.

There’s an up and coming election on the horizon in 2020 between Trump and Biden.

They‘ve both embraced corporate executives within their cabinets.

Who does that benefit the 1 or the 99%?

Trump leads through fear intimidation racism misogyny and hypocrisy.

The legislation his administration (has) proposed blatantly shows a lack empathy for anyone (that’s) LGBT or abled differently.

If Biden wins we should watch him closely to ensure he doesn’t create an all-inclusive political aristocracy for visual purposes only.

We want to make sure he creates (proposes) and endorses policy’s that benefit the least of these.

I’m inspired; people from all walks of life have united; taken to the streets to affirm the value of the lives of everyone that’s disenfranchised.

They’ve courageously looked into the eyes of militarized police that enforce the will of elites.

I will never (willingly) submit to an authority that attacks those with vulnerabilities yet blatantly lacks the integrity to go after bankers that have committed larceny and nearly crashed the entire world wide economy.

Predominantly the hierarchy of American society is (historically) built on predacity.

Great Apes brutally rise to prosperity financially and politically; as a majority primarily concerned with their own survival; not humanity in its entirety; climate sustainability or even morality.

Legalized homicide and prisons for profit are systemically tied to policies within our democracy.

If we are to penetrate the mendacity; speak open and honestly; we must acknowledge publicly that America is economically profiting from (activity that creates) social misery.

You think it’s a fallacy; explore it.

Don’t take my word for it.

Look to the activist authors (psychologist) professors and journalist like Michelle Alexander, Jeremy Scahill, Cornel West, Naomi Klien, (Art Levine, Edward Snowden, Gunner Mydal,  Stanley Milgram, Shane Bauer,) Josh fox and Gillian Tett.

Join the conversation.

Let’s have a debate.

Most of us know these issues are urgent.

They just can’t wait.

What happens to people mentally when we live in terrorist state?

Do we love all living beings or gangsterism and supremacy?

Are we so entrenched in complacency and conformity that we cannot speak earnestly about the fact that we have been denied our right to privacy?

To say that our courts have been compromised would be an understatement.

The truth is we’ve become one nation under surveillance.

Think about it analytically or does that interfere you’re ability to live comfortably.

What I would like to know essentially is can you be in denial about these kinds of things indefinitely or at some point do the stories you tell about yourself have to confront reality?


2020 Current Events

I’m Matthew A.K.A. Living Weaponry.

I hail from Phoenix Arizona where it’s a hundred and twelve degrees in the shade.    


My Lyrics are born in a fire storm.

I am the aftermath of a one megaton nuclear explosion; spark creation.

The fire balls in my eyes burn thermal nuclear radiation.


Rest in peace; George Floyd.

Rest in peace; RBG; you’re still a beacon and an icon.


If you would like to listen to this song just go to YouTube and type "Matthew - Current Events 2020" into the search bar.

© 2020 Matthew

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Added on October 16, 2020
Last Updated on October 18, 2020
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