The Beginning of Hope: Earning Your Wings

The Beginning of Hope: Earning Your Wings

A Story by Matty Bosox

Rain finally starts to realize that this is no big joke and Prime takes her up in the air to make her believe even more....


(Later on that night Rain emerged from her room after hours of thinking to see that Tyler has left and Prime is just standing outside on the balcony.)

Prime: (As Rain slowly walks up behind him with her head down and a blanket wrapped around her still) Alot to take in isn't it kid...

Rain: (Not even suprised that he knew she was behind him as she throws herself down on the couch with a sigh) I don't know whats going on anymore...My life is just one big catastrophe likes it always was....The one year that was amazing for me...(Putting her hand over her head in frustration) was still bad because the whole time I knew it wouldn't last..

Prime: (Just looking over the night skyline) Well all I can say sweetheart is everybody gets tested...Some more than others....I really can't help you with your emotional issues....Thats your job...

Rain: Oh thanks alot!! Thats really fatherly advice...Gee its a wonder why I never believed a word you said..

Prime: (Just smiling as he walks over to her) Well at least the thought is still in your head...(Rubbing her head with a big grin and grabbing her hand) So are you ready??

Rain: (Just looking down at his hand on hers and shrugging in confusion) Ready for what now????

Prime: Ready to use those beautiful wings of yours...(Helping her up and guiding her towards the balcony outside) How can you be so upset with such a beautiful sight and such a beautiful gift???

Rain: (Just laughing in disbelief) You are amazing!!! How can I be so upset he asks?!?! It has nothing to do with my alcohol problem, my life of nothing, and the one thing that I did have going for me dying in my arms!!! (Throwing her arms in the air and at the same time her wings come bursting out and spread wide) How can I be upset?!?!?!? (Prime just looks at her with a smile) The stupid wings came out again didn't they???

Prime: My dear, how can you not see what you are by now??? (Grabbing her by the arms)

Rain: (Struggling with him) Maybe its because I just don't care!!! Did you ever think of that "daddy"...If you don't let go of me...

Prime: Well my dear, right now I would let go if I were you...(Rain just looks down and notices they are now high above the city and grabs on to him tight) What are you so affraid of???

Rain: Look, I am not the biggest fan of heights alright...And...and...(Laughing) This is really happening isn't it...(Looking at Prime with a smile)

Prime: Its pretty surreal isn't it....I knew it would take a while for you to believe any of this...You were always so hard headed...

Rain: Yeah, my mother always told me I was the one driving her crazy...(As they just look at each other in an uncomfortable silence) do these things work anyways??? So far all they've done is destroyed everything and they only come out when I'm really upset...

Prime: (Just smiling at her) Yeah, I tend to hear that alot....So what I'm going to do is this...(Just letting go of her as she screams in terror) Just concentrate!!!! Let the wings do the rest of the work!!!!!

(Rain just continues to fall and flail, and then suddenly her wings burst out like parachute and without even noticing, Rain has stopped falling as her wings gently flex up and down keeping her floating in mid air)

Rain: (Looking down and noticing she has stopped falling and looking down upon the beautiful sight of the city from above) Wow...Now this is wicked!!! (Looking back and her wings flexing up and down) Ok...Lets see what these things can do...(Just then her wings tuck in to an aero-dynamic form and with one huge wisk they push her along over the top of the cityscape at a fast rate...The wind blowing in her face) Wow!!! Now this is what I call a rush!!!

Prime: (Looking down and noticing she is not flying back up to him) Ooohhh brother!!! (Just doing a full head down dive...His cheeks flapping from the power of the wind force and right before he reaches the streets below he flips in the air as his wings spread out full slowing him down to an almost stop..Prime then uses his leg to push himself forward off of the top of a light post...He flies extremely fast, skimming the street below in a blur...He flies uderneath a stoplight post and his wing knocks into the stoplight making it swing violently then fall onto the top of a car hood...Prime then barrel rolls around another light post trying to catch up to Rain)

Rain: I can't believe how amazing this is!!! (Just then her wings receed back inside her back leaving her body flinging towards a huge building...She looks behind her and notices the wings are gone) Ooohhh you have got to be shitting mmmeeeee!!!! (Flying and smashing right through one of the huge glass windows making up the building...Smashing into a bunch of office desks and knocking over dividers as she rolls violently to the ground and then slides across the floor, knocked out, and comes to a stop right in front of the floor waxer)

Janitor: (With a suprised and shocked look, slowly looks at Rain and then looks down at his waxing machine) Damn...I didn't think I was that good!!! (Quickly he draws his attention to another abrupt smash through the building as Prime, with his wings spread, slides to one knee and grabs up Rain's body) What the hell is that thing!?!?!

Prime: (Lifting up Rain's body and taking off again as he looks back at the janitor) This is gonna be a crazy story right?!?!?

Janitor: (Just looking around with his machine still going and shrugging his shoulders) I gotta lay off the cheap acid sheets...

(Once again Rain has a vivid dream....She is running towards the door of her apartment but the harder she runs the further away it gets....Jason walks in the door, his face drenched in blood and reaching for Rain's hand....She tries her hardest to reach for his hand but can't reach no matter what....Then suddenly the wings burst out of her, glowing with a blinding light and she pushes towards Jason and grabs his hand...Suddenly everything seems to dissapear, the darkness, the blood, even the apartment itself....Jason slowly lifts up Rain's chin and looks into her eyes, gently whisping her bangs back and simply says.."You will never be alone again baby...I am always with you...You have to believe in miracles and wake up for me...wake up....waaakkkeee uuupppp....WAKE UP!!!)

Rain: (Popping her head up and looking around, covered in a cold sweat) Jason??? (She looks over and sees Prime sitting in a corner chair of the bedroom in her apartment) Oh its just you....Why the hell are you yelling at me???

Prime: (Just looking at her in a strange way) I wasn't yelling at you at all my dear...Although I should be from how stupid you acted..You could've been killed!!!

Rain: (Just shaking her head and ignoring him as she looks around the room) I could swear somebody was yelling for me to wake up.....

© 2012 Matty Bosox

Author's Note

Matty Bosox
The next chapter in the saga of Rain Hope Barnaby....

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Another brilliant escpade of the alcoholic angle. I also would like to congradulate you on your imagery in this piece, in parts this story has lacked a bit but all doubt of that description has been removed by this perfectly crafted piece.

Still hooked. Still eager. Still desperatly craving the complete book of this story.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Your imagery is so great! It's no great leap to read your words and see it on the movie screen of my mind. I am a tad jealous, as I write poetry and creative non fiction, but fiction is my stumbling block. It's wonderfully creative the way this story is going!

Posted 11 Years Ago

wow this is getting better and better ...waiting for more

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago not angry any more im happy
Matty Bosox

11 Years Ago

Well hey, even still, the most happy people can still be great and having in your face, angry, and p.. read more

11 Years Ago

Im looking forward to the next chapater, and in the end thats all that really matters in a story. You captivated me with this piece, leaving me wanting to tun the page

Posted 11 Years Ago

Matty Bosox

11 Years Ago

Thanks alot Cole...Coming from somebody who uses words like a weapon of mass destruction such as you.. read more
Freaking love this! ^_^ It is the best one yet! ^_^

Posted 11 Years Ago

Ohhhh!!! This is great! Wow! The character interactions are so believable it's amazing. I cannot wait to see what happens to Rain next, how will this unfold? Awesome job with the description of the wings, I can see it on screen now. Keep going!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Matty Bosox

11 Years Ago

Thank you soooo much Owl....I am going to read more of your stuff tonight I promise...I feel I'm let.. read more

11 Years Ago

Lol I hope so! And Rains story is an amazing one.
ungh! this just excites me more. i hope that Rain will finally accept her true identity. hehe. with that, more action will be present. maybe some fight scenes of Rain. mwahahaha! love this again! :p

Posted 11 Years Ago

Matty Bosox

11 Years Ago

Well then be prepared because most of the reast of this story is action...Well mixed with the drama .. read more
Gothic Girl

11 Years Ago

aaahhh noooo! that girl again. i'll be waiting for the next one with crossed fingers. :)

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Matty Bosox
Matty Bosox

Wyoming, PA

My name is Matt, I live in eastern Pennsylvania....I have been working on the same writing project for the past ten years....Everybody loves it...I have also been trying to get it out there to the pub.. more..


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