The Beginning of Hope: Tomb's Apprentice Strikes

The Beginning of Hope: Tomb's Apprentice Strikes

A Story by Matty Bosox

While Rain gets ready for some hardcore training with Prime, Tomb's already skilled student Jenni Hastings goes looking for answers from Tyler


Rain: (Popping her head up and looking around, covered in a cold sweat) Jason??? (She looks over and sees Prime sitting in a corner chair of the bedroom in her apartment) Oh its just you....Why the hell are you yelling at me???

Prime: (Just looking at her in a strange way) I wasn't yelling at you at all my dear...Although I should be from how stupid you acted..You could've been killed!!!

Rain: (Just shaking her head and ignoring him as she looks around the room) I could swear somebody was yelling for me to wake up.....

Prime: There are a thousand people out there who think they just saw two human looking giant vultures flying through their city!!!

Rain: (Just shaking her head and not even listening) What the hell am I hearing?!?!

Prime: (Crossing his arms with a look of dissgust as he sits down next to her and grabs her face, squeezing her cheeks together)

Rain: (Trying to talk with her cheeks being squeezed) Under......stood.....

Prime: (Letting go of her cheeks and playfully pushing her face away) I must say though...I am shocked at how quick you caught on to the whole flying concept...

Rain: (Looking at him in shock) Are you insane?!?!? Those things (pointing to her back) did all the work until they went shy and quit on me in mid air....(He looks at her with a smirk, trying not to laugh) Oh yes...The feel of being hurled through the air like a ragdoll and the rush of smashing through "unbreakable" glass, and I'm not even to the fun part!!! Not that I felt much of it since I was already unconcious, but all those desks and dividers that my body bounced off of like a pinball....(Looking at her arms and legs at all the bruises, scrapes, and cuts) I look like an abused trailer park wife...

Prime: (Just laughing at her as he palyfully smacks her leg) Yeah, well it serves you as lesson learned....(Smacking her on the shoulder) Now that you got your rest...(Jumping up off the coutch) you seem like a quick learner, so lets get training...

Rain: (Grabbing her arm and wincing) Will you stop hitting me you spaz....(Slowly getting up and holding her bottom back in pain) Training huh....Gee I can't wait to have my body mauled some more...(As they walk out the door) Where are we going, throw me in a cage full of rabid baboons?? Chainsaw juggling??? Russian roulette??

Prime: (Just shaking his head and laughing as he puts his arm around her, squeezing her) You are definitly mother's daughter...

(Meanwhile, Tyler has returned to his house and is in the middle of cleaning up the mess and trying to fix it up the best he can)

Tyler: (Just looking around the apartment with a big sigh, hands on his hips) Well...the place was already a dump...(Looking around as a door falls crashing down behind him and he just shrugs his shoulders) Yeah, could've done without that...(Suddenly there is a knock on the door) Oh great.....I hope its Rain again.(Sarcastically)

(Before Tyler can even open the door somebody kicks it open right into his face as he falls to the ground, rolling around in pain as he grabs his nose which is bleeding bad....Just then a bunch of soldiers garned in black jsut like the last time come running in and aim their rifles at Tyler's face)

Soldier: (Shoving the barrel in Tyler's cheek) Don't even think about moving you little prick!!!

Tyler: (Putting his hands up sarcastically) There ya go...hands are up...I can see why you guys would need all those rifles and all the gear against a dangerous person like myself...

Soldier: (shoving the barrel even harder into Tyler's face) Did I ask you to talk junior?!?!?

Tyler: (Sarcastically) Would it be better if I raised my hand first??? (Just then a person in a black hoodie covering their face walks in past all the soldiers and Tyler just rolls his eyes) Oh brother...Another one??? I can see your the ring leader...Its lucky for these guys you came along..I had the upperhand until now..(Getting hit with the barrel of the gun in the face as he winces in pain) Damn!!! That feels great!!! (Looking at the hooded figure) Ya know, team here...They can lay off the hitting now...Though I would love to do it all day long..I think the numbers are a little tipped in your favor...

(The figure slowly pulls back the hood and reveals the barbie doll face and platinum blonde hair of Jenni Hastings)

Tyler: (Just laughing as he wipes the blood from his nose and face) Wow....If it isn't Swat team barbie again...You know Jenni, I had the hugest crush on you in school...It just humbles me that you would want to come visit me two days in a row!!!

Jenni: (Just shaking her head in anger as she kicks him in the ribs and Tyler lets out a horrible moan and coughing) How are you Tyler....(Kicking him in the face as blood splatters across the wall behind him) Your looking good as usuall...Now that I shut that jackass mouth of yours, how bout telling me where your little girlfriend is...

Tyler: (Just laughing as he winces and holds his stomach in the fetal position, spitting up blood) Well...(Pointing into his room) She is usually in there under my bed but she usually only inflates for me....She may be...(Jenni kicking him again in the stomach) Oooohhh S**T!! that felt great...I think that one cracked a rib sweetheart..Your good at this kicking stuff...(Just as she goes to kick him again Tomb steps in the way and stops her)

Tomb: Jenni, my dear, I think thats enough for now....(Pulling up a chair and swinging it around to face Tyler, sitting down and crossing his leg, resting his elbow on his leg and his chin resting in his hand) Well son, you can definitly take a good beating...(Tyler just laughs) Hey thats actually something to be proud of...It shows guts kid...Especially when your getting kicked by a girl who can kick through a cast iron steamboat...

Tyler: (Just laughing as he winces and stuggles to breath as blood runs from his mouth down to the ground) Well that is great to know buddy...

Tomb: See I am going to ask alot more polietly then these wanna be tough guys with the rifles..(Looking up at Jenni who is pacing around with an angry face) But if you don't chat with me like civil people then I take this girl off the leash...

Tyler: (Struggling to breath and trying to stand up) Well what is so threatening about that??? (Looking at Jenni with a cocky smile on his blood soaked face) She hits like a five year old prissy b***h...

Tomb: (Just shaking his head in frustration) I don't think you understand....I ordered her to take it easy and not to hurt you...well...that much anyways...So it would be really smart on your part to not piss her off...

Tyler: (Struggling up to his feet and holding his stomach humped over and spitting out blood) Listen a*****e...I have no idea where Rain is...Its really no suprise to see you pricks here again...I figured you would come looking for her...Since I value my life and the rest of my ribs intact I would suggest checking the obvious...(They all just look at Tyler with anger in their faces and Tyler just rolls his eyes) Her house?!?!?!

Tomb: (Signalling to Jenni to grab him as she grabs him by the arm and drags him violently over) Take our little punching bag here to wherever she is...(As they go to leave he grabs Tyler by the wrist and pulls him close) If you try to do the honorable proud best friend act and mess with me I will kill you...

© 2012 Matty Bosox

Author's Note

Matty Bosox
The next installment of the legacy that is Rain Hope Barnaby

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I'm in love with this book. :) Series, or what you want to call it, but it's truly something worth reading all of the way through, and I love every word of it. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Why did you put the end of the last chapter in the beginning of this one?

*lower back

Ooo threats, hostage situations and missions to capture angels. this book is fantastic its filled with so much excitement but it dosent feel forced. Very creative , im falling inlove with your characters.....write more, write more!

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is a nice little gem. Good script. My only complaint is that I wish you seperate the dialogue by a line break. It looks like a mess of words.

Posted 11 Years Ago

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh noooooooooo! this Jenni Hastings really appeared again!! but i admit she does have some skills. bleh!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Gothic Girl

11 Years Ago

ooohh.. i think Tyler is becoming manly already. @.@
Matty Bosox

11 Years Ago

Yeah but he is based on a character inspired by Shia Lebouf LoL Manly???? Um...I don't know
Gothic Girl

11 Years Ago

LOL. let's give Tyler some praises too. he really did receive a TREMENDOUS beating in this chapter. .. read more
[send message][befriend] Subscribe
You pay attention to detail! I really admire that! That is something I want to improve on and so I really must commend you on that :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Matty Bosox

11 Years Ago

Thank you very much...I appreciate that...I don't know if you read the rest of this but this is only.. read more

11 Years Ago

Thanks for letting me know, I'll get on that :)

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Matty Bosox
Matty Bosox

Wyoming, PA

My name is Matt, I live in eastern Pennsylvania....I have been working on the same writing project for the past ten years....Everybody loves it...I have also been trying to get it out there to the pub.. more..


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