Winter Gets A Shock

Winter Gets A Shock

A Chapter by Matty Bosox



(Meanwhile back inside the abandoned harbor warehouse...Winter is still trying to take in the shock of her teacher talking with the enemy...Roberts and Winter sit in a small closed in office..dust covered, old, and musty..)

Roberts: (Pacing back and forth in front of Winter as she just sits with her head down) I wish you could understand...I wish I could make you see the big picture...

Winter: (Looking up at him in anger) Oh please!!! I'm all f*****g ears!!!

Roberts: (Putting his hand under her chin and lifting it up) Hey!!! What is with all the language young lady?!?! What did I teach you about the greats of calm...

Winter: (Looking at him in suprise) The look of calm?!?! Well sir, that is kinda hard when you find out your mentor of basically your whole life is heading up a terror cell...Oh and pardon the language but f**k you!!! Sir!!!

Roberts: (Putting his head down in his hands) S**t!!! None of you were supposed to find out about this!!! (Turning around and unholstering his pistol, throwing it on the ground) All I can say right now is you don't see the whole picture...But you did find me out...(Spreading his arms out) Do what you must soldier...

Winter: (Standing up and quickly pointing one of her guns at the back of his head with extreme anger in her face) All those goddamn years!!! All that training!!! We looked at you as our father!!! (Roberts just shakes his head in shame and his eyes water up as Winter presses the barrel of her gun against the back of his head harder and harder) You always taught us to show no remorse for the enemy...Never give them the slightest sliver of a chance!!! (Suddenly Winter pulls her gun away, dropping the clip into her hand and throwing it on the ground in front of Roberts) But...I don't think you deserve one of those bullets...(Whispering in his ear) But I will promise you this...the rest will know what I found today...I hope the guilt eats your heart out...

(Roberts just stares at the clip on the ground and grabs his hair in frustration...Just then he turns around because he doesn't feel her behind him and she has vanished...He looks up and notices an open air vent and looks down beneath it at an old office chair spinning..)

Roberts: (Stopping the seat from spinning and slowly sitting down, grabbing Winter's clip off the ground) How mature you have become....

(Back at Summer and Winter's apartment, the group has a small celebratory dinner for a first mission accomplished...Sage has convinced Maura to come and meet his teammates and to show off another talent Roberts always said he and Arayna show up and they all wonder about Winter and her mission...While the group sits inside having a good time talking and watching Sage do his cooking...Summer sits out on the fire escape which has become her favorite pasttime...She has grown very interested in the mother and little daughter which live right across from them..)

Faze: (Sitting on the floor with his head rested on Arayna's legs, who is curled up on the couch) I know Winter and this is not Winter....

Mason: (Using his blade to chop up vegetables for a salad) How do you figure that...She probably finally screwed up and being Winter she is obviously too pigheaded...(Sage and Maura just look at Mason and laugh) What are you laughing about pretty boy??

Sage: (As Maura wraps her arms around him with a smile) You know there are such things as kitchen knives....

Mason: (Looking at the two of them and shaking his head) Not even two days and you already have him domesticated...

Maura: Hey...Don't get me involved in this....(Looking out the window at Summer who is lounging on the fire escape) Not to pry, but is there something wrong??

Arayna: (Looking out at Summer and smirking) Summer??? No....Summer just hasn't adjusted to life outside the box yet....She has always been a daydreamer...

Faze: (Playfully slapping Arayna on the leg) Hey, watch what your saying about Mason's girl...

Mason: (Rolling his eyes) Here we go again.....

Sage: (Throwing some seasoning on his chicked fillets he has cooking) Yeah, this guy calls me pretty boy but hes the one with two sexy girls fighting over him..

Mason: Yeah ok....I follow the rules unlike you...(Pointing his blade at Sage) What was it Roberts told us about dating and the whole "love" thing....

Maura: (Shrugging her shoulders still not knowing completely what it is Sage does) Hey there is nothing wrong with love....Whoever this Roberts guy is obviously doesn't know what he is talking about..(Everybody pauses and stares at her with a serious look) Um....What did I say?!?!

Sage: (Laughing as he wraps his arms around her) Don't worry about it....Just don't say negative things about our teacher...

Maura: (Throwing her hands in the air) I'm sorry....Won't mention the name again....

Mason: Yeah...That would be a good idea...

Faze: Roberts also told us to live life before he ran off....So which one ya gonna go with Mase?? (Putting his hands out in a balancing manner) Ya got Winter over here and Summer over here...Smoking hot, dark, and crazy...or super sexy yet serious ball of emotions??

Mason: (Cleaning off his blade with a towel) I choose this blade stuck straight up your a*s...(Looking out at Summer and thinking...Just then Winter bursts through the door and slams it shut...She unzips her GAP suit, pulling it down, wearing sweat shorts and a sport bra underneath, taking the suit and throwing it at the wall)

Sage: (As he protects Maura behind him) Winter....What the hell???

Mason: (Grabbing her by the arms and slamming her against the wall) Calm down!!!! (Winter starts slamming the back of her head against the wall behind her...Harder and harder as Mason yells for her to stop and everybody looks in shock...She hits the wall so hard she leaves a crack in the wall as she falls to her knees) Winter!! What happened?!?!

© 2012 Matty Bosox

Author's Note

Matty Bosox
Rough Copy

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Is this write intended to read like a script? I love the dialog. I am also going to have to read the rest of your chapters. This is very interesting. Nicely done.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Great dialogue and putting Winter's emotions into action. Kudos!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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WHOA! They really look up to Roberts, I didn’t realise it would be so difficult for them to deal with his ‘betrayal’ (not sure if it is one at the moment). The rest are going to be crushed when they find out. Not looking forward to that. They speak very openly in front of Maura, isn’t that too risky? Also, at some point Sage has to say what he does, even if he lies. Don’t they have fake lives/jobs to help keep their identities hidden? Also did Maura see Winter in her suit? And why is she so chilled with the swords? If I went to meet the guy I was seeing’s flatmates and they whipped out a sword to chop veggies…I would freak the f**k out!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Matty Bosox

7 Years Ago

I LOVE the questions Mia...Your awesome!!! Maura's love for Sage is almost crush-like, so she doesn.. read more

7 Years Ago

It's funny you say Sage is rebellious, because that is how I view Mason. When you said in a previous.. read more
Matty Bosox

7 Years Ago

Well Mason is cocky and arrogant but he doesn't really break the rules...Sage is alot more cocky and.. read more
Great again. Also, a random point, i like the way you title your chapters! Its interesting! Anyway great read again!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Matty Bosox

7 Years Ago

Thank you very much Hester...Have a new favorite character yet?? LoL I kinda thought you would by .. read more
Hester Vane

7 Years Ago

Well, Roberts is still a firm favorite, but Mason definatley one I will be watching closely ;-)
Matty Bosox

7 Years Ago

Yeah, alot of people who read the whole thing have come to love Mason and the other popular one is A.. read more

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Matty Bosox

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