Angels in Denial

Angels in Denial

A Chapter by Matty Bosox



Sage: (Slouching on the couch) Hey there they are....Somebody go get the ice queen...

Mason: Where did your little girlfriend go??

Arayna: (As Sage just looks in anger) Well, lets just say our Winter knows how to make a great first impression...

Faze: (Knocking on Winter's door) Lets go!!!

Winter: (Quickly opening her door and hitting Faze in the shoulder with it) Its about time...

Faze: (Pushing Winter) What the hell is wrong with you??

Winter: (Smirking as she spins a chair and sits in it backwards, her arms resting on the back of it) Look....I know I am a b***h..(Looking at Summer) I'm sorry...(A tear running down her cheek)

Summer: (Looking at her with the same shocked and puzzled look as everyone else) Winter??? This has to be bad...Your eyes are a desert...

Faze: (Wiping the tear from her face with his finger) Yeah...Whats up with this???

Winter: Well, lets make this short and quick....As everyone knows Mason got his feet wet today and definitly put on a show...(Clapping as she looks at him with a smile)

Mason: (Taking a bow) Thank you, thank you....

Arayna: Yeah, and?? You got your chance out there too..

Winter: Your very observant Arayna...Yeah..I got my feet wet only difference is I almost drowned from what I got into...

Sage: (Sitting at the counter in the kitchen eating) Yeah..and why is that??

Winter: Lets just put it this way....One of us is gonna be put in a situation very soon where we are gonna have to kill one of the enemies' best Generals....

Sage: (Shrugging his shoulders) Yeah, so what?? If you made me kick Maura out for....

Winter: (Turning around and swatting the fork out of Sage's hand) A general by the name of David Roberts.....

Arayna: (Dropping the glass she was drinking out of) What did you just say??

Winter: (Everyone looking at her in shock) Yeah....The same terror cell that hit the White House today...I definitly found their safe house tonight, along with our teacher...

Summer: (Putting her hand over her mouth in shock as she runs over to Winter and gives her a tight hug) Please tell me your just kidding...

Winter: (Embracing Summer as another tear runs down her face) I wish I was Summer...

Mason: (With a cold and calm reaction) Alright...We need a plan to find out whats going on with this group...Sage....use your computer and work your magic...

Sage: (Just staring at Mason in shock) You got it bossman...

Mason: I'm talking a firewall strip search...CIA, FBI, Pentagon, we have to figure out who is backing their operation....If Roberts is involved its gotta be big...

(Its been three months to the day since the Angels had their first assignment...Since then the six have been given over eighty missions and all have been flawless...Including the elimintation of sixty percent of the terror cells hidden across America...Word has gotten out that strange blurs and sightings of dark figures have been seen but nothing more...A few special assignments have even sent them into enemy territories to attack and get the attention of certain Korean and Russian implacements...One such istance even helped Arayna find a very special young army ranger...She came out of nowhere to save him from certain death as his regiment was ambushed and his whole team had been taken out...He would've been next if not for the interveaning of Arayna who amzingly took out a group of twelve terrorists wihtout a scratch....Meanwhile, Sage has become obsessed with finding the secrets behind General Roberts and his involvement with the enemy...Suddenly, something has come to his attention as he sits in Maura's apartment, Sage discovers something big....)

© 2012 Matty Bosox

Author's Note

Matty Bosox
Rough Copy

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So I still think Winter is a b***h and I’m glad she knows it to, but I really felt bad for her when she started crying…it even sent chills through me, great chapter Matty. I love how Mason took charge and kept his cool…he is quickly becoming my number one. Still want to know more about Faze and Arayna before I decide though. I’m off to the next chapter…I want to know what Sage finds out and I want to know more about Arayna’s guy :) It’s weird I still have faith in General Roberts…I know there must be a good reason behind his actions.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I've waited til the very end to make my review, but this was a great read! You definitely have been working hard on doing this writing, and it is truly amazing. :) Thank you for giving me the chance to read this! :) It was extremely good, and it is something I'd definitely a great read. :)

Your Friend,

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I'd have to say that Mason and Winter are, by far, my favorite characters. I like Summer, but she's .. read more
Matty Bosox

8 Years Ago

Yeah, alot of people who read the whole series find Mason to be their favorite..Another popular is A.. read more

8 Years Ago

I just like her way of thinking, because she is one of the few characters that just seems to pop out.. read more

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Matty Bosox
Matty Bosox

Wyoming, PA

My name is Matt, I live in eastern Pennsylvania....I have been working on the same writing project for the past ten years....Everybody loves it...I have also been trying to get it out there to the pub.. more..