Putting in Work

Putting in Work

A Chapter by Matty Bosox



Summer: (Leaning with her arms folded, looking at Winter and shaking her head with a smile) I can't believe the fearless, ice queen herself is affraid of heights...

Winter: (Keeping her eyes closed and trying not to think about it) F**k you Summer....

Summer: (Laughing as she puts in a small earcom) Vulture, this is Alpha one, eta to target???

Pilot: Alpha one this is Vulture, ETA three minutes and counting down...Better prep up Alpha team...

Winter: (Slowly standing up and looking up at the ceiling as she jumps up and down trying to loosen herself up) Alright lets get this over with..

Summer: (Looking over the side of the chopper and seeing small flickers of light in the thick trees) Vulture, Alpha One has light and movement...Looks to be about a mile from LZ and heading right towards it...

Winter: (Looking at Summer as she hooks on to a bungee that will drop them quickly and safetly to the ground) Wow its about time intel hit something correct...

Summer: (Hooking up to the cord and talking into her earpiece) Vulture, this is Alpha One....We are secured (As Winter jumps up and down getting herself prepped, shaking her hands loose) and ready for drop...

Pilot: Alpha One, we should hit them from the tail end....They may be expecting a head to head...

Winter: (Shaking her head and rolling her eyes as she looks at Summer) Come on....Whats the deal with this guy...We always hit from the front....

Summer: (Looking at Winter with a smirk as she talks into her earpiece) Vulture, Alpha Two confirms that you are brilliant...Lets throw em a change up....

Winter: Holy s**t...Just get me on the damn ground!!!

Summer: (Slowly loosening up her shoulders and neck and smiling at Winter) Your such a sissy...(Winter flares her with a sarcastic smirk as Summer blows her a kiss)

Pilot: Alright Alpha team...Lets see how quiet this b***h can be...(As he gently with extreme percision takes the chopper down into a clearence directly above the group of troops) Wow this is tight Alpha!!! What say we give em the death drop ladies...

Summer: (Looking down at the troops as they pass underneath and then looking up at the roter shaking her head at how silent the craft actually is) Abosolutly amazing...(Looking over at Winter and signalling with her fingers a three, two, one..)

(The two jump simultaneously from the chopper as Summer quickly reaches back and unsheathes her blade and Winter unsheathes her sword and tossing it downwards almost at the same time with extreme quickness unholstering her guns....Below two trailing soldiers look down as they talk and laugh amongst themselves...Suddenly one looks over at the other and sees him fall to his knees with a sword stuck through the back of his neck...The soldier looks up only to see Summer holding her blade in mid drop and running it right through his face...Winter detaches from the bungee and quickly grabs the man she threw her sword into and gently lays him to the ground as Summer flips down onto one knee, releasing from the bungee as she pulls her sword from the head of the soldier she took out and catches him before he falls...Placing him gently to the ground to be extremely silent....Winter looks up and signals with her thumbs for the chopper to head back up..)

Summer: (sitting down and sliding up against a tree as Winter just stands out in the open getting clips and slowly sliding them into her guns as Summer signals for her to get behind cover...trying to whisper..) Get the hell down!.!.!.

Winter: (Just looking over at Summer and smiling as she looks ahead at the lights from the other soldiers wanting them to hear her and catch them..She speaks loudly) This is no FUN!!! We are not ninjas!! (As Summer just drops her head shaking it in disgust and Winter looks up ahead as they are not responding) Really?!?! (Pointing her gun into the air) What are these a******s deaf?!?! (Shooting shots into the air)

Summer: (Getting her sword ready as she springs up and hears a bunch of footsteps running towards them along with the lights from the soldiers' rifles) Jesus Winter!!!! What the hell is wrong with you?!?!

Winter: (Sliding the barrels of her guns back to load them and laughing at Summer while shrugging her shoulders) What?? They couldn't hear me....

Summer: (Peeking around the thick tree she sits behind as she readies her weapons) Yeah!! Well so much for the stealth approach dumbass!!!

Winter: (Looking over at Summer as she twirls her guns in her hands and holsters them) Watch this....(Winter reaches down and grabs a grenade off one of the fallen soldiers...She whips the grenade into the air towards the soldiers running at her and Summer, quickly unholstering one of her guns and whipping it upwards and shooting a round off in one fluid motion....The bullet hits the grenade as it explodes just above the heads of the running soldiers...They yell in shock as they stumble to a hault and start firing in every direction...Winter just shakes her head as bullets wizz past her and hit the ground around her...She holsters her gun and then runs and hook slides, grabbing an assault rifle one of the dead soldiers dropped right up off the ground and as she slides she whips the gun from one side of her body to the other, spraying bullets the whole time...One soldier gets hit in the head and drops backwards, another gets hit and the impact sends him spinning to the ground, then another two drop, and yet another takes a bullet to the face and falls as the others look at the soldiers dropping like flies around them they get freaked and just start spraying gunfire in the direction of Winter and Summer...Winter slides head first onto the ground and behind some rocks and brush while Summer tries to stay covered behind a tree that isn't as thick as she thought..Covering her head as bullets crash against the bark of the tree ripping it apart)

Summer: (Trying to reach for her sword which lay on the ground next to her..Each time having to tuck back in as bullets fly past..Looking over at Winter who is just covering up and laughing) I'm glad your getting amusement out of this!!!! (Suddenly as she reaches for her sword again, Summer gets hit in the forearm as she grabs the handle...She winces in pain as she whips her sword back undercover...Looking down at the blood running down her black suit from where she got hit Summer's face suddenly turns cold and filled with anger as she looks over at Winter who just shrugs her shoulders with a smile) Ok!! Thats enough of that bullshit!!! (With that, Summer quickly rolls out from behind the tree and quickly without any hesitation whips her sword in a quick spinning motion, targeting a thick, heavy branch on a tree right above the remaining soldiers...She throws the sword with such force that it slices right through the branch which falls, smashing right in front of the three men who just stop firing and look down at the fallen branch in shock and then slowly look up....Without any notice Summer walks quickly right up to them the second they look up...A gun in each hand, she shoots the two soldiers on the left and right simultaneously in the face as they fall backwards and then quickly draws both guns inward pointing them at the head of the last man..)

Winter: (Walking up to Summer and dusting herself off with a cocky grin) Wow...You actually got hit...What a slow...

Summer: (Not taking her angry eyes off of the soldier but whipping one gun in Winter's direction) Shut.....The F**k....Up.....

Winter: (Walking behind the frightened terrorist and patting him on the head) Wow...You guys really pissed her off didn't ya...(Whispering in his ear as she stares into Summer's eyes who still has both guns pointed at his head) You know what that means don't ya...(Then yelling and startling him) BOOM!!!

Summer: Winter...Knock it off...

Terrorist: (In very broken english) Please....Please....This is not what I wanted...

Winter: (Slapping him in the back of the head) Shut up a*****e!!! Its scumbags like you that give your people a bad name!!!

Terrorist: (Staring at the barrels of Summer's .50 cal specials with a tear coming down his eye) We are forced to do his bidding...(Staring into Summer's eyes) Please beautiful woman...I have family...

Winter: (Looking at Summer with a look of disbelief) Summer...This piece of trash would kill us in two seconds if he had the chance!!! You don't actually believe...

Summer: (Staring into his frightened eyes) Winter....Shut up....(Looking directly at him as she drops her guns to her sides and walks right past him to go for her sword..Still talking to him) Get the hell outta here...(Grabbing her arm where she got hit and wincing in pain as she walks away)

Terrorist: (Dropping to his knees and crying in praise) Oh thank you lord...

Winter: (Just staring at him and looking back at Summer with a look of complete shock as she shrugs her shoulders in disbelief) You cannot be serious!!!! (Unsheathing her sword and quickly spinning it in her hand and stopping it right at his throat)

Summer: (Looking back at Winter and yelling) Winter!!! He is an unarmed man you b***h!!!

Winter: (Getting right in his face with a sadistic smile as she presses the blade harder against his throat) Ya know she is right...I am quite the b***h...(The man crying in fear and trembling) Ya see....This baby will slice right through that scrawny neck so quick that you may still be alive when your head goes rolling to the ground...(Pushing the blade harder against his throat as she draws blood)

Summer: (Picking up her sword off of the ground and kissing it) We make a good team old friend.(Quickly holstering her sword as she pops a red smoke flare and looking back at Winter) Hey lunatic!!! Lets go, (looking around at the dead bodies and havoc) I think we made our point here...Let your buddy go hes harmless...(Putting in her earpiece to call for the chopper)

Winter: (Holding the blade to the soldier's neck as blood runs down) Just remember one thing...(Quickly throwing a swinging backfist and knocking him out as she sheathes her sword) I never forget a face....

Summer: (As a cloud of red smoke fogs up the air above her...Talking into the earpiece) Vulture, this is Alpha One...Hostiles are cleared, cell destroyed, Alpha team ready for extraction, popped red smoke...(Dropping to the ground in frustration as she rolls her eyes and pulls out gauze from a med-pack insert on her uniform and starts wrapping her arm)..

© 2012 Matty Bosox

Author's Note

Matty Bosox
Rough Copy

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I LOVE THIS CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was freaking great!

Posted 7 Years Ago

I dont know how you do it! This was action packed brilliance! Great chapter again!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Matty Bosox

7 Years Ago

Thank you once again Hester...I'm glad I am starting to get good feedback from other writers....Whic.. read more
Hester Vane

7 Years Ago

Well firstly, flattery will get you everywhere! Joke. But seriously to answer your questions: Did yo.. read more
Matty Bosox

7 Years Ago

Thank you very much Hester...And although I do have publishers wanting to use it I want to know abso.. read more

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Matty Bosox

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