Faze Gets Info

Faze Gets Info

A Chapter by Matty Bosox



(A few days later while sitting alone in his apartment, Faze digs deep into study on illegal weapons suppliers who may be linked to the abundance of more advanced weaponry the terrorists have been using...He comes across something very shocking as he looks at the screen with his eyes wide and then looks over at Arayna who is asleep...still in her uniform after going on assignment to wipe out a small terror group...As he goes to wake her up he stops himself knowing the lack of sleep they get.....Just then a knock on the door startles him as Sage lets himself in..)

Sage: (Running over and kissing Faze on the top of his head and playfully smacking his face) Guess who has some great news buddy!!!

Faze: (Shoving Sage with an angry look as they both look over at Arayna) Will you shut the f**k up man...Let the poor girl sleep...

Sage: (Gently pulling covers up over Arayna) S**t, I didn't even notice her laying there buddy...They really been crackin the whip on us haven't they...

Faze: Yeah, well I got some good news that may help us stop these unusual weapon shipments....

Sage: (Leaning over and looking at the laptop screen) Who the hell is Billy Blunt??? That can't be a real name...

Faze: (As he clicks on his keyboard, looking at the screen) I have no clue...but I do know this...

Sage: (Looking at the screen in suprise) Holy s**t, look at the ties this guy has...Interpol, CIA...

Faze: And...He is a damn celebrity around here with the scumbags....Leader of the Stallions...the last prominent biker gang in America....Check out this order sheet...

Sage: God damn Faze.....These weapons are not cheap and look at the amounts...Where is a bum like this getting all the money???

Faze: Excellent question...(Closing his laptop) And that is why I have been thinking of a plan to extract said information....(Rubbing his face and yawning) Anyways...whats the great news??

Sage: (Pulling up a chair and staring at Faze with a huge grin)

Faze: (Pushing Sage's head away) Quit giving me the creeps man...

Sage: (Laughing) I'm in love man!! (Faze just shakes his head and laughs) I'm dead serious Faze...I have never felt so strongly about anything like this before...

Faze: (Laughing) You are such a dick..you don't even know what love is Sage!.!..Come on man get focused here...

Sage: (Falling back onto a chair next to Faze with his head up in the air in frustration) Ok..Whatever...So what the hell is this big plan of yours..If this f**k has friends in such high places how are we even gonna get a trace on him???

Faze: (Rolling his eyes and smirking) Are you really this stupid?? He may be linked to people in the CIA and Interpol not to mention the DA and a couple congressmen...

Sage: (Leaning back and laughing) Gee is that it?!?!?

Faze: (Leaning forward in anger) But!!! That doesn't mean he is tight as one of them...This man can leave so many leaks he could be a f****n rain cloud...Look here..(Throwing Sage a news article he found)

Sage: Wow!! (Reading the article outloud) Stallion sightings again stir up trouble in local bars around the DC and New York areas...Two suspect bikers involved in Stallion activity set to be convicted on murder charges...(Throwing the article down) Ok...So its your typical biker thug gang...

Faze: (Smacking Sage on the shoulder) Exactly!!! Which means this Butch dickhead will be just as stupid to let himself get snagged...All we need is a little entaganizing....I mean look at all this here (Tossing around sheet after sheet of articles containing incidents involving Butch and the Stallions) Only thing is...Whenever they move in to grab this guy one of his members gives some lame aliby and Butch dissapears....

Arayna: (Rolling over and sitting up, wincing in pain as she rolls her eyes at the noise they are making) Damn...(Standing up and putting sweatpants and a hoodie on over her GAP suit and walking towards the door) By the way...This Butch a*****e...He frequents the Red Velvet...loovvveessss strippers...(Slamming the door behind her as she walks out)

(Sage looks at Faze as they both shrug there shoulders...Meanwhile, Mason, sleeping on his coutch gets startled and woken up by a slam against the door)

Mason: (Jumping up and grabbing his gun from off the end table, sliding a bullet into the chamber) What the hell is this?!?!? (Mason opens the door and Winter stroms in holding her arm in pain as she shoves Mason out of the way and into his bathroom to wrap the wound on her hand which is bleeding badly) Ok then.....(Scatching his head and rubbing his eyes from being woken up as he nonchalantly follows Winter into the bathroom) So what the hell happened this time???

Winter: (Tossing stuff onto the floor in the cabinet as she grabs a towel and wraps it around her arm) F*****g assssshhhooollleeeesssss!!!!! F**K!!! (Punching the wall as she grabs her wounded arm and winces in pain)

Mason: (Grabbing her arm and opening up the towel as Winter tries to pull away) Relax!!! I'm just looking (unwrapping the towel as it is already bloodsoaked) Ok that definitly needs alot of stiching kiddo...

Winter: No Mase!!! F**k that!!! It'll be fine...

Mason: (Rumagging through the bathroom cabinet as he pulls out a medkit with a smirk) Stop being a sissy and sit still...Tell me what the hell happened while I'm doin this...Take your mind off it...

Winter: All I can say is I have never seen such awesome firepower...

© 2012 Matty Bosox

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Matty Bosox
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Also a good chapter with good dialogue.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Another great part to the story that just keeps getting better and better as it goes along. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Matty Bosox
Matty Bosox

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My name is Matt, I live in eastern Pennsylvania....I have been working on the same writing project for the past ten years....Everybody loves it...I have also been trying to get it out there to the pub.. more..