The Cold Winter

The Cold Winter

A Chapter by Matty Bosox



(Wnter continues her story and flashes back to earlier when she was dropped into a terror hot zone just outside of NJ....Winter walks up behind a trio of men using large trees as target practice with their rifles as another two men study large military crates inside a black van..

Winter: (Walking casually right up behind them as she unsheathes her sword slowly) Hey fellas...(They stop shooting and quickly turn around pointing their rifles at Winter) its not enough to kill our people but you have to kill our trees too...

Leader of the clan: (Looking down from the back of the van at his troops) What are you waiting for....(In a thick Russian accent) Kill the b***h...

At the same time the three start shooting, Winter flips her blade upside down, holding it by the dull edge of the blade....They start shooting as she drops into a split and whips her blade in a spinning motion as the bullets just miss over her head...Her blade skimming the ground so close that leaves and weeds get kicked up....Two of the soldiers have to jump up as the blade passes underneath them and Winter tucks and rolls across the ground in that direction as the third soldier continues to shoot at her....In the instance that the other two jump, Winter has already come out of her roll and leaped into the air using a rock as leverage, unholstering her guns and shooting them simtaniously in the head while the men are still in the air from jumping over the blade...The impact sends their bodies backwards as their heads whiplash from the bullet hits...Winter then lands into a roll and hook slides on one knee across the ground as she points one gun at the last armed man and one at the two men in the van....Seeing that her blade has hit another target she was aiming for...the back tire of the Van...She just looks up at the men with a cocky smirk...

Leader: Who the f**k is this b***h?!?!?

Winter: I really don't know why...but I love being called a b***h....and you..(Looking at the armed man with her .50 cal special shining its barrel in his direction) have to reload that weapon...(Before he has a chance to move she shoots him in the head and quickly points both of her guns at the two in the van) Sucks to be him eh???

Leader: (Laughing and shaking his head) Well little girl..I must salute you...But you don't know Russian soldiers very well do you?? (Looking at his last comrade) We sacrifice when we must...(Shoving the man off the back of the van and right at her as he stumbles and falls into her)

Winter just blows the man backwards with both barrels shooting into his chest as blood splatters all over the van...Winter quickly spins away from the falling man and dives into a roll winding up croutched behind the corner of the van at the same time as she came out of her roll she pulled her sword from the tire.....Meanwhile the Russian commander has quickly pulled up an enormous gun which he has to hold up with both hands on each side....He starts shooting at Winter as the she runs out of the way as a trail of explosions coming up from the huge bullets hitting the ground follow behind her....Winter twists behind a tree as the man continues to fire the big gun, laughing psychotically...The huge trunk of the tree explodes around her as she spins out into the open spinning her sword in front of her....She runs at him with a scream as one of the bullets is about to hit her she blocks it with her sword but the impact is so hard that it explodes her blade out of her grip causing it to twist and the blade to slice through her arm...Winter drops to one knee in pain as the man stops firing and looks at her laughing

Leader: Yes!!! Let me see...You have killed four of my best men...Now I must shred you into little pieces....(Winter grabs her sword up off the ground with her good arm and a wicked look on her face as she shakes in anger and pain) Yes!!! Come get me!!! (As she lunges towards him the man goes to pull the trigger and suddenly a rain of bullets shred through him from behind as Winter falls backwards from the shock of what just happened...)

Looking up trying to shield her eyes from the setting sun, Winter sees that it was her chopper pilot that dropped her off who just saved her life...The pilot gives her a thumbs up as he swoops back up over the tree line to pick her up))))))

Winter: (Looking down at her arm as Mason finishes the last stiching and disinfects it) And that was my day in a nutshell...I tell ya Mase, I don't know where these Russians are getting these f*****g cannons but they are beating the s**t out of us...

Mason: (Rubbing her arm and smiling at her) Ok...All done kiddo...Would you like a lollypop??

Winter: (Staring at Mason with a smile as she runs her hand through his hair) I don't know what it is about you but you make me feel so good when I'm around you....

Mason: (Just standing up trying to ignore what she just said) Well I do know one thing...(Winter just rolls her eyes and drops her head) Sage and Faze have been all over the web investigating because its not only the Russians...This whole damn faction is getting these high-tech weapons from somebody...They think they have a lead....

Winter: What is it Mase?? (Mason just looks down and leans against the wall in frustration) You have to feel these wierd feelings...You know...(Mason just rolls his eyes) Its Summer isn't it....I know she always had a leash on you...

Mason: (Crossing his arms and laughing) Winter..Shut up...I know what your getting at and is it that hard to believe that I am following the code that Roberts planted in our heads...

Winter: But....I just don't get it....You are still a human being yoru not a goddamn robot!!!

Mason: (Walking out on her) I'm done with this conversation Winter...

© 2012 Matty Bosox

Author's Note

Matty Bosox
Rough Copy

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I'd say excellent! Rough draft, huh? Oh, now you're bragging! LOL

Posted 7 Years Ago

You've got to give me writing tips on how you keep writing this kind of stuff. :) I've had writers' block forever now, and this is always something surprisng.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Matty Bosox
Matty Bosox

Wyoming, PA

My name is Matt, I live in eastern Pennsylvania....I have been working on the same writing project for the past ten years....Everybody loves it...I have also been trying to get it out there to the pub.. more..