Arayna Takes A Walk

Arayna Takes A Walk

A Chapter by Matty Bosox



(Meanwhile, Arayna walks down the quiet night streets with her hood up covering her face as she keeps her head down...She looks ahead and notices a small corner bar that she has passed many times before and decides its time to find out what the big deal is about alcohol...As she walks passed a small alley she notices two men kicking and beating somebody helpless on the ground)

Arayna: (Stopping in her tracks and reversing her steps, looking down the alley) Jesus...Can't anything go right for one night...

Thug 1: (Kicking the helpless girl on the ground in the gut as she coughs up blood) Now you'll know better than to mess with the wrong pushers b***h!!!

Thug 2: (Kneeling down and rubbing his hand across her bruised face) What a beautiful girl...Its too bad we have to waste such a speciment...

Thug 1: (Pulling out a 9mm and sliding the barrel back) Get out of the way..You don't want blood on those nice have a better idea...I want this b***h to go out with some kinda respect....Get her on her f****n feet...

Thug 2: (With a wicked smirk and shaking his head) You are a sick b*****d...(As he bends down to lift her up a black hooded figure stands right behind him and hardly with any effort quickly snaps his neck as he falls dead on the girl who screams)

Thug 1: (Jumping back after being suprised by the stealth of the figure and tripping over his own two feet as he points the gun at the black hooded shadow) What the F**K!!!!!!

(The dark figure slowly walks into the light and slowly slips off the hood)

Thug 1: (Laughing as he sees it is Arayna) Ok Charlie's Angel, I guess I have to rid the world of two very sexy b*****s instead of one....

Arayna: (Just staring into the man's eyes with a stern look) You sure you know what your doing with that thing dickhead??? Cause I know alot about guns....

Thug 1: (Laughing at Arayna as he points the gun at her head) I know that as soon as I pull this trigger you'll be gone...(As the man goes to shoot the gun Arayna reaches for the barrel and jams her thumb inside it causing the gun to backfire as a could of smoke blows out the back of the gun and it burns the man's hand as he lets go of it) Aaahhhh!!!! F**K!!!! (Grabbing his hand and falling backwards in pain)

Arayna: (Spinning the gun in her hand and with a surgical quickness dropping the clip out and detaching the barrel from the handle and throwing it on the ground) So thats it?!?!?! (Picking the man up from the ground as he looks at her in fear) All I want is one f*****g night!!!! (Continuosly punching the man in the face) One....Night....of.....PEACE!!!!! (As he falls limp in her grip Arayna lets go of him as his body drops backwards onto the ground and she spits on him as she turns to walk away, throwing her hood back up over her head)

Girl: (Slowly standing up in pain) Thank you!!! (Arayna just flips the girl off as she continues to walk away)

(Arayna continues her walk down the street and reaches a small corner bar which is lit up bright as the noisy crowd resonates outside...The bar sign flickers on and off as it hangs from its foundation showing off the name of the hole in the wall in big black letters.."The Good Head"--Arayna looks up and shakes her head as she walks towards the enterance..)

Arayna: (Hesitantly walking in) What the hell am I doing here??

(Arayna closes the creeky old door behind her and has to slam it shut in order for it to close all the way...People in the bar all turn and stare at her as she walks to a stool at the bar with her hood still up and sits down reluctantly)

Bartender: (Wiping down the counter in front of Arayna with a smirk as he looks at the man sitting next to her as if to say look at this weirdo) Hey...there....what can I get ya?

Arayna: (With her head down) Just get me anything with alcohol in it..

Bartender: (Laughing under his breath and shaking his head) OooKk then,,,,Hows a beer sound to you??? (Looking at the man next to her and shrugging his shoulders)

Arayna: Whatever...Oh and tell these a******s to stop staring at me like that....

Man sitting next to her: (As the bartender walks away laughing) Ya know the reason they are staring at you could be the whole sadistic bomber look you got goin on there...(Arayna just ignores him) oookkk then....Not the talkitive type I see...

Arayna: (Without even looking at him) Look mister...I didn't come here to talk to drunk losers...I heard alcohol is a good healer..(As the bartender pushes a beer over to her and she just looks at it and takes a sip wincing from the terrible taste) Uh that is f*****g terrible...

Man next to her: Wait...Are you telling me you never had a beer before??

Arayna: (Grabbing him by the wrist tight without even looking at him) Didn't I tell you to leave me alone...

Man: (Looking down at her bruised and cut up hand around his wrist) So...get in alot of fights hunny??

Arayna: (Quickly pulling her hand back) Yeah...something like that...

Man: (putting his hands up in excitement) See that...I just started a conversation...Not so hard is it???

Arayna: (Slowly looking up at him and pulling her hood down) Look I'm sorry..Its just been a rough week...

Man: (Looking at her in shock) Holy s**t...Your just a kid...and your beautiful....Definitly do not look like the fighting type..

Arayna: (Smiling as she looks down at her hands) Yeah...I fool alot of people I guess...(Taking a big chug from her glass and wincing) Uuhhhggg....That is bad!!!

Man: (Lighting a smoke) Its an aquired taste I guess....Trust me after a few you won't care about the taste...(Reaching out his hand to shake hers) Michael Davis by the way...

Arayna: (Looking down and then noticing his hand and quickly shaking it) I'm sorry....Still trying to get the taste of this stuff...Arayna...

Man: (Taking a long drag off his smoke) Thats a very pretty and unique name...I definitly have to say my name isn't so creative...(Taking a sip of his beer as Arayna just stares at him and shakes her head impatiently waiting to hear his name as he looks over at her and starts laughing) I'm sorry...Mike Davis...

Arayna: (Taking another sip of her beer and wincing, trying to force it down) Yeah that is kinda boring...So whats your story Mike Davis??

Davis: (Looking at his empty glass and shaking it) Well hun, it would take alot more of these to tell ya my story...Lets just say I was somebody at some point in my life...(Lighting another cigarette and taking a drag) Now...I'm what ya see is what ya get...

Arayna: (Looking him up and down and shaking her head in disappointment) Well no offense but from where I'm sitting that sucks buddy...

Davis: (Just smiling as he stares at his cigarette burning down) Well you would be correct my dear...So what is a sweet lookin kid like you doing at this dump???

Arayna: (Just looking at herself in the bar mirror) I guess I just needed to run away for once...(Staring down at her beer) It feels good to finally have the opportunity to retreat...

Davis: (Just staring at her as he takes another swig of beer) Tough home-life I'm guessing....

Arayna: (Realizing she doesn't wanna give to much away) Huh...Yeah...Something like that...Actually just my friends and their annoying obsession with this Billy Blunt guy...

Davis: (Quickly looking over at Arayna in shock as he almost knocks over his beer onto her but saves it) Huh.....That was close eh...Now I think I may need to get my ears checked but wanna run that name by me (Shoving his index finger up into her face as she slaps his hand away) one...more...time...

Arayna: (Shaking her head in anger) What the hell is your problem man?!?! Don't ever shove your hand in my face again unless you want it snapped in half...

Davis: (Rolling his eyes as he grabs Arayna's arm) The name.....

Arayna: (Looking down at his hand around her arm and then looking up at him in anger) Some Billy Blunt a*****e...

Davis: (Letting go of her arm as he starts laughing and taking a big swig of beer) Your joking right....You did not just say Billy Blunt..(before Arayna can even say anything) aka William Renfrey aka Bill Jones aka The Smoker...Should I go on???

Arayna: Wow...I guess it really is a small world up here...(Just then Arayna sees the man she left for dead in the alley walk in with four other men looking around the bar in anger as they shove people out of their way)

Davis: (Shaking his head in confusion as he whispers to himself) Up here???? (Just then Arayna rips him up out of his seat) Hey!!! What the f**k!?!?!

Arayna: (Pulling him close and pointing out the men after her) Lets talk about this whole Billy Blunt thing back at my place ok?.?.?.

Davis: Ha!!! Should've figured...Just like a woman to f**k with the wrong guy...(As she drags him outside spilling his beer all over him and he laughs) Wow your pretty strong for a sexy little runway...

Arayna: (Grabbing the pressure point on his neck as he falls to his knees in pain and she just looks at him in a trivial manner) Runway??? Whatever...Just get in the car...

Davis: (Pointing to his Silver mettallic customized chopper) Sorry dear...Thats my car...

Arayna: (Dragging him across the ground and walking over to his bike) What is with the whole motorcycle craze around here...Summer and Winter....You..Is it this stupid city??? (Lifting him back up to his feet as she keeps an eye on the bar door) Lets go!!! Drive this thing!!!

Davis: (Digging through his pockets trying to find his keys) Ok...I am ex anything with three letters..and I have never seen a female posess that kind of strength...(Smirking as he points at her) Are you post op??? (Arayna just grabs his arm and straddles the back of the bike, pulling him onto it) Whoa!! Ok hulkster...

Arayna: (As Davis starts up the bike) I would really get a move on it!!!!

Davis: Relax...(Looking behind him and seeing four guns pointed at them from the entrance to the bar)....hun...(They start firing as he takes off down the street out of control) S**t!!! That was close!!!

Arayna: (looking back as they peel away and flaring the men as they shoot) Get this piece of s**t moving buddy!!!

Davis: (Shifting and looking back as he ducks and swerves) You honestly think I'm turning around?!?!?

Arayna: (Looking back and noticing the men hopping into a car as it peels out after them)

Davis: (Looking back) You ok back there?!?!?!

Arayna: (looking around as she thinks) Yeah!!! I'm just wonderful!!! Keep your eyes on the damn road!!!

Davis: (As the car starts catching up fast) S**t!!! This thing isn't built for speed!! Shes too heavy!!!

Arayna: (Looking back as the car starts to get within easy shooting distance) Well!!! I think I can solve the weight dilemma!!

© 2012 Matty Bosox

Author's Note

Matty Bosox
Rough Copy

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Love this woman! She's my hero!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Arayna is great! Cocky and full of life! Great once again!

Posted 7 Years Ago

I like this so far! :-) Would love to read the rest :3

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Matty Bosox
Matty Bosox

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My name is Matt, I live in eastern Pennsylvania....I have been working on the same writing project for the past ten years....Everybody loves it...I have also been trying to get it out there to the pub.. more..