A Chapter by Maybe Lina

Chapter one of BlackOut


Another day, another crime.


The man in the black trench coat thought as he let the bodies in the little roof storage on fire and watched their lifeless bodies sizzle and crackle loudly, letting the smell of burnt flesh filling the air and smoke started to mess with his vision. The door behind him opened slowly and the man turned to see a woman in a grey sleeveless hoodie and shorts, she also had unnaturally light green hair with a hint of purple near her bangs. She looked over at the scene and her expression hardened.


The tall man walked past her and sighed, "They asked for it. One of them even landed a bunch on my right eye..." he pointed at his swallowing eye with the dark purple circle around it. "Plus, our job was simply to shoot without asking so don't blame me. After all, I actually tried to talk to them before so..."


The girl sighed and half rolled her eyes, she walked in to work in the crime scene, disposing the evident and making sure no one knows they were behind it. The tall man walked out into the rooftop and sighed, rubbing his eye and taking the eyeliner and eye shadow around it off and making the purple bruise black.


"Hey! Book! Brain! Cheek my injury!" he spoke to himself and it might’ve seemed as if he lost his mind. But in fact he is speaking to people who are from his job, the ones who are connected to a chip planted in his brain. Everyone at the job had one, even the so called Brain and Book, who are actually called Scott and Jeffrey. Scott is the one responsible for the body function and mind, thus nicknamed brain. And Jeffrey is the information holder, he has every single file known and unknown in the job and he knows every little information in the data base. A special chip was planted in both of them which is why they are back in the hideout safe.


Hello? Alpha? Are you contacting us? I can sense a wave from you but no sound… Answered Brain in Alpha's, the tall man with the black trench coat’s head.


"Well, DUH! I got a f***ing black eye and it doesn't want to stop tearing! It's like spring allergies all over!" Alpha yelled and grumbled loudly. "Just check how bad is it and prepare a room for me to rest and get medical attention! I can't do sh*t with one eye!"


Easy, drag queen. It's just a black eye. It effected your communication so you'll be getting a surgery to check the chip soon, 'kay? Just calm your tits... I wonder how Alex handles being your partner...


"'Cause unlike you, I actually have balls, got it douchebag? And I am NOT a drag queen! You racist f***!"


Jeffrey laughed and pulled a picture of Alpha in their mind conversation. Eyeliner, lipstick AND messy blue hair. If it ain't being a drag queen then it mean being  f***tard.


Watch it, Jeffrey. Alpha's brain functioning indicates he's set for a kill tonight. And your name's all over it. Scott snickered and cut Jeffrey of the conversation. I got everything set. When Alex is done come over to the medical side and someone will check your eye. Alright, Scott's off.


Alpha took a deep breath and tried to calm down, too much emotions can mess with his chip more than it already is.


He actually does have eyeliner and eyeshadow and lipstick, and his hair is blue. But it's more of a gothic look than a drag queen. His lips are actually dark blue, like if they're freezing cold, and his hair is a dark shade that it's almost black. It is his unique look and somehow, he can pull it off.


I'm done... A soundless message appeared in Alpha's mind and he turned to see Alex standing feet behind him. She pointed at the roof room and Alpha nodded.


" 'kay, I got to go get this treated before we go to any more jobs." Alex nodded and followed behind Alpha who was walking down the emergency stairs, his little partner was quiet, in fact, she never spoke before and even her mind conversations are voiceless.


When Alpha reached the bottom of the stairs his head started spinning and his eye began to blur more, it seemed as if blinding light is causing it but that was impossible. It was three after midnight in a back alley. He opened his injured eye more to see some weird blurry shape, A hand? he thought as he tried to reach for it. There was a hand, a body too. There was a face to that body but it was too blurry for him to see whose face was it. The lips of that body were moving, talking. He reached for the face but when he tried to touch it his mind went blink and his vision changed to what his other eye saw. His partner feet away from him walk of the alley. "What the hell..." He mumbled to himself and shrugged it off before following his partner to their hideout.

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Maybe Lina
Chapter one of BlackOut

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Added on November 21, 2014
Last Updated on November 21, 2014
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Maybe Lina
Maybe Lina

I love to write and share stories I make. I'm a big dork for lovey-dovey couples, cheesiness, cliche. but most of all, blood, death, drama and making my favorite characters suffer o3o I'll write a.. more..

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