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The Cards and the Choice

The Cards and the Choice

A Story by Lennon

When we first met you loved my best friend and I helped you
I helped you love someone close to me and soon you became that person
You became the person I loved and I told you every day "Be safe, I love you, goodnight"
Sometimes you responded other you didn't
I felt abandoned by everyone
You were gone from my life for a short period of time
But in that time I needed you most
My mother left my dad was broken
My brother is never there
I was left in my thoughts
My terribly shattered thoughts
I was scared that I pushed you away after our "moment"
But you would check on me occasionally
That kept me going
But after I was supposedly all better
You left me
You said you loved me and that we were special
While you were already jumping into someone else's arms
Holding someone else's hands
Kissing someone else's lips
There I was watching the posts on your social media
"I love you so much" "I love how your body fits next to mine"
And I slowly began to realize
You lied to me
And left me for dead
You gave me three cards
Three choices
Move on
Cant do that
Try again
Did that
Or live like this forever
From this you have probably already guess what I chose
But those were not my only cards
I gave myself three more
I tried that
I tried that
I do that
I have ruined myself over one person
I have ruined my life 
Because I cant  let go
And I probably never will
When I love someone I never stop
If anything my love gets stronger over time
No matter what has happened or will happen
No matter how you feel about me or how you treat me
I will always love you
I'm sorry I wasn't enough for you
And I'm sorry I couldn't give you what you needed,

© 2020 Lennon

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Added on March 27, 2020
Last Updated on March 27, 2020



South Haven, MI

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