A Poem by [email protected]

The journey of a man in a coma


I struggle with this hold I have on myself

The white light behind my closed eyes, reflecting my broken body

Beep Beep Beep

The lullaby of life comforts me

Lulls me into another world of darkness

Darkness that I welcome, with unmoving arms

Why can't I wake up?


My hands refuse to move

My eyes refuse to open

Weeping from the outside world, tears holes into my already bleeding heart

"Wake up!" They yell

Can't they see I'm trying?


Pain engulfs my being

I'm spiraling into oblivion

My soul is quivering with the force of life

There's nothing left, but a shell

Whispered words meet my unatentive ears

They're pulling what?


Ragged breaths escape my charred chapped lips

A sudden force knocks my organs out of whack

My hands are twitching, yet my body is shutting down

Wails outside my newfound home, push me to the limit


There's pain

Mind numbing, relentless, bite your toung pain

Shaking in expectation

My blood runs cold

Beeeeep Beeeeep

The lullaby that once soothed my tired soul, takes a turn for the worse


A chorus of demons invade my mind

Reaching for my hand

The pain won't stop

Why won't it stop?

And then


There's nothing


Not a thing

I'm locked in the hollows of my own mind

Reaching blindly for the hand of my savior

The one I've held my whole life

Now, it leaves me alone and scared

A scream rises in my throat

Clawing, thrashing, making an attempt to be free

But I won't let it win

I sit here now, waiting for a world I didn't know existed

My savior has forsaken me


© 2008 [email protected]

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Added on April 9, 2008


[email protected]

Nonyabusiness, GA

I love to write, and have been writing for around...only a year, but i still love it. I'm new to all this sharing your writing stuff, and last time i tried to, all my writing got deleted, and i had ab.. more..


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