Candle in the Darkness

Candle in the Darkness

A Poem by [email protected]

He loves her, but does she feel the same?


You are my candle in the darkness

When my world is black and blue

A flicker on the wall

And all i see is you

Shadows are long

Tempting they may be

But all i need is a *spark*

And all the doubts will flee

No words can describe

The feeling building in me

Burning with the pressure

Holding all this in

~Tonight i will tell you

I want to be more than your friend

The darkness threatens to consume me

Til I'm cowering with fear

The scream claws at my throat

Yet the light shows you are near

My feelings i know, are truer than true

Now that you know

I love you!

Will you continue to be my candle?

When all i see is dark?

Will you return my feelings?

And drive away the demons

Residing in my heart?

Your head on my shoulder

Glowing through the night

My fear of rejection

Rests deeply in my soul

Your reassuring words

Are all that i need

You love me too

Like a hymn in my heart

A spring in my step

The light in the whispers among the night

Forever you will be

My candle in the darkness

Together we will be

© 2008 [email protected]

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I love this poem so much

"Shadows are long
Tempting they may be
But all i need is a *spark*
And all the doubts will flee"

These words are beautiful.

and the fact that you seem to have three poems that are a continuation of one another "Candle in the darkness", "I Love you" and "You Love me too" works well for this piece - great job

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 12, 2008


[email protected]

Nonyabusiness, GA

I love to write, and have been writing for around...only a year, but i still love it. I'm new to all this sharing your writing stuff, and last time i tried to, all my writing got deleted, and i had ab.. more..