Lovers Woes

Lovers Woes

A Poem by Meesh

Diving to depths unknown,

            She sits in their home alone,

Contemplating her life

            In and out of the midst of strife.

She’s always been one to run

            But with him she’s never been done.

It started as an obsession,

            And led to regression.

But with determination and vulnerability,

            She adopted agility.

Balancing her past traumas and pain,

            Working tirelessly to call herself sane.

She confronted her fears

            Over years and years.

He pushed her to grow

            And challenged her so.

But now she wonders

            If he sees his own blunders.

No one always gets it right,

            No one has perfect insight.

Sadly, finding herself here,

            Wondering which way to steer.

Their interactions make her afraid,

            Can true love fade?

Was it all in her imagination?

            A long-lost dream, an infatuation?

They acknowledged that was the past,

            Admitting that would never make it last.

Promising patience and acceptance,

            Neither surrendered their stance.

She thought he felt the same,

            Her heart was his to claim!

Now she doesn’t know what to do,

            This is so old but also so new.

Pushing has always served her well

            But all he sees is an attempt to sell,

An attempt to take advantage,

            Another need for a bandage.

But he asked her to come back here,

            He said he wanted her near!

Did he know what he was asking for?

            Did he know the obligation love bore?

What if he’s projecting?

            What could he be protecting?

She must remove herself from the situation,

            Take the view from his station.

“Certainly, it seems too good to be true,

            An unhealthy attachment turned anew.

Fairy tale dreams are meant for few

            And struggles make one blue.

It should come more naturally,

            Not sure about this, actually.”

And in that moment, she realizes

            Growth, dedication, support �" comes in all sizes.

He pushed her to confront the darkest parts of soul,

            But he might not be ready to atoll.

Is this her time to stand tall?

            To dig in for the long haul.

So down the rabbit hole she must go,

            He thinks it’s safer for no one to see you low.

What pain he must feel!

            And being confronted makes it real.

It’s so easy to push another

            Even when you yourself suffer.

It’s so much easier to be alone,


Fortunately, they are one and the same

            And for that there is no shame.

Born from damaged goods,

            Never out of the woods,

They both strive to be better.

            And so, she rights this letter.

Never right, never wrong.

            Can he hear her heart song?

No matter what happens before or after,

            Their story is surrounded in laughter.

He said, “we have the good stuff.”

            But is that enough to see them through the rough?

It must be enough, and not at the same time.

            Challenging enough to grow but encouraging enough to shine.

True commitment is scary,

            Everyone is wary.

His influence and encouragement she followed,

            Can her direction be swallowed?

Her deepest fears uncovered

            She never wanted him to feel smothered.

All she wants is to be accepted and seen

            By a love that’s sturdy enough to lean.

He’s her best friend.

            And she will love him until the end.

© 2021 Meesh

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Added on July 22, 2021
Last Updated on July 22, 2021