Ch 1 Joe's traveling thoughts

Ch 1 Joe's traveling thoughts

A Story by Melanie Jane Boicourt Shanks

Chapter 1

  "I cannot believe that I am doing this" Joe thought. "Why do I trust this girl so much? You would think that I would listen to everything that people are saying and just leave her on her own right now. Of course, she has nobody else. Everyone has pretty much turned their backs on her, especially after all those stories of angels and such. How could anyone be expected to believe something like that?"

  Joe looked over at the frail teenage girl with the protruding belly. She was glancing out the fogged up window. They were driving in his beat up little Saab. He was glad that it was a clutch because it helped him get through the snow a little better. It was just a sprinkle here and there and he hoped it didn't get any worse.

  He had heard about how wild Catholic school girls could be, but had never thought that Maria was like that. He had known her since she was 10. He was ashamed to admit that he had found her attractive even then. For that reason, he tried to avoid her most of the time but since she was the daughter of his long time family friend, he found that to be difficult. So, he had grown to love Maria. He never made advances, of course, but he would catch her eyes on him too. Though she never seemed to be flirtatious, he was captured by these innocent moments time and time again.

  When he heard the news of her being knocked up he was so angry. The innocence that he thought she was, had been destroyed. Then he thought, maybe she was raped. He could not imagine her willingly with another man. She had to have known of his feelings for her. Couldn't she tell that he was just waiting around for her to be old enough for him to ask for her hand? He never even dated. People were beginning to think that he was gay.

  The thought ran through his mind of the girl he loved thinking that he was gay and so turning away from the church to be some harlot. It was unimaginable, but it made more since then the stories that she had been telling.

  He stole another glance at her. She was looking back at him this time. When their eyes met, he knew that she was telling the truth. They rode on in silence while Joe thought about what he was going to tell his family.


© 2007 Mejasha Love

© 2008 Melanie Jane Boicourt Shanks

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You have my vote. Hope you win. Great write.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Yeah it does...hate the limits on word count

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Yes it does..Like to read more if you continue with it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Melanie Jane Boicourt Shanks
Melanie Jane Boicourt Shanks

Fort Wayne, IN

I have been writing since I knew how. Before that I would just draw pictures to tell a story. My true passion is poetic lyrics. That is mostly what I am inspired to write. I have been dabbling in othe.. more..


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