Turn to ashes

Turn to ashes

A Story by MelGo30~

Vague MG story about a girl who wonders into a forest and encounters a known beast.


Everyone visiting the far-off town of Dromond hears the tales. A non-human looking being lurking in the woods awaiting its next victim. The locals know better than to go looking for trouble, but tourists? They’re bold and like a challenge. Plus, of course they don’t believe such tales. Those must be stories to keep the children from running away, they think. And yet, a child was next to encounter the beast.


Lyla was the last of three siblings. She was only 10 years old and already sick of being forgotten by everyone because her siblings got all the attention. They were too extroverted and looked for trouble every minute, and she understood their parents couldn’t just take their eyes off of them. She, on the other hand, was quiet, introverted and always abiding by the rules. But they were on vacations and she yearned for adventure, which she wasn’t getting.


The forest called to her, it smelled like wet pine cones and the tall trees hummed softly. Being careful to not get in trouble, she only walked through the edges of the forest, where she could still see the main road and her family taking pictures of cute animals while her brothers jokingly fought with each other.


She spotted a family of deer deeper in the forest, and she couldn’t possibly pass this opportunity to look at them closer, so she walked on. They didn’t run away, but they did walk further the closer she got.


Yearning to see them up-close, she pressed on, looking back every so often to make sure she wasn’t too far. But at some point, she forgot everything but the family of deer in front of her until they ran away out of her sight. When she turned back, there were nothing but trees surrounding her.


Okay, don’t panic, she told herself. She was sure she was going on a straight line, so all she had to do was walk the opposite way, right? So she did.


She couldn’t help but look at some stunning colorful flowers and fungi growing at the base of some of the trees; so many colors blending with each other. She shook her head, not allowing herself to be captivated by them. But why not? It’s not like she’d get lost when she was sure the road was just ahead. Plus, she had never seen anything so beautiful before and surely, she wouldn’t get the chance again for who knows how long.


The smell captivated her more and more by the second, like she was in a trance, one with the forest. Why was I walking this way again? Oh well, I’ll just take a look and sniff at those flowers over here.


After a couple minutes, her mind came back to her and her heart started pounding. Her wavy black hair stuck to the back of her neck with sweat. Oh oh, what have I done? Mom and dad will be worried sick! Or will they even notice?  


A sound snapped her out of her thoughts; several crunchy leaves and branches breaking on the ground, by someone’s big foot. She came out from behind a tree and looked to where the sound came from. She halted immediately, and so did the creature a couple meters away from her.   


“Don’t look at me!” the creature shouted, but it was too late. It covered its face with its big stone-like hands in what seemed like shame.


Lyla couldn’t help but stare in fascination without motion. The thing must be three times her small size, its eyes glowing golden; why hide them if they were so beautiful?


The creature lowered its hands slowly, opening one eye at a time. “You… haven’t turned to ashes yet.” His deep voice cracked like he hadn’t used it in ages.


“I…” she couldn’t bring herself to talk.


“I’ve been looking for someone like you for an eternity!” he stood up straight, smiling from ear to ear. Wait… he didn’t have any ears. He was smiling widely. “Everyone who looks into my eyes turn to ashes because they have darkness in their heart and soul. But you… you’re so pure. You have to help me!”


Lyla was lost. Help him? She was the one who needed help getting back to her family. But… what if they didn’t even notice she was gone anyway? If her heart and soul were so pure, she just couldn’t turn down helping a person stuck in such a state.


“But what can I do?” she asked, barely audible.


The being beamed. “It’s a long story. Come sit with me and I’ll tell you everything.”


She followed without hesitation.

© 2021 MelGo30~

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Added on January 6, 2021
Last Updated on January 6, 2021
Tags: Fantasy, forest, kid, monster, creature, cursed



I just want to put words in pages and make it worth reading. Hope you enjoy my random stories! Feel free to give me feedback on any of my pieces. more..

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A Story by MelGo30~