Balloon Journey (Way Up There)

Balloon Journey (Way Up There)

A Poem by Melissa Kesead

My head floated up into a cloud

My hand tied to a balloon so loud

With polka dots of green and blue

Red, tangerine and purple too


It pulled me up into the sky

I didn’t stop to question why

Just zip and whoop and I was gone

There wasn’t time to even yawn


My mother raced across the park

It’s too bad it was getting dark

The sunset blared across the sea

And lit up my balloon and me


Mother shouted as sunlight sank

I barely heard her yelling “Hank!”

Over the ocean, pretty and clear

I saw my reflection way up here


Wind blew in from south of town

Threatening to knock us down

Blew us over poles and cable

I held on but barely able


I looked down at trees and people

Scarcely missed the church’s steeple

Over Mrs. Creiger’s car

Hey look there’s a shooting star


I see policemen chasing me

Whoops, missed the top of Nana’s tree

A fire truck’s racing down the lane

I see some lightening, will it rain?


Over the brand new putt putt course

Over a cow and spotted horse

Blowing over a field of wheat

I wish that I could have a seat


My arm is tired and so am I

I’m hungry for some cherry pie

When will this darn thing lose air?

The string is showing signs of wear



The firemen take a stand at First

I hope they don’t expect the worst

A sharpshooter is standing by

His rifle held up to his eye


They’re going to shoot me down I think

I feel my stomach start to sink

The big round hoop has been deployed

My spirits suddenly are buoyed


A thunder boom, a lightening crack

I feel the wind whip up my back

All the sudden I am falling

I think I hear my mother calling


Firemen rush with the safety net

Mrs. Stimson starts to fret

Down I fall with rushing speed

I hope that I don’t break or bleed


Thud! I land hard in the mesh

It cuts into my pudgy flesh

Thankfully I’m safe and sound

Carefully I kiss the ground


Mother races through the crowd

Cheers go out, raucous and loud

Happily we make our way home

I hold Mom’s hand, no need to roam


Looking high up in the sky

I can’t help but wonder why

Out of all the things to hit today

Why the lightening came my way


Was it fortune or cosmic chance?

Or just a lucky happenstance?

Perhaps it was a goddesses boon

That choose a boy and his balloon


Whatever the case I’m glad I’m found

I like it down here on the ground

It sure was neat though, in the air

Things sure look different, way up there

© 2009 Melissa Kesead

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A wonderful journey shared in the journey. Always great wonder in the eyes of the child. Perfect ending to the amazing poetry. I do like happy endings.

Posted 1 Year Ago

So cute! I wish I could write poems! I enjoyed reading this!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I found this passionate, uplifting and above all, desperately needed for children. They can learn meaning, rhythm and rhyme just by enjoying this. Perfect. Hope you make a book and let me see. I'll buy it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Great poem for kids!!! Reminds me of the family who claimed their kid was in a weather ballon in USA last year!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Wow what an amazing ride! I loved it. It had like a child's storybook appeal. Great work with the details and floating us over such neat imagery. **Applaud!** I'm a fan!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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LOVE IT!! I was floating up there with you the whole time. I could even hear mom yelling. Very Good!!
Keep Sharing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Melissa Kesead
Melissa Kesead

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