Writing Prompts & Detailed Sentences

Writing Prompts & Detailed Sentences

A Story by Rose

Hello! Need a few ideas on what to write? It's okay! We all get stuck sometimes! I'll share some ideas I've had for dialog ideas and writing prompt ideas! Feel free to take and use what you please!

Hello! Do you need or want some ideas to get those creative brain juices flowing? Well I have some dialog and writing prompts that are free for your use! Take whatever you please! After all, writers must help each other! If you have some prompts you'd like to share, be my guest! I'd love to hear some ideas! A large, massive, online brainstorming! Anyways, here are some of mine!

The screams echoed, not even sirens could create such sounds.

The edges of her lips curled ever so slightly, forming a gentle, yet unsettling smile.

She traced her fingers against the cold stone. Every mark, telling a story.

He was not a monster, no. He was something far worse, far more despicable, far more intelligent, far more capable. He was human.

She fell to her knees, the ashes burning her hands and knees. The flames around her were towering over her like a castle, like the one she burned to the ground.

A woman, about five four with red hair and blue eyes- those blue eyes, those unmistakable icy cold, blue eyes.

He lowered himself slightly, the rough rope in his hands. He looked down, his eyes widened and his breath quickened, the “Diamond” he was to retrieve, was not a real diamond, but a girl.

She stood on the edge of the castle wall, she swayed ever so gently, as if one breath would push her off.

The girl was quick, too quick for anyone else. She darted in and out of the trees faster than any human could, but I suppose that is the thing. She isn’t human.

I feel the cold stone against my neck as I turn my head slightly. I see him, my father. Disappointment and sadness fills his eyes as he raises the axe. I close my eyes and brace myself for the darkness that is sure to engulf me- but it doesn’t come.

I raise the spoon to my lips, the warm soup brings forth a warmth I haven’t felt in years. The warmth of home.

The train rumbles as it jolts forward for a brief moment, then continuing on slowly. Suddenly, something catches my eye, a blinking, one on the tracks, but it is too late. When I call out, I am interrupted by loud crashes, and then I find myself hanging off of my seat.

He wore a smile filled with innocence as he took my hand, but I knew better, that smile didn’t fool me. I knew that even the devil would tremble at his touch.

As I looked over my shoulder, I noticed his smile. It was a smile of a wolf, but it was worn by a human.

Their smiles hid more than what met the eyes of the people.

The blood curdling screams, the ones coming from the little girl’s mouth, they were not human, were they?

The man lay curled up on the floor, screaming about something. He was insane, mad, hopeless- or so they thought.

I let out a wail as a cold numbness spread throughout me. I couldn’t be saved, I was already one of them.

“Ah, what an amazing day this is going to be!” My little brother cheered as he shook me awake. His favorite day was always Saint Patrick’s day, but only because he had red hair. We walked downstairs, but both froze when we looked outside. Other houses around ours were in ruins, smoldering, too. No leprechaun’s luck could save us now.

He looked to the ground, his eyes filled with the deepest sadness. Guilt washed over me like a wave. I watched his frown slowly transformed into a smile, then into a wolfish grin. I backed up slightly, but I continued to watch out of curiosity. He looked up, his head slightly tilted, which just added to the eeriness surrounding him. His eyes were crazed, but also- bloodthirsty? Yes. How a wild animal looks when it is hungry.

I extended my cold hand towards the light, my breath slowly fading from me. As my last seconds of breath disappear, I am thrusted up onto a large rock. I look around, nervous, jittery, and weak. I was in the ocean, but how? One moment ago I was just in my bed.

All of the other kids have their fuzzy, warm, inviting imaginary friends, but mine? Mine is a silhouette that drips with death, and with sorrow. It lurks in the darkest corners of my room, and when it talks to me, it speaks of promises and secrets.

Isn’t it odd? A handshake can be so many things. It can do so many things. It can be the start of peace, or friendships, maybe even wars. But in this case? It unlocked an ancient seal that was unbeknownst to me until five seconds ago.

© 2020 Rose

Author's Note

If you have any ideas that you'd like to share, and don't mind other people using, feel free to share and use what you'd like!

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Nice. Lots of these grab my attention. There's a few I could imagine using. Maybe I will one day, if that's alright. Thanks.

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Thank you so very much! Have a splendid day! ❤️
And here are some prompts/story ideas for you Rose. If you like them then feel free to develop them into full stories or knock off your own ideas from them:

Come taste these lovely scones that I baked just for you today, dearie,' said Grandma, spite and evil glittering in her eyes.

On a mountaineering expedition, close buddies, Mike and Jake stood dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. Mike shivered as he peered at the valley, a 1000 meters below. 'No one could survive this fall' he thought. He turned back to find Jake walking towards him with a strange look on his face.

Lauren sat in the park, lost in her grief. Was it fall already? How time flew! It was six months and she hadn't stopped missing him for a moment. A soft, furry touch shook her from her reverie. She opened her eyes and stared in shock. A golden little puppy was nuzzling up to her. It had the eyes of her dead boyfriend Sam.

The train was deserted that day and the only passenger other than her was a strange looking man dressed in shabby working clothes sitting a few seats away. She looked at him idly was struck by a bizarre dark spot on his forehead. She looked closely and to her horror she realized it was an eye. The rman was smiling at her now.

'Dinner's ready', mum shouted and the three little kids came running to the table. Hungry and expecting the special dinner they were promised tonight. They licked their lips voraciously, their eyes lighting up when mum took out a perfectly baked human baby from the oven.

'What are friends for' said Rose, tearfully hugging her friend, digging her claws deep into her neck.

Ecstatic, the man wept tears of joy. This was the happiest day of his life. He got both the job he so coveted and the woman he so loved. It couldn't get better than this, he thought blissfully. He took out his silver pistol and blew his brains out.

Susan couldn't help staring at the hideous woman in the store. Repulsed, she quickly averted her eyes. Thankful, she wasn't that woman. Reaching home, she switched on the lights and went to shower. She peered in the mirror and screamed. The hideous woman looked back from the mirror and smiled.

'You, my boy, can stay back for detention today, said Miss Crowley and then she chained Sam and threw him into a pit infested with snakes.

She was a girl who loved iron bars and straitjackets. She sucked on her meds like lollies and had electric shocks for treats.

There are so many things in my life that I wish were radically opposite to what they are. Sometimes, I wish to get inside a mirror where everything would be exactly opposite to what it is in real life.

The trees in that cemetery silently wept every night with the little girl who came out of her grave and wept for her mum.

I can never be killed. I am truly immortal. My body harbors only a sliver of my soul. Most of it I keep in a parrot.

Which girl would you be? The one with emerald eyes who can read minds or the one with turquoise eyes who can foresee things...?

P.S. Keep it up ! Its great to exchange ideas! 🤗

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


1 Week Ago

Wow these are absolutely stunning! I would absolutely love to write using some of these if you don't.. read more

1 Week Ago

They are all yours Rose. Penned just for you. You are welcome and keep writing your fab stories!
Wow! This is so generous of you Rose! Sharing ideas with others is done in such great spirit and I loved a lot of them! Prompts really get me going and I look for them all the time, be it pictures, news, 10 words and much more. Just anything to spark the fuse in the brain. Since you have shared these great prompts here, I 'll surely return with some for you. This is a most delightful exercise!

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

I love your idea, which seems to be fitting since so many writers write about writers block here at the cafe. Many writers like to have ten words to help them get their mind jump-started & writing prompts are popular. At the ripe age of 64, I have NOTEBOOKS of ideas that I plan to someday write about. I can only manage to get to a tiny fraction of the ideas I think about & jot down. For me, reading others at the cafe is the main thing that gives me ideas. We can each write about the same thing in very different ways & all these different approaches makes for a fulsome exploration of an idea (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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2 Weeks Ago

That is so clever! And I definitely agree, seeing each other's writing on here definitely ignites a .. read more
THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!! I have a bunch of my own, so maybe I'll post them too! And thank you for doing this, this helps out so many people including me. I can't pick a favorite because I love all of them!

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

Thank you sooo much! I would love to see some of yours! ❤️

2 Weeks Ago

I’ll share some soon just because you’re so generous and kind with yours! 💕

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