Garden of the Poisoned Roses

Garden of the Poisoned Roses

A Story by Rose

I had a dream about this... Lol


I have heard word of a garden filled with roses. Some say these roses make this garden just as beautiful as the Garden of Eden. I’d say not, though. This garden is far more beautiful. Just touch the roses as you will see. You’ll feel the rose’s poison seep into your veins, and it will all be over. There’s no pain. And so you see, this garden keeps itself watered and fed, by the fools who enter and drop dead.

Now all this death may distance the weak hearted. But you see, human curiosity is a powerful thing, so no wonder so many never leave this garden.

Now you seem smart, let’s see if you live, and remember, don’t touch the roses.

So as you enter this garden you feel in a trace. The white and red roses dot the whole entrance. 

But you still remember the warning, don’t dare touch the roses. So you continue on your way, weaving in and out of hedges that beg you to stay. But listen to their begs, you do not, and you continue on your way.

With what seems a long while, you’re tired and your mind is fragile, so you decide to sit a while. You’re sure not to touch the roses, as you sit within this enclosed hedge of said roses. After sitting a while, you hear cries coming from not but a few twists and turns away.

So you race and race and come upon a large rose bush, a woman lying on the ground, and as you reach down to help her, you hear a sound. The rose bush says it can help the girl, but it just needs a little blood. So you reach down and touch the ground and scrape a rose thorn against your hand. The woman awakes and she shakes and she shakes, but she doesn’t seem very grateful. Now you see, as you look around, nothing but thorns and roses. Then you see your old body sprawled out across the ground.

It seems you have become what you were told not to touch, isn’t irony a beautiful thing?

© 2020 Rose

Author's Note

I hope you like my weird dream turned into a story! LoL I also hope you had a great week!

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This is nicely balanced between feeling like a dream & also feeling like a story. There's a ton of symbolism here which could be played out for days. Becoming what we're told not to become. Just that one idea imparts many layers of meaning. Jumping into the wild boil of living & we always bleed, transform, & come out looking & feeling very different. The only thing that felt a little weird to me is that you tell this story by using the pronoun "you" -- I think it could be more powerful written in first person ("I") especially since that's a logical way to describe a dream (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 12 Months Ago

This sounds so good and so professional! Absolutely amazing and breathtaking, and each word is obviously very carefully thought out. A brilliant idea to write down your dream like this! I absolutely love having dreams and checking out the different meanings of them! I hope you have a great week as well, and are doing good! Thank you for sharing this piece of art!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Nice dream Rose
Enjoyed the walk around the garden
Found it tempting
Couldn't help comparing the poison roses with poppies
Really good read

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you very much! I hope you have a day as awesome as yourself!

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Added on November 5, 2020
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