A Poem by Maria

Getting things off my mind...

I am tired of this s**t!
My voice goes unheard,
my opinion is not important...

And so they all think,
they can f**k with me,
but they are so wrong!

They smell like s**t,
eat like pigs and 
barely do anything,
but he lets them in.

I am tired of this s**t!
Their voices, their crazy talk,...
Hate seeing their faces,
but I cannot say a thing...

Cause if I do, he might die,
so its best someone else make 
him die...

Cannot stand this s**t!
I want to kill them, 
with my bare hands,
and if not torture them 
ever so slowly, and make them
regret every word and action...

But I am not a real killer,
yet I think of it within my head,
so I wonder if I am s**t too,
Maybe so, yet not like them!

Tired of all this s**t,
 want it over with,
done with, they need to
leave, and take their s**t with them!

© 2018 Maria

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Added on June 26, 2018
Last Updated on June 26, 2018



Fairfax, VA

I write from my heart, soul and mind. Sharing both past and present trials, that I have faced and or am facing. I believe strongly in God and the Bible, yet I respect everyone's views. I myself am no.. more..

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