{Therapy Poetics}

{Therapy Poetics}

A Poem by Spiral Panda

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{ Bleed me a dream,

paint me a picture,

heart balloons,

luminous sprinkles,

show me the scars

on your wrists,

show me the bruises

from where you were hit. }


The genie trinkets your

most wanted wishes to grant,

the stairways of that heart

tell you where to go and

where you can’t.


{ I know inside

you fear exists,

but music is for us,

suicide saviors

whisper to the lost,

lurking in the dark

light chasers stand. }


As chaotic as it all

comes you still matter.

If you run and hear the

winds taking you to self

it’s a meaningful rhythm

of pitter patter.


{ Brilliant beings touch my life,

lift me up and end my strife.

Hurtful memories

bled on white paper,

words of the broken

are words of the fighter. }


Lighthouse comfort,

tumbleweed drifter,

lightening daffodil,

sunshine blossoms

and lonely scares,

you’re a brave little

spirit alive to the fullest

with skies of conversation

& world at hand disgust cares.

Marching ants & handsome awares,

My little trumpet, cautious of stares.


{ A storybook filled with yesterday tears,

tell the beginnings that everyone hears.

Your pain isn’t worth the end of a life.

Who are you? Save my soul.

Love your scars.

Suddenly a brilliance fills the sky,

the universe will stare as you won’t die. }


Seashells and twirling grips,

pen inked stereo and word slips,

reacher outer of curler stories,

resonating in planet summed,

a cloud all her own is la la

content in her head as glummed.


{ Music box melodies, lyrical remedies,

piano crescendo, intermingled bow,

endless fireflies. }


Ringing a departure,

but the thanks I have onward delves.

Many times your name in the fame hall

sits beside my own notebooks of therapy

poetics glistening sharply on

my too glitter shelves.


© 2011 Spiral Panda

Author's Note

 Spiral Panda
For http://www.writerscafe.org/SupernovaSavior.
I’ve divided this poem into several sections, the parenthesis are poems of hers in pieces I loved most, and the bold are my statements from various poems I’ve previously written to this person plus some other words. I hope it’s not a disappointment, me putting in a lot of lines from already seen by you poems I made you, for my parts, but I’ve always kind of wanted to do this, see it this way displayed since I’ve made new.

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Posted 11 Years Ago

You are a great friend. And it is things like this that show it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Good. Nice job.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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This is great. I'm sure she'll love it. =]

Posted 11 Years Ago

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 Spiral Panda
Spiral Panda

St. Clair, MO

Supernovas especially endure shivers. I’m reasoning with my thoughts. ~ This page is strictly for the dedication poems of mine in a vast abundance. ~ [ Kind words .. more..