{Raccoon Quiver}

{Raccoon Quiver}

A Poem by Spiral Panda

I wrote this for someone. Originally we were going to write this together, but things changed. It was her ordeal today in this rhyme, but many relate.







The scars bleed,

the glow diminishes,

nothingness watches,

lengthy agendas argue,

the armada picks the untrue.


{ Cutting can be
solved by therapy.
Talking to

someone can help.
Your problems
aren’t that extreme.
You’re too young
to know Hell.}


By age 8 even I bet

I could’ve outlived you,

but go ahead,

embellish in what you

honestly think of me

that is the untrue.


What cures me are random

therapeutic smiles and

stature invincibilities.

Mary Make-Believe was

my counsel, as discussed,

that didn’t succeed far,

the blue moon thunder

peeled off the

safety part of crust.


{ I understand.
You need to

know that you’re

alive so you cause
pain in order to feel. }


Who are you to judge

the scars on my wrist?

Old and faded, worn to blink,

I’m actually bothered

by what you think.

If you don’t understand

let me explain the pain in words,

that’s the saving me I never before got.

Oh, I own these words, every piece,

I’m so far past the

rebound cutter brink.

Cutting doesn’t initialize savior,

you’re correct in that assume,

but it’s so much more

than a broken link.

When I did what I did

it was all I had.


Cutter kids, maybe they should fall,

comments add the please to asking.

Faking understand to the never read,

let’s report to deadly judge dread.


{ There are ways other than cutting

to know you’re alive in this world.

Stop complaining of the minors.

If you want to be remembered

be remembered for a life. }


My life is through my proposals.

My dreams are my escape.

My heart is my valley.

I’ll disappear washed away

by the strongest tears,

I’ll change the way of

the equation squabbles.

The life I’ll let people remember

is tainted in divisions, wondrous,

depends on the define, sinful,

it’s my time to shine.


This is my life, expressed,

provocatively simmered,

believe in the glam



Appreciative of concerns

helpfully addressed,

disapproving of the drones.

I can only be me as me

and I’m not interested in

the throw of harmful stones.

Insult my intelligence,

batter the bruised,

I’m standing, last word,

you’re not, identify the phones.


© 2011 Spiral Panda

Author's Note

 Spiral Panda
It was her ordeal today in this rhyme but certain parts are strictly me. The "Mary Make-Believe" line of my own therapy experience once upon a memory, seeing as how I'm the writer, that's how it had to be or else it might be dull and not as intended.

You know what bothers me about people who make any type of remarks about cutting that tend to come off in vibe as judgmental and slightly false ego assumptuous? It's how most have never even been in that position to hold a blade and press down to their flesh but they feel so empowered for whatever reason to preach a gospel on self-love. It's okay for anyone to speak out about these such subjects, in my book, as long as it's meaningful and worth hearing to provide that better outlet, but certain statements just further prolong the depression and in my eyes deserve the real condemn, not the cutter. It's almost to where I wish to slap someone when they make the direct remark that a depressed person needs professional therapy. For one, that's rude, and two, therapy such as that kind doesn't work unless the patient initiates going, if forced they won't speak or they will deliberately sabotage the sessions if they do too early. What everyone needs is to L-E-A-R-N. Pain is valuable only when you take a good lesson, and people are only worth listening to as I said, when they're reasonable in argument spoken nicely. If you're an a'hole when you comment somebody in an intervention you won't get result. You cant sugarcoat statements and then at the end drop a bomb on calling the person stupid for their choice stemming from the never was a choice situation, and then expect the person not to freak out on you just a tiny bit when a reaction has a mountain. Realize that for every cutter, every suicidal victim hospitilized in their mind to action, you yourself could've had a part in bringing them to cherishing the blood spills. We've all got some blood on our hands of variety, the question is, how deep is yours, and can you apologize?


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Awesomeness :3

Posted 9 Years Ago

=] I liked it. Thank you. Going into my favorites!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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