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Say You'll Never Tell

Say You'll Never Tell

A Poem by MetBySunlight

"I don't cut to die, I cut to feel alive."


Wipe those tears, dear,

And lower that blade

Firm your grip,

Before it all fades

I know you’ve been here before

As your head hit the cold-hearted floor,

I can’t let you do this to yourself.


“If I cut too deep, then let me be…”


It’s been six years

And she still sees red

All she is, is all her fears

In the windy roads ahead,

Where will you go?


It’s an addiction, but they cannot understand

The feeling you get when the blade’s in your right hand

“Maybe if I go too far, it’ll all be okay.”

Does it really seem easier that way?


When there’s dark in the summer,

When each time is a little bit deeper,

The rush gets a little more…

When nights get a little colder

And your heart grows a little older,

The rush gets a little more (bolder).


“…say you’ll never ever tell a soul.”


Her wrists still bleed

From the years of scars

So innocent it seems,

Swimming in the sky!


I’m not going to lie; I’ve seen better days,

But I can’t let you do this to yourself.

© 2014 MetBySunlight

Author's Note

First poem I've written in a year.
Cutting is an addiction. Like smoking, alcohol, drugs, caffeine. You don't feel complete without it. It makes you feel better. It calms you down. It relieves stress.
I started when I was twelve and I am now eighteen... but it's been three months since I last did it :D

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Always good to read your words. I understand addiction. Cutting, drinking and drugs make us feel like kings for a moment and alive. I don't know what true sanity is. Today I'm working myself to death for a family with little concern. I miss the days when I was free to drink, roam and do as I pleased. I never had been a cutter. I tested life free-climbing and suicide boarding the sea. All of us need a edge of a sort. Some good and some bad. I believe we must find better ways than harming ourselves. I hope all is well with you. Thank you for the excellent poetry.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 2, 2014
Last Updated on March 2, 2014
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