A Reason To Live.

A Reason To Live.

A Story by MetBySunlight


  And what if I die tomorrow? Will I go unnoticed? Locked in my room, how long till they realise? Music on repeat- sounds of soft pen scribbling, anxious words in confident ink...

  My pain can never be erased. Happiness is written in pencil, and inhumanity is just an eraser. Tattoo your name into my heart, so I am forever reminded of how much hurt you brought... I am holding a needle tied with a thread of black string, ready to stich my broken heart, ready to mend my broken DREAMS.

  But why can't I do the first puncture? This needle must be blunt, as blunt as the razor I used to end my anger for just one second.

  Poor my crimson red over your eyes but you're already blind. Your face is haunting and I'm covered in a dark veil, hiding myself from the world, hiding my pain, because if they really cared, then they would have noticed by now. That my pain is unbearable, I can't mend my own heart. My dreams will not come true, they're just miracles that will never be released.

  When everything bottles up, the smallest touch can make someone break down, and they give the most pointless reason for their pain, wishing to tell the truth, wishing someone would look into their eyes and know their torture. But humans are blind; we only see what is in our own mind. We only learn what we want ourselves to see. 

  So why is living so difficult? It's not that hard to breathe, but it is easier when someone is by your side.

  Scribbling anxious words that will never be released, but you should stand up and speak out; I promise you everything will be OK. Lower that razor that is gripped tightly in your palm and just close your eyes... Because I promise you, everything will be OK!

  To accept others, first you must accept yourself.

  To say that everyone is beautiful, first you must be convinced you are beautiful, too.

  Have scars? Don't cover them in make-up. Scars are truth; they are a thousand words, holding their own little book. Eventually make-up will become your flaw, natural flaws are beautiful, they are what make you, you. Don't regret the past as you are blindly admitting you don't like who you are. Don't listen to disapproving glares, YOU ARE WORTH IT.

  There will be a girl or a boy who will enter your life, and they will stay forever. Someone is made for you, and only YOU! You will LOVE EACH OTHER and ACCEPT EACH OTHER.

  Just remember, you are beautiful no matter what... other people say. Whether you have cuts or burns, and maybe you're not as tall as all the other kids, or maybe you are taller than everyone in your class and so what if you're not the skinniest girl at your school, or the strongest boy?



  There are over six billion humans on Earth, someone loves you, and someone accepts you.


  There is always a reason to smile. Things will change for the best; pain is not 24/7. All you need to do is seek help in someone who you can trust, and someone who you know will help you and not judge you. If you know of someone, or think you know someone who seems to be going through rough waters, reach them and give them your honest heart. It's amazing what one person can do to change another person's life.

  You are never alone.





© 2019 MetBySunlight

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Added on November 15, 2011
Last Updated on October 25, 2019
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