A Dream

A Dream

A Story by Chinmay Nagrale

This story happened to me as a dream. Parts of this story might be supernatural or something, but hey, it’s after all a dream. I don’t really remember every part of it, but I’ll try my best.


Midnight with full moon and a sky full of stars. We 4 guys, me, my younger brother, Shardul, Raj & Kaushik, at the terrace of our building, passing time by, by playing UNO. Suddenly we see an UFO. We first didn’t believe our eyes. Then, we were aimed we thought, and it was true. It then shoot a beam, which didn’t hurt us, instead it passed us by our sides. Nothing happened, and we panickly ran inside our houses.

Next few days, we were on a stakeout, to check out the UFO again. But unfortunately, nothing that we could see. We were disappointed and sad. And for the next few months, we didn’t see that thing again. We’d lost all hopes to finding it again.

During summer, I used to open all my windows due to the heat. Suddenly, I woke up of thirst. I went to kitchen and took a snack and juice. After I was finished to that, I was about to sleep, I see the same UFO. I was staring at it, trying my best to see what does it look like and everything, suddenly, it shot the beam like the last time. I called up all my friends and woke my brother up.

Next thing happened was, one of the alien was left on earth. Being able to change to any type of living creature, he changes to dog, cat, etc. just to follow us. Surprisingly or I don’t know how, it entered my room as a huge whale (Thanks to my creativity) splashing water on us. And then it comes back to its original form, being able to speak English, he uses is weirdly watered mouth, “We want to cause no harm, and we just came here in search of “Oreo” and will leave after we’d enough of supplies.”


I really don’t know what happened next, ‘cuz I woke up and the next thing I do is, tell this story to my younger brother and we both laughed like crazy just like you might’ve.

© 2016 Chinmay Nagrale

Author's Note

Chinmay Nagrale
Don't be too harsh, I'm just a teen who likes to write stories.

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Added on February 27, 2016
Last Updated on February 27, 2016
Tags: Comic, Dream, Short Story


Chinmay Nagrale
Chinmay Nagrale

Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

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