Watching the stars

Watching the stars

A Poem by Micco Gibson

Another romantic poem


Laying upon a grassy hillside

We stare up at the moon

Waves softly rolling by

As we listen to the night's tune


Crickets playing their soft song

The wind rustling the trees

We hold hands in the night

Listening to sounds like these


This time we have spent together

It seems to go by so fast

That day two months ago

Doesn't seem so long passed


The time I spent watching, waiting

Wondering if I even had a chance

I didn't know you were thinking the same

Looking for an opportunity at romance


Finally we came together

Decided to become a pair

Today it has made me so happy

That together we made it there


So as we lay there

Side by side

We watch a shooting star pass

Taking its own nightly ride


I turn to you

Look into your eyes

There I see the stars dancing

Without earthly ties


"We could be like those stars"

I say, "floating without a care

Sometimes I already feel that way

I think I'm already there"


While we watch the stars

Upon our grassy hill

Little do we know that

They watch us as well


This is how they see us

One boy, one girl

Laying on a green hill

They watch our story continue to unfurl.

© 2010 Micco Gibson

Author's Note

Micco Gibson
I've already revised it a little bit from it's original, and I think I got it down. Any comments/critiques would be greatly appreciated.

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what i would give for a love like that:) great poem!

Posted 11 Years Ago

The last line made it seem as if the boy and the girl were stars in the sky XD
I think it's a really sweet poem. It seems like one of those sweet courtship romances that only ever happens during teenage years. *sigh*
I can sense the happiness from the poem, it oozing out from between the lines.
Great job. I hope to read more of your writes :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 29, 2010
Last Updated on April 29, 2010


Micco Gibson
Micco Gibson


Hey there, happy that someone is reading this. :) My name is Micco. I've always loved reading, and decided at a young age that I liked writing too. I could write long stories, but they didn't have a v.. more..

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