Part 1: Discovery Chapter 1: A day in the life...

Part 1: Discovery Chapter 1: A day in the life...

A Chapter by Michael Huffam

Introduction to life of Devin Knight and Dante Karr, and the beginning of their new life.



14 years ago, Mystic, Connecticut…



Night time. The time where the sun is gone and darkness covers the land. Many people believed for many years that hellish creatures come out and terrorize the land. Today, that is some what true. Night is the time for criminals come out and do their devilish deeds. When they see an innocent person in the road, they will take advantage of that person and steal from them. Many people have a natural fear of the darkness of night.


The boy inside his room in a house of Mystic is a perfect example. Every night he would go to his room to sleep, but would never fall asleep, fearing a monster would attack and eat him. Every little creak and click he would flinch. His everyday objects would look like terrifying creatures because of their shadows. The boy heard a strange bump and he clinched his blankets, eyes beginning to water.


“MOMMY! DADDY!” He screamed over and over, tears pouring out of his eyes. The door opened swiftly, with a beautiful young woman racing to the boy’s bed. She put the boy in her arms, stroking his head, telling him to hush with her soft voice.


“What’s wrong, my dear? Did something scare you?” she asked her voice smooth as silk.


“The monster is going to get me! He wants to eat me!” said the boy, choking on his tears.


A man walked into the room and turned on the lights. The so called monster the boy was pointing at was actually his dresser. The man went over to the boy’s bed, kneels down to the boy’s eyesight, and said in a harsh voice “There’s no reason to be afraid of things that isn’t there. There’s no such thing as monsters. Nothing will hurt you in this house. Remember that Devin Knight. Nothing will hurt you… ever.”




                          *                         *                           *




Mystic, Connecticut. Present Day



Devin Nathaniel Knight wakes up every day the same way. No need for an alarm clock, he wakes up at 6 o’clock on the dot every day. He gets up from his bed and high fives the lead singer of his favorite band on a poster on his wall that has his hand opened in the poster. He then goes into his bathroom and does his daily morning routines; take a shower, brush his teeth, floss, and rinse his mouth with mouthwash. After he’d done all of his routines he glanced into the mirror for a couple minutes to see if looks like the way he wants to for the day. He looked at his hair, which was long enough to cover his forehead. He was always confused of what his hair color was. People called it brown, but it was a very bright brown. If it as someone mixed the color of a bright blond and brown and made it his hair color. It was just a very light brown color he decided, and brushed his hair so his bangs were combed to the side of his forehead. He then gazed into his eyes, which were such a unique color. It was green, but a sparkling green. His mother called it ‘emerald green’. He has always liked his eye color. He then went back into his room and got on darken jeans and a band t-shirt of a band no one probably ever heard of.


He then went downstairs to see his mother cooking breakfast. She was making homemade waffles today. She saw Devin come into the kitchen and smiled at him. She didn’t look much different than she did when Devin was a little boy. She still had young looks but her red hair faded over the years. Devin went over to her and kissed his mother on the cheek.


“Is Dante up yet Devin?” She asked.


Devin smacked himself in the head. He totally forgot to wake up Dante, since he’s a heavy sleeper and can’t get up by his alarm clock alone. He quickly went upstairs to wake him up. Dante is not Devin’s brother; he’s his father’s Godson. Dante’s parents died about six months ago and he started living at his house. He wasn’t annoyed by it at all. Dante Karmichael was Devin’s best friend. They’ve known each other since they were three years old, right when they both started karate. They’ve been best friends ever since.


Devin raced upstairs and walked toward Dante’s room. He could hear the alarm clock beeping endlessly. He then opened the door and said “Wake up Picasso!”


Dante jolted out of his bed as if the room was on fire. He jolted so fast he knocked himself out of his bed. Devin snickered and said “Get dress, Mom’s making waffles,”


“Hmmm…. Belgium waffles?” he groaned out.


“Nope, just plain old American waffles. Hurry up; I don’t want my waffles getting cold because of you.”


Devin then took a final look around Dante’s room. Everywhere on the wall were sketches of Dante’s drawings. Devin keeps forgetting that Dante puts up at least three new ones a night. Dante can never stop drawing, painting, and/or sketching. Devin looked at the one Dante was working on last night, which was on his drawing stand. It was a painting of a war going on. It was set in the medieval times, with white armored knights slashing at other knights that had black metal armor. It looked like something out of a museum. Hopefully one day Dante can make a name for him and become a famous artist, thought Devin. If he doesn’t get into anymore trouble that is.


Dante went downstairs wearing darken jeans (stolen from Devin’s room, no doubt), an interesting graphic t-shirt, and a carmine leather jacket that once belonged to his father. The two things he always brings with him in his arms: a sketchbook and a drawing kit for the sketchbook. His backpack was already in the living room, homework finished and double checked. Dante ruffled with his dark hair, making it look messy and ‘unique’ he tells everyone, especially the cowlick on the right side of his forehead. Devin saw the mischievous look in Dante’s honey brown eyes and said “Use a freaking comb for once!” Dante chuckled and tapped Devin on the shoulder with his fist.


“So you boys ready for the homecoming dance? You boys must be bringing someone, right?” asked Devin’s Mom.


“I’m thinking about asking one of the girls in my art class to go with me, but Devin is too scared to ask a particular girl. Isn’t that right Devin?” said Dante while chewing one of his waffle pieces.


“Shut up Dante!” Devin hissed at Dante and looked down at his waffles, eating them silently.


“Oh honey you shouldn’t be afraid of asking anyone to a dance, handsome boy like yourself!” Devin’s Mom said to encourage him.


“Yeah whatever…” muttered Devin before he took another bite of his waffle.


“Who is he afraid to ask out Dante?” whispered Devin’s Mom.


“MOM!” snapped Devin.


Dante ignored him and said “Danielle Swifter. You remember her right? She came over here one time.”


Devin’s Mom face became ecstatic “Oh Devin you’ve known her for years! There’s nothing wrong asking a beautiful girl like her! Although I think she needs to change her hair color. Why not...”


“Oh leave the boy alone Helen!” said a man coming into the kitchen. It was Devin’s father (who likes to be called by Morgan for some reason). He was in his mechanic clothes on today. Morgan works at an auto sales workshop a couple blocks away. He’s a mechanic during the week and a salesman on the weekend.


“Devin will ask her to the dance whenever he seems comfortable, right son?” asked Morgan.


“Yeah, sure Morgan…” said Devin looking down at his waffles, using his fork to fiddle with them.


“You boys better get going! You might hit traffic if you don’t out of here soon”


Devin looked at the clock. It was forty-five minutes before they had to get to school. Why would Morgan think they would be late if we hit traffic for a twenty minute drive to school?


“Okay… let’s go Dante; we don’t want to be late.” said Devin going along with Morgan.


Dante took one big piece of his waffle, got his backpack and headed out the door saying “Bye Helen! Bye Morgan! See you tonight!” on his way out. Devin grabbed his backpack and went over to his Mom and gave her a kiss goodbye and waved to Morgan. “See you tonight Morgan.”


“Call me when you get out of school, got it young man?” instructed Morgan.


Devin nodded and was on his way out the door. Before he left Helen said Devin’s name and went over to him, her soft hands touching Devin’s face. “Devin sweetie… Don’t be afraid to do anything that seems right to you okay? Don’t be afraid of anything in general! Just be brave and not fear anything the world throws at you! Understand Devin?”


“Okay…?” Devin said confused if she was talking about asking Danielle out or talking about life in general. Helen smiled and gave Devin a kiss on the forehead and told him “Goodbye Devin…” and let him go out the door. Devin went over to Dante’s old used Ford and got in his car, with Dante waiting to hit the road. “You okay? You look like someone gave a riddle you can’t figure out.”


“No, no that’s not it. My Mom went all ‘life-lesson’ on me. It was a little unexpected…”


“Ah that’s how Mom’s are! Now let’s get to school so I can work on my painting before my class starts.”


“What are you painting anyways? When I went to get you yesterday it looked like a fire or something?” said Devin while Dante driving out into the road.


“I don’t know… I’m just going with the flow. I just pictured something burning but I just got to the flames so far. Who knows what it will turn out to be when I’m finished?” Dante said with a laugh at the end.


Dante turned on the radio and punk rock music was blasting throughout the car. Dante turned down the volume and said “Jeez Devin, Who are these guys you are listening to?”


“They call themselves ‘The Poet’s Pen’. They are pretty good and might make it big one day.”


“The Poet’s Pen eh? Those guys must be gay. No straight guys would call themselves that.”


“Really now? So what would straight guys call themselves then Dante?”


“I don’t know… ‘Bloody Knuckles’ would be a great band name!”


“Yeah, ‘cause Straight guys have to call themselves something violent or perverted right? They call themselves that because that’s what songwriters are: poets!


“Whatever. So tell me, how come it’s so hard to ask Danielle, someone you’ve known for five years, to homecoming?”


Devin turned the music back up loudly, trying to ignore Dante’s question. Dante turned down the music back down and said “Come on Devin it can’t be that hard! You go up to her and start a conversation and say ‘By the way, you want to go to Homecoming with me?’ Simple as that!”


Devin just shrugged and said “Fear of rejection? Fear of losing a friend and making things awkward? The list goes on and on dude.”


Don’t be afraid to do anything that seems right to you okay? Don’t be afraid of anything in general! Just be brave and don’t fear anything the world throws at you! Understand Devin?


“You know what Dante? You’re right.” Said Devin with confidence.


Devin could see Dante’s eyes widened. “Excuse me? Did you just say ‘I’m right?’


Devin nodded and said “Yeah, It is simple as that. All I got to do is ask her. It’s not like it’s going to be the end of the world if I don’t ask her right?”


“That’s what I’ve been telling you this whole time bro! About time you listen to m.” said Dante and sat back on the seat and they listened to The Poet’s Pen. They made it to Mystic High School a couple minutes after Devin getting his self-esteem up. They parked in the middle of the parking lot. Just as Dante parked his car and a new pick up truck came jolting in the spot next to them, with big buff guys whooping and yelling some kind of chant. Devin sighed.  Not these guys again, thought Devin. Please let them not say anything to us…


Dante and Devin got out of the car and Devin pulled Dante closed to him. When his parents died a couple months ago people thought his parents were part of a cult when they found some kind of worship place in their basement, as if they were Satan worshippers. One kid, who just parked next to them, is very religious and a football jock to add gasoline to the fire.


The boys went out of the truck and immediately saw Dante and said “Hey Devil-boy! Talked to a Nazi lately?”


Dante stopped in his tracks, his eyes starting to flare. “Just let them talked and we can talk about this with the teachers okay?” Devin whispered to Dante to calm him down. Dante nodded and continued to walk.


“So what did you parents do for a living? Daddy raped little girls and then your mom slit their throats? Or was it mommy stealing the kids and daddy butcher them?” he yelled and his friends started to snicker at the comment. Dante then dropped his things, turned around, his face burning with rage, and sprinted after the boy. When Dante was at arm’s length with the boy, the boy swung his fist at him. Dante expected it so he ducked down did a swipe kick to his feet and the boy fell down to the ground. Dante quickly got up and put his foot on the boy’s neck, immobilizing him from getting up.


One of the boy’s teammates was about to attack Dante from the back but Devin was there to grab the teammate’s arm and put him a submission arm lock.


“You will not insult my parents anymore or I might just press my foot harder for you not to breathe… understand you piece of crap?” Dante threaten.

The boy nodded as best as he could, gagging at the same time. “That goes for all of you!” shouted Devin in the parking lot. They both let go of the jocks and walked back to their backpacks. The boy got up, massaging his neck. He saw all the people giggling at him, which made him angry. He then charged after Dante and Devin and was about to make a blow to Dante’s head. Devin saw him coming when he gave Dante a pat on the back. Devin grabbed the boys arm and flipped him over with the flick of his wrist. The boy fell to the ground, the wind knocked out of him. Devin looked at Dante, who had his head turned to see what Devin did, and smirked mischievously. They both walked toward the school courtyard, waiting for the school doors to open since their fifteen minutes early. That’s what happens when you mess with two fifth degree black-belts.


As they were waiting Dante was sitting down on a bench doing breathing exercises to calm him down. Ever since his parents died he has been getting into more and more fights. Before six months ago Dante barely used his fighting skills for his own personal gain. Now whenever Dante gets himself into trouble, Devin is right there backing him up, even when he shouldn’t be. But he had to… Devin was Dante’s only friend, so he had to be by his side no matter what. Devin and Dante have stuck together all their lives, and it will continue that way as long as they can.


Devin sat down next to him and was patted his back in comfort of calming down. “Forget those a******s. They just want a reaction from you, which you’re doing a great job on that part by the way.”


“What do you want me to do? Suck it up and take it? They’re talking about my parents who haven’t done a God damn thing to anyone! You of all people know that.” Said Dante through his teeth.


“That’s right; you and I know that. As long as we know that, their names will remain untainted! What anyone else says is just a lie! You remember that, got it?”


Dante’s breathing came down when Devin told him those words of acknowledgment. Dante nodded and said “Thanks man, you always had the philosophy in this friendship!” and made a small quiet laugh. He looked over to the parking lot and grinned wildly. “Oh Devin…. I think I see your future homecoming date getting out of that car!”


Devin looked at the direction Dante was looking and saw his ‘friend’ Danielle coming out of her father’s SUV. Today Danielle was wearing a mild purple shirt with a band only she and Devin know, skinny blue jeans, and neon colored shoes. To Dante, Danielle was pretty strange to him just by what she was wearing, but to Devin she was a girl that made him freeze in his tracks due to her beauty. Not only that, but Danielle had such kindness and a heart of gold that made Devin freeze the most. He didn’t know how he could compare to that. She fixed her brunette hair with blond highlights so it was swerving to the right. She then saw Devin and Dante, waved to them, and jogged over. Devin waved back with a big grin on his face, and Dante waved back with a not so excited face. She came over to Devin and gave him an affectionate hug. Devin hugged back and she said “Hey Devin! Did you listen to that CD I burned for you?”


“Yeah, The Bus Bench has such a unique sound! How did you find them?” Devin asked.


Danielle shrugged, put a big smile on and said “Would you believe I found their CD at the local guitar shop?”


Devin’s jaw opened in astonishment and said “You’re telling me these guys are a local band? I thought these guys were a huge hit on the internet or something! Wow.”


Danielle let out a happy sigh and said “You love it that I have a great taste in music, don’t you?”

Devin let out a nervous laugh and said “Of course!”


Dante made a purpose cough, and looked at Devin giving him a look that said ‘ask her already!’ Devin then took a deep breath and said “Listen Danielle…”


Danielle looked up to Devin, her eyes looking curious and giving an inviting smile to for him to ask the question. Devin didn’t know what was making him choke on his words, but he had enough will power to say “The homecoming dance is in a few weeks, and I was wondering if we could… you know…”


Danielle then smiled very brightly, hugged Devin very tightly, kissed him on the cheek and said “I thought you would never ask. Of course I will.”


“Okay then! We’ll talk more about the details later then?” said Devin, and as he did the bell rang. Danielle giggled joyfully and said “Sure, that work for me. See you in class Devin!” she then hugged and kissed him again on the cheek again and ran to her friends ready to give them the good news. Devin could feel his face frozen in astonishment. He looked down to Dante, and Dante just shrugged, raise his lip up a bit and said, “What did I say?  All you got to do is ask! Now let’s get to class and do some masterpieces!”


“You’re the talented artist; I’m the guy who can only draw stick figures!”


Dante laughed not because Devin’s joke was funny, but because what Devin said was true. Dante has always been a great artist ever since he could pick up pencil. Some of his drawings look so real as if Dante seen it happened through his eyes.



A few hours later…


The bell rang something that Devin loved to hear after listening to meathead jocks talk about how great the foreign girl’s body was. He went to his locker and attempt to open his locker but his lock was not cooperating with him. “Come on! Open!


And just like that the lock clicked and the locker door opened up automatically. Devin was a little blown back by how the locker opened up by the sound of his voice. “How did that work?” Devin whispered to himself. And got his backpack to meet up with Dante at the parking lot. Luckily the jocks that tried to fight with them left already. Probably going to practice on the other side of town. While Devin waited for Dante, soft hands with writing that said, “Devin is awesome!J” covered his eyes.


“I wonder who this could be?” said Devin gleefully. “Dante, is that you?”


“Nope, try again! Better be correct this time or I’m gone.” said a voice all too familiar to Devin.


“Hmmm…. Well if it isn’t Dante, then it must be… Danielle!” said Devin, and the hands on his eyes moved to his shoulders as he turned around to see Danielle. He was so close to Danielle he could see how vibrant the color her sapphire eyes were. He never noticed how much they sparkle. That’s probably because Devin’s never been this close before. “So… ‘I thought you never ask’? What is that supposed to mean?”

Danielle giggled and said “You think I dated those skater boys because of their personalities? Please, it’s only because they had a little charm and then dump me because I wouldn’t be in their bed. You’re the kind of guy who treats a lady right, and I never can pop the question first. I’m just glad you asked me first…”


As Danielle was at the end of what she was saying, her voice began to soften, almost lingering, getting close to Devin’s face, and slowly closing her eyes. Devin came closer to Danielle, her arms going over his neck and his hands on her waist, their lips then touched, and began to kiss. Devin could taste the cherry Chap Stick on Danielle’s lips. A taste he’s desired to taste since he ever met Danielle. As they were kissing, Devin thought I guess Danielle has been wanting to do this as long as I have. Just then, a rough cough caught Devin’s attention.


He opened his eyes and saw Dante standing besides them a few feet away, his arms crossed and grinning, mouth closed and his eyes were showing that he’s all to satisfied to catch Devin in the act. Devin and Danielle let go of each other, and Danielle said “I should get going. My Dad will be picking me up soon…”


“Oh no, don’t stop on my account! Please, continue to make out on my car and I’ll wait right here until you’re done!” said Dante, being a pain in the rear end. Devin gave Dante a menacing look and said to Danielle softly “I’ll talk to you later, okay?”


Danielle smiled lightly and said “Yeah, I’ll be looking forward to that,” and she lean over to Devin, kissed him gently and left the two boys alone. Devin grabbed his backpack, and could see in the corner of his eye Dante in the same pose he was in when he caught him kissing Danielle. He stood up and said “Don’t say a word”


“Hey, I was only going to say is ‘Great job on getting a kiss before the first date!’. But I guess I’ll just have to say,” Dante made a sniffing noise and said “Nice going bro!” in a Malibu surfer tone. Devin gave him a ‘that’s NOT funny’ look and said “It seems Danielle has been waiting for me to make a move as long as I wanted to make a move.”


“Well she’s definitely making up for lost time, that’s for sure.” Said Dante a chuckle in his voice. “Women, you never know what’s going on in their head, huh?”


“Can we go home now? Or do I have to drive?” said Devin, annoyed and want the subject to drop.


“Ah-ah-ah! I have the keys Mr. Smart guy!” said Dante and we got in his old ‘vintage American car’ that was once a powerful American muscle car in the 80’s and is now a typical American piece of junk car. Dante got in the car and rubbed on his fuzzy dice for luck that his car will start. He put the keys in the ignition and it was trying to start but the sound died away.


“Come on, Come on, Come on, start!”  Yelled Dante and he slammed the dashboard and key turned and the engine started by itself. Dante looked at Devin as if he had an answer for what just happened. Devin looked back at Dante, just as astonished.


“How,” Dante began, trying to catch his lost breath. “Did that worked?” and drove out of the parking lot. “It’s funny,” said Devin, looking into his backpack. “Same thing happened to me when I was trying to open my locker. It wouldn’t budge and when I said ‘Open!’ the lock moved by itself and the locker opened up… let’s try something…” and Devin took out one of his pencils. He held it out in his hand and said “Break!and the pencil broke in half. Dante was looking at the pencil as if it just danced around and sang a pop song. Devin yelled and Dante saw the car that he was about to crash into and Devin yelled, “Move!” and just then the car was literally pushed away by some powerful force from the other car and moved to the breakdown lane. Devin and Dante were in the same position they were when they saw they car coming at them: Hunched back and tense, ready for impact. They were frozen in fear and astonishment of what just happened. They slowly turned their heads to each other, and let out big breaths of relief

“Man, thank God we’re okay. How did that happen?” asked Dante, looking at Devin, hoping he had an answer. But all Devin could say is “I don’t know, all I said was ‘move’ and the car pushed itself out of the way from the other car. It happened like it was…”

“Magic…” said Dante, finishing the sentence for him.


“That’s what you think? You think we’re magicians or something?” asked Devin, baffled by Dante’s statement.


“I think ‘Sorcerer’ is the correct term to use, Devin.” Said Dante, half joking.


“Okay, so how do explain that we’re ‘Sorcerers’, Dante?” asked Devin, hoping he had a reasonable explanation.


“Well we can’t be super powered mutants, because I don’t remember being kidnapped by scientists, getting bitten by a radioactive animal, or falling in a pool of toxic waste, so we must be born with these powers. Only people with these kinds of gifts that are born with it are Sorcerers. It’s common sense really.”


Devin started to laugh, at Dante calling what just happened a ‘Gift’, but mostly at Dante’s logic of how they’re Sorcerers.

“So how you figured that out Dante? From the Sci-fi channel?”


“Very funny, but I have no other explanation of how we’re able to control things just by saying them.”


There was a moment of silence, with both boys trying to wrap their heads around of what’s happening to them. Dante smiled and then said “Hey, I know where we can prove it. It’ll definitely prove we’re Sorcerers or not.”


“Yeah were is that? A Dungeons & Dragons meeting?” said Devin, not taking it seriously.


“You’ll see. Now shut up and put on your damn indie music.” Said Dante, and put his car into gear.


Dante drove to the other side of town, where it was an urban wasteland of dollar stores, market shops, and local business stores. When we got deeper into the area, Dante stopped and parked the car in front of a store front, with stars and crescent moon pendants with a neon sign saying “Fortune Telling”

Devin shook his head and said “A physic? Really Dante?”


“Hey this girl is 100% legitimate. A friend from Art class got a prediction from her. She said he would receive great treasure from her very own hands. Two weeks later someone paid her $500 for one of her paintings! I’m telling you she can tell us if we’re sorcerers or not!”


“You always did believe in cons, Dante. But just for your amusement I’ll go in and listen to her ‘Prediction’.”


Dante smiled and said “You won’t be disappointed, I promise you.”


Deep down, Devin was hoping this so called physic could tell him the origins of his new found abilities. They walk inside the place, filled with a mysterious aroma, and items that look like it’s from another world, another time, is covering the walls and shelves with pride and warmth. The door rings when they entered, and quickly a woman appears, and instead in gypsy clothes, she’s in everyday, normal citizen clothes. She is tall, copper skin, and long dark hair, put into a ponytail with curls. She looked quite young, but had an elderly vibe to her.


“Hello children, welcome to my humble store. My name is Francesca, and how may I serve you today?”  She said in such an eccentric tone.


“Do you do palm readings? Like you look at our hands and can tell who we really are?” asked Dante, a little excited in his tone.


Francesca smiled, nodded and said “For a reasonable price, I will be able to do a palm reading, yes.” She said, and gestured us toward her round table.

“My dear boy, sit down. Let me see your deepest desires and discover your true self”


Dante went over to sit down, but she shook her head and nodded to Devin, who was surprised by the offer. Dante awkwardly got off the chair and offered it to Devin. Devin sat down, a little tense and uncomfortable being in front of a women who trying to read his whole life story by his facial expressions and appearance.


“You’re uncomfortable being here, aren’t you my dear? What is your name?”


“Devin, Devin Knight.” Devin said quickly and quietly.

“So Devin Knight, you think I’m a phony? Someone who's conning their way to get a few bucks, no?”


Devin remained silent, unwilling to respond to something that is true, but will not admit to the person he believes is a phony.


“Why don’t I read your palm, and see if I’m a phony or not, alright?” she asked, and gave her hand out on the table. Devin gave her his hand, and she gently tickled his palm and she let out a breath and said “You two are brothers, not by blood but of promise, you are trained to fight off any offender, and you are in love Devin, with a girl who is unusual to anyone else, but to you is the most beautiful creature that ever existed.”


Devin’s heart skipped a beat. How could this woman know so much about him? Devin wonders if this woman is the real deal. She starts to brush down to his palm and at the center or Devin’s palm she starts to wheeze a big breath, her eyes open wide as can be, and her whole body tenses, gripping Devin’s hand tightly. After a moment which seemed like hours, she loosens the grip and slams back to the chair. Her breathing became quick and shallow and looked at Devin and Dante in horror.


“You two… you two have great power in you. Power that is unique, even for the unexplained. You are destined to defeat many forms of evil, and you” She said with a hiss, pointing straight at Devin, who is horrified by her.

“You are destined to destroy the greatest evil of all, and that evil, is a part of you.”


Francesca then rose from her chair and began to back away from the boys, who were frozen in shock at her reaction from the touch of Devin’s hand.


“Okay uh, thanks for the reading but I think we should go. Now here’s the money we owe you, and have a nice night. Come Devin, old buddy. Morgan must be worried!”


Dante lead Devin out of the store and they kick the car into high gear and tried to get back home ASAP.

© 2011 Michael Huffam

Author's Note

Michael Huffam
*This Story will be put into parts, kinda like a TV series. More details will be known in the next chapter. R & R please!

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