Part 1: Discovery- Chapter 2: The Devil and Devin Knight.

Part 1: Discovery- Chapter 2: The Devil and Devin Knight.

A Chapter by Michael Huffam

The boys discover their true origins of their new found power, and the devastating consquences behind it.


 Chapter 2: The Devil and Devin Knight.



After a few minutes in the car with silence, Dante said “I don’t know about you man, but that fortune teller was crazy, but she definitely proved we’re sorcerers with that freak out of hers. I mean you can’t deny that.”


“What I can’t deny is a woman who is off her meds man. I mean she was doing that so we can continue the palm reading, but would have to pay extra fee to finish it.”


“Listen dude she was the real thing she even knew you were in--” and just then Devin’s phone cut him off (Which Devin was grateful for).  He looked at his phone and it showed Morgan’s number ringing. Devin picked it up and said “Hey Da- I mean Morgan. Sorry we’re late we just�"”


FIRE! PROTECT! Devin?!?! Are you there?!?!” yelled Morgan.


“Yeah Morgan, I’m here! What the hell is going--” but Devin was cut off by Morgan. “Get home, QUICK! Oh no, Helen! Hel--” and there was silence on the phone. He looked at his phone and the screen said Phone Disconnected’.


“What’s going on?” said Dante, his voice cracked at the end. Devin slowly put the phone down, and looked at Dante, his eyes widened, and said “I don’t know, but we have to get home fast.”


Devin closed his eyes and said “I want to get home as fast as possible.

Devin then opened his eyes and in front of him was a driving stick with a red button on the knob. “Was that there before?” he asked to Dante.

Dante shook his head, freaked. “I’ve never installed that. It’s just popped out of nowhere.


Press the button, was lingering in Devin thoughts. He grabbed the stick, held the knob, and pressed the button. Devin and Dante were pulled back to their seats when the car lunged forward going at an incredible speed. Not only was the car going at fantastic speed, the car was driving on its own. Turning and swerving a route that can get to their house the quickest way possible. They finally made it to their house with the car going to a complete halt. They quickly got out of the car and there were loud noises and flashes of light inside the house. Devin was rushing to the door when the door smashed open, knocking back Devin to the concrete walkway. When Devin got in sitting position, he saw a dark, smoky figure. The figure turned to him, revealing dark red eyes. The eyes narrowed when the figure faced Devin, and came towards him. Devin was kicking his away from the figure, until his father Morgan came out of the house and starting shooting at the figure with a gun. The figure quivered, hissed a horrible sound that couldn’t come from any animal in the world and was gone into the wind. Devin turned to Morgan, who was holding a pistol with markings on it and a knife that looked like something mystical, with black liquid all over it.


“Are you boys okay?” asked Morgan. Dante was frozen a couple feet away from where Devin was, petrified by the sight he witnessed. Devin was still on the ground, having a blank expression on his face. He saw his father, but he didn’t see his mother. “Where’s Mom?” he asked, panicking. Morgan eyes widened, which Devin knew something was wrong. In an instant he got up, and ran into the house screaming for his mother. He walked in to the living room, which was destroyed by some kind of immense force. He saw his mother lying on the floor, with a black circle lining around her and a large wound on her torso. Devin rushed to her and knelt down next to her. Her eyes were locked onto Devin’s, with very little life in them. Her faded red hair and white blouse stained with blood. She smiled faintly and said “Hello Devin… my do you look so handsome…”



“Hang on Mom! I’m going to make you better okay? Just hang on...” said Devin, choking on his words. He held his hands out to his Mother’s wound and said with feeling “I want to make my Mom better... I want to make my Mom better... I want to make my Mom better...


His hands then begin to glow brightly. He then pressed his hands on the wound and continue to chant the words over and over and the hands became brighter and brighter. No matter how many times he repeated the chant, the wound wasn’t healing. His mother put her hand on Devin’s face, and smiled faintly at him. She gasped for air and said to Devin “Don’t be afraid Devin, No matter what the... world... throws...” and before she could finish her voice disappeared and her eyes became blank, lifeless. Devin stopped pressing on the wound, which now his hands were drenched in blood, but Devin didn’t care. He took his mother in his arms, hugs her on his chest and wept silently.


Dante and Morgan rushed in when Devin was chanting the words to make Helen heal. Dante was still speechless, standing there in a shocked expression. Morgan stood behind Devin, searching for words of comfort. Devin stopped his weeping, lied her down gently, put his fingers on her eyelids and closed her eyes, so she can now rest forever.


“Devin, son, you have no idea how hard I�"” But Morgan was cut off when Devin grabbed him by the collar, slammed him to the wall and hissed “How hard you tried? Is that what you were going to say? Who the hell did this? You tell me now!


Morgan had on a clam look on his face, as if he expected this from the quiet calm Devin he knew since he was a little boy. Devin’s eyes were filled with rage and pain, his teeth grinding and breathing harsh. Morgan took a deep sigh and said “I’ll explain everything, my boy. Just let me go and I’ll tell you what did this...”


“Did I just hear you said ‘What did this’? You mean to tell us a person didn’t kill Helen?” said Dante breaking his silence of shock.


“Well first Devin has to let me go and I’ll explain everything.” said Morgan, looking at Devin, waiting for his grip to ease. Devin let him go and Morgan patted down his shirt and said “Well, do you boys remember that Sci-fi/Fanasty elective you took last year?”


“Yeah, that class was the only one I looked forward too,” said Devin, still heated from his rage.


“Well did you guys ever talk about vampires, werewolves, elves, witches and warlocks... demons, and so on?”


“Yeah everyone got annoyed at vampires now, they’re just too pretty in pop culture,” said Dante, feeling more calm.


“Well, everything you heard about the Fantasy part, all those creatures, exists. Or they once did exist.”


Dante’s jaw dropped, can’t believe what he just heard. Devin’s expression was still tense, but his eyes widened from what his father said.


“Hold up, so you’re telling us that all these supernatural creatures exist, but not a single soul has seen one?” said Devin, unconvinced.


“Well These creatures have been around since the dawn of Christ, and lived among humans. Humans saw the supernatural creatures as a threat, so they went to witches and warlocks to send them away. So what they did was create a world for the supernatural to live in. We call it “The Other World”. Over the years ‘Otherworlders’ is what we call the supernatural beings, found a way to come back to our world.


“You see, all these supernatural creatures weren’t created by God. Demons came to earth and created offspring of their kind, just mixed with human souls. That’s where vampires and werewolves came from. Now when the Otherworlders came into our world, many of them wanted to live among humans. Although some Otherworlders went rogue, starting harming the humans. So that’s when the Archangel Michael came down and gave humans a fighting chance...



“Warlocks can only use the dead language to cast their spells, so--”


“The Dead language? What language is that?” asked Dante.


“Latin; the language of the dead,” said Devin, before Morgan could answer the question.


“Yes, that’s correct Devin. So it takes Witches and Warlocks a long time to learn how to cast spells from childhood until the day they die. But the Archangel Michael created Noblemen, who can use powerful magic the day we discover our powers. There have been generations and generations of Nobleman, their powers passed down through blood. I’m a Nobleman, Helen was a Nobleman, and Dante’s parents were Nobleman. So you see here boys it’s not a career choice, it’s your destiny.”


Dante looked over to Devin, gave him a look that said ‘I told you we’re Sorcerers’. Dante was half ecstatic, half terrified at what he heard. All the creatures he watched on TV, read about, drew about, and are all real! But being real means they could be just as dangerous and bloodthirsty as they make them in the movies. As for Devin, he didn’t care about how much his view of life changed, all he know is an evil, ruthless creature killed his innocent mother. All he could think about was those dark red eyes looking at him with death written all over them. He now knows why he’s always was an outcast in his life, because the life he was in wasn’t meant for him. Fighting demons, werewolves, vampires and other creatures in order to keep the people of this world safe. That was the life he’s supposed to be in. It was his destiny.


“So,” said Devin, cutting off Dante asking questions about the supernatural like are Vampires really glamorous pretty boys who sparkle and such. “What kind of creature killed Mom?”. Devin’s voice sounded flat, detached. Morgan quickly glanced at his son, glad he asked instead of answering about pop cultures perspective of bloodsuckers.


“What killed you’re mother was a Demon, and a very powerful one ay that. Might be hard to take on but I’ll know where to find it.”


“Okay”, said Devin, satisfied. “We’ll go get that Demon b*****d and kill it. But first, we bury Mom, then we go for tomorrow”


Morgan looked at his son with pride, having a tiny smile and said “Of course, we’ll go to the woods and cremate her body tonight.”


“Cremate? Why do we have to burn her body?” asked Dante.


“Like I said, Helen was also a Nobleman. Our bodies are considered holy and pure. If any Rouge Otherworlders got hands on our body parts or organs, they could make charms or items that can protect themselves from Noblemen’s power.”


“Wow, that’s just gross… but interesting” said Dante, sounding disgusted.


“Fine, I don’t mind as long as we give her a proper burial,” said Devin, his tone flat.



Devin, Dante, and Morgan setup a wooden stand to place Helen and cremate her body. Morgan lit the fire under the wooden stand without magic and everything started to burn. As the flames begin to grow, Devin could see all the memories with his mother in the flames. He could see his mother give him his birthday cake of his 11th birthday, the time he mend his wound when he fell from his training bicycle, and he could see his mother holding him in her arms when he was scared of the dark when he was only 3 years old. Morgan came over to Devin, put his hand on Devin’s shoulder, and said “She didn’t want you to be in this life, but it was unavoidable,”


Devin stayed silent, gazing at the fire. So Morgan continued. “I hate to tell you this now but we’re going to have to leave Mystic. Go on the road and do our duty as Nobleman, investigating Other World crimes and restore order in both worlds. You’re mother said a boy needed to live in one place all his life, but I told her it would happen at some point.


Devin let out a breath and said “Well it looks like you were right Morgan... now if you don’t mind I need to make a phone call.” And went away from his father. Devin went into the woods and dialed a number he knew by heart. After a few rings a bubbly, delighted voice said “Hey you! I was just about to send you a picture of a dress I picked out with my friend. You wanna see?”


“Yeah, sure Danielle...” said Devin.


“Ok hang on! I’m Sending it to you now...”


Just then a beep came from Devin’s phone and it said “One new message”. He opened it and it showed Danielle in a beautiful purple dress posing. Devin smiled and said to Danielle “I like it. You’re very beautiful in it...”


“Thanks Devin, you always were the sweet one”


“Yeah, sweet...” said Devin with a nervous laugh.


“Everything okay Devin? You sound down.” asked Danielle, with concern in her voice.


“No, no, I’m fine... It’s just that I have to go away for awhile is all,”


“Well how long is awhile? Like this weekend awhile or...?” asked Danielle, not able to finish the sentence.”


“Well, the truth is I may never come back to Mystic again Danielle,” confessed Devin.


“Oh... where are you going?”


“I don’t know yet, but all I know is I might not come back Danielle...”


There was a silence between the two for moments, with Danielle sniffing in between breaths. Devin finally spoke, ready give comfort to Danielle.


“But listen to me Danielle Swifter, Ever since the day I met you, you’ve been so important to me. You showed me to be myself no matter what anyone said anything about me. You taught how to be myself, and I thank you for that. You mean so much to me Danielle...”


“Thank you, and let me tell you something, Devin Knight. You were the only guy who didn’t care what kind of person I was. You made me love myself, and for that I’ll always love you for that, and I don’t mean that in ‘just friends’ terms...”


Devin laughed, knowing he found someone out there to love him but may never see her again... He finally said “I love you too Danielle. I have to go now. If I can, I’ll call you and we’ll chat sometime okay?”


“Okay Devin... goodbye,” Danielle said, and hung up.


“Goodbye, my love...” he said, and put his phone away, trying not to get upset.


Devin turned his head, and held his breath and said “How long were you standing there Dante.


Dante stood perfectly still his face with empathy “Long enough Devin, Long enough. I had no idea you... you...” said Dante, trying to find the words to say.


“Love her? Is that what you were going to say? Well I have, ever since the first day I met her. It doesn’t matter anymore. Now I’m a guy who has to hunt Demons, Werewolves and Vampires.” Yelled Devin.


Dante sighed and said “Yeah, I know it sucks but at least we can do it together, my friend.”


Before Devin could say anything, Morgan came over and said “Let’s get some sleep boys, then in the morning we can get some weapons to take down this S.O.B.”


“Now we’re talking! How can I sleep now if I know we’re getting mystical weapons?” said Dante, grinning like crazy.




The next morning Devin woke up from a loud screeching noise. The trio was sleeping outside the house, since Morgan didn’t know if the place was still crawling with Demonic force. Devin was in his sleeping bag and Dante was out of his sleeping bag, working on his car, trying to keep it alive. Devin put on his shirt and jacket and went to where Dante was working on his car.


“Dear lord, this thing is going to die soon,” said Dante, rubbing off grease from his hands. “There’s no way it’ll last us going anywhere beyond Mystic”


Devin laughed while Dante cursed under his breath and said “Why don’t you just put a spell on it to make it new again? That’s what I would do!”


Dante had a face that said ‘Crap, why didn’t I think of that?’


“Yeah... I guess I can do that...” he said and Put his hands on the car and said “I want this car to work and look like brand new” and in front of them the car was starting to change with golden sparks flaring over it. The paint of the car turned Onyx with a green racing stripes over it. Dante was so excited he felt like he won the lottery and became a rock star at the same time. He quickly went over to the hood and popped it open. Under the hood revealed a V8 turbo engine, enough to out run a Corvette. His face lightens up enough to light up New York City. All of the parts of the car was no longer rusted and breaking. It was now had that brand new shine and power.


“Wow... This looks great! Wanna take it for a spin?” asked Devin.


“Not yet boys! First we’re going to suit you up for weapons!” said Morgan, creeping up behind them.


“What? Now? But I just made the car new again!” said Dante, whining.


“I know Dante, your powers can do extraordinary things to the items around you, but we need to suit up and practice before it gets dark.” Explained Morgan.


“How come we can’t go for the Demon now?” asked Devin.


“Demons have no power in daylight, so they hide in a dark secluded area that’s nearly impossible to reach at most situations. So we go after Demons when they come out in the open. It’s a lot easier that way.” Said Morgan.


“Oh...” said Devin confused. If Demons have no power in sunlight and go somewhere dark, why don’t they go after it now?  No one will see it and they won’t give out they’re position to other Demons. He shook it off and listened to his father. After all, he’s been doing this supernatural hunting longer than he has.

Morgan waved them to the house and led them downstairs in the basement. Devin never went in the basement much. The only time he came down here is when he had to bring old junk and place it somewhere. Morgan moved some old boxes that said ‘Devin- 0-3 years old’ and appeared two cabinet doors, with a lock on that had strange markings on it. Morgan waved his hand over it and he said “Morgan said openand the lock clicked open. Morgan then threw the lock away and opened the cabinet doors. The Cabinet doors then extended and appeared more flaps appeared and the inside of the cabinet stretched away from them and reveal many weapons. Swords, daggers, knives, rifles, shotguns, and pistols. All of the guns were no ordinary weapons, they all looked like they were made from someone who found different kinds of metal, it seems someone inhuman made these weapons.


The weapons had markings on them, swerving and zigzagging all over the weapons. Below the cabinet was gun clippings and bullets, some of them also had the markings, some of them were silver and some of them were hollow filled with water.


“ you had this down here this whole time and we’ve never suspected that it was full of mystical weapons?” cried Dante, his eyes wide and bright.


Morgan merely smiled, open a secret compartment in the cabinet, and there was two long objects wrapped in dirty blankets. Morgan held the two blankets, one in each hand, and gave them to Dante and Devin.


“Dante, this was your father’s. Devin, I got this custom made for you since this your best combat weapon.”


Dante quickly grabbed blanket and unwrapped, and gazed in awe. The item Dante was holding was a long and wide sword, its metal the color a mix between gold and onyx. At the top of the hilt of the sword was a bright blue orb, shining in the dim light like a star.


“That is the sword you’re father used, the Guardian Sword.” Explained Morgan.


“The Guardian sword?” Dante repeated.


“Yes, the sword of the Guardians. Guardians are special Noblemen. They are the Nobleman that guarded powerful and sacred Otherworld items.”


“What was my father guarding?”


Morgan took a pause and then said “I don’t know. Not even I knew what he protected... Devin, why don’t you take a look at your weapon?”


Devin completely forgot what he was holding in his hand. He unwrapped the cloth off the weapon and what was revealed was not a weapon, but two weapons. They were twin katana swords, or more like brother katana swords. One sword had markings that mostly zigzag all over the sword, while the other sword had markings that curved and looped all around the sword. He looked down at the hilt of the swords and they had His Initials on them. ‘D’ on one sword, ‘K’ on the other. Devin looked up at his father and said “You got this specially made for me?


Morgan smiled and said “I know how well you use katana swords, so I got two very powerful one for you. Those markings on these swords, they’re ancient holy markings. Anything that is damned or demon like, the markings will burn them just by touching them. The metal on the sword is pure silver that was baptized by holy water. You can pretty much kill any Otherworlder or Demon easy.”


“What about my sword? How can it kill a Demon or Otherworlder?” asked Dante swinging the sword in a circle motion.


“You’re sword has a very precious and rare metal all over it. It’s a holy metallic called Ithuriox. It was a metal made by an Angel. You can kill anything with that sword, with or without markings.” Explained Morgan.


“Wow... that’s pretty sweet...” said Dante holding the sword high to get more light on it, to gaze upon it. Devin rolled his eyes for Dante drooling over his new toy. Dante nudge him, letting Devin know he saw him roll his eyes.


“Now why don’t you guys practice with your new arms?” asked Morgan.


“And how will we do that? Find some demons in the neighborhood and slice their heads off?” asked Dante, not sounding too convinced.


Morgan chuckled at the thought and said, “No, we Nobleman have a safer, yet effective way of training. Come with me” and he led them outside of the basement.


They walked into the woods, farther than where they burned Devin’s mother. When Morgan stopped in his path they were near a river. Devin looked around, wondering if this is where they were going to train. He looked back at Morgan, who now was waving his hand in the air.


Reveal...” he said, almost as a whisper. Just then a huge image started to appear in front of them. Besides the river a transparent image of some kind of a house was being revealed. Then he realized it wasn’t an image, it was an actual house. The house became more solid, and it was a decent sized cabin house, as if it has been there for decades.


“Come on, boys” said Morgan. “I’ll show you a few tricks of mine.” and he walked in the cabin. Devin and Dante looked at each other, Devin holding a bag of ammunition, and Dante was carrying a bag of mystical guns, both having their swords strapped to their backs. They both shrugged at each other and walked in the cabinet.


Inside the cabinet looked what it expected to look like from judging from the outside: old and primitive. The furniture looked like it was hand made, many book shelves, and just one door across from the front door. Morgan was standing there, smiling at the two boys.


“Well, let’s get in here and train!” he said and opened the door to greet them in. The boys entered, and they dropped their bags with a huge clang.  Inside the room was stone walled, with torches lighting the whole area. The room was circular, the floor also made of stone. On the floor had many markings on them, probably a way to keep demons out, thought Devin. In front of them on the other side of the room was a cabinet drawer, painted in gold. Morgan brushed past the boys and he opened the drawer, taking an item out of it. He turned around to them, holding a small red bag.



“So,” he began, smiling. “You ready to train yourself to become true Nobleman?”


The boys slightly turned their heads toward each other, barely looking at each other. Both of them smirked, and nodded to Morgan.


                             *                        *                      *



North Hartford, Three days later...



It was dusk, and the lights in the lavish area of Connecticut were flickering and dancing everywhere on the block the trio was at. The glamorous hotels, the high priced shops, and the five star restaurants. It’s hard to believe that a demon would want to hang out here, thought Devin.


“There’s three kinds of Demons you’ll find in the world, ones that go to places where the selfish, and slimiest human scum go and used them for their dirty work; or ones you find in the most expensive, grand places to pray on the wealthy.” Morgan told the boys earlier.


“What’s the third kind?” asked Dante.


Morgan fell silent after that.


They were in Dante’s magically refurbished car, which didn’t stand out that much compared to the other cars. Morgan was driving, with Dante in the passenger seat (not happy at the fact that Morgan is driving his ‘V8 engine of joy’), and Devin in the back seat.


“So where is the Demon again?” asked Dante, annoyed at driving in circles for the past half hour.


“He’s at the Grand Cru wine bar,” said Morgan, scanning the sidewalks as he drives.


“You mean the wine bar we just passed a block ago? Which we past five times by the way!” said Dante, frustration going to his limit,


“Calm down now, Dante. I’m merely checking if he’s not doing any of his business.”


What Morgan meant was he was making sure the Demon wasn’t doing business with Otherworlders, humans, or both. Business that included death. After we made the sixth circle on the wine bar, Morgan said “Okay, it looks like there’s some mafia chumps trying to make a deal with it, but all he wants to do is drink fine wine. ” and pulled into the next block.


They got out of the car and Morgan went over to the trunk. He opened the trunk, where dozens of firearms were scatter all over the trunk, with Dante and Devin’s swords in the middle. Devin turned around and saw a police officer leering at the trio.


“Uh, Dad? I think we should close the trunk, we have someone curious behind us,” said Devin, pointing to the officer with his eyes.


Morgan turned his head just slightly, enough to see the officer in the corner of his eye. He smirked as if what Devin said was a joke.


“Don’t worry about it,” said Morgan. “These weapons have been enchanted to not be seen by Naturals.”


“‘Naturals’? That’s what you call cops? I always called them the Po-po but whatever floats your boat Morgan.” Said Dante, amused.


Morgan narrowed his eyes a bit and said “Naturals are what we Nobleman and Otherworlders call humans.”


So we gave humans a nickname for the Otherworld huh? Hmmm... Thought Devin. Looks like they’re inferior species among this world.


Dante grabbed some side arms, a couple semi-automatics, and a shotgun. Typical. While they were training, Dante was exceptionally better with his firearms than sword fighting. It’s probably because before his father died he took Dante to the shooting range. He must have practiced a lot with his father all the time before he died. He then carried his Guardian Sword with the exceptionally crafted case.


For the past three days, Devin and Dante have been in the circular stone room practicing against dummies so they know how to defend themselves against Otherworlders. The way they practiced was a standard Noblemen training technique: Shadow dust. They use a powerful enchanted pile of dust, and the Nobleman would say who they want to fight and the dust would form into the said enemy, called a Shadow Dummy. They fought against, Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins, and Demons. Devin thought the Demons were the hardest.


As for Devin himself, he could take out a shadow dummy with his swords in two moves. But he knew this will be much harder. So he reached for two enchanted elf-made pistols. It was made especially for Noblemen, where one can transfer its power to the bullets making it deadly for any Otherworlder. He took out the magazine to see how many bullets were in it: 12. That should be enough to make the demon suffer. Devin couldn’t believe a bullet could harm a supernatural being, until he explained they also had holy markings on or hollow points filled with holy water.


Morgan took out some mystic knives and a mystic revolver that looked very old and very powerful. He didn’t tell the boys what it was called though. “Alright guys, time for your first mission” he said, and loaded his gun, glocking the barrel and motioned them to the bar.


Hide Weapons” said Morgan, and sparkles came over his weapons, camouflaging them as everyday weapons. “This is to double the safety of not exposing our weapons, for the demon can see them once we get in there, even with charms attached to the weapons”


Devin and Dante said the same thing, making Devin’s swords poster cases and Dante’s firearms look like a hiker’s backpack jumbled with junk inside it, with his Sword looking like a camera tripod.


Morgan explained to the boys how Noblemen are different from any other Warlock or Witch. Warlocks and Witches can only cast spells through speaking Latin, or impulsively using the magic by many years of experience. But Nobleman is chosen at birth, they can tell by “N” shaped birthmark on their body. Devin and Dante never realized they both had the same one, for it was never brought up. Devin had it on the left of his neck, and Dante by his left hip. Noblemen have the ability known as “Words of enchantment” which means they can use their magical powers by using any language and sets of words. All they have to say is ‘Fire’ and the power of fire will be in their hands to control.  The ability of using spells impulsively is just as easy too. Regular Warlocks and Witches have to train for years to become great warriors. Noblemen are equipped at birth to be great warriors.


They entered the wine bar, and the place looked like a bar from Eastern Europe with its architecture. The brick walls, oak tables and bar stand, with cases of wine on every corners of the place. High elegant yuppies were chatting, flirting, and intoxicating themselves as usual from the looks of the bartenders and waitresses.


“There he is, at the lounge seats. Making a little deal with some high end scum.” Said Morgan, nodding over to an area of leather seats.


That’s when Devin could see the demon, out of the three men that looked the same. The two men were both in gray pinstriped suits, wearing off color ties, silver watches, and $500 haircuts. But the man from across them was much different. He wore a Charcoal suit, white tie, and an old leather watch. His hair was slicked back, but the features that gave out his demonic looks the most was his eyes. His piercing gray eyes that showed hate, loathing, and greed. Just by looking at them Devin could feel his demonic presence seeping out of him.


“Come on, let’s go introduce ourselves.” Said Morgan, and the trio walked over to the lounge area. As they walked towards them they could hear the conversation the two men and demon were having.


“We need to get out of this heat we’re in! We want be in the cool zone for the rest of our careers, no feds going near our beach house looking for our loot, or dogs sniffing out for it too!” said the man with the bright orange tie.


“Yeah, and we don’t want our family to take the hits for our business either! We want none of that, understand?” said the man in a fuchsia tie.


“Yes, yes, that seems very reasonable gentlemen. I’m sure we can get a good deal here with these circumstances. Now all I need is you’re...” said the demon, but he cut himself off when he saw Morgan and the boys walking towards him. He wasn’t surprised; he was more satisfied to see them coming his way.


The trio came up behind the two men in suits and Morgan said “Sorry boys, but we have unsettled business to finish with this man here.”


“Hey punk why don’t you�"” said the fuchsia tie, but the demon cut him off saying “The man is right, gentlemen, I need to settle something with these three men here. We’ll finish our little deal another time.”


The man with the orange tie was about to say something, but the glare the demon gave him made him keep it to himself. The two men nodded and left the area. The demon smiled very mischievously and said “Please Morgan, take a seat, let’s chat for a bit!”



“I prefer to stand thank you.” Said Morgan very blankly.


The demon looked over to Devin and Dante. “Would you two young lads like to take a seat?”


“I’ll take a seat after I blow your head off, you demonic scum,” said Dante sourly. Devin just glared at him, his expression speaking for itself. Devin had vengeance on his mind, ready to kill the beast that murdered his mother.


The demon’s mouth twitched and said “Okay don’t sit. What can I do for you three?” but he already knew the answer.


“Why don’t you get these people out of here, Newman? We don’t want to make a mess here.” Said Morgan, drawing out his camouflaged pistol.

The demon’s smile known as Newman became flat, and stood up and looked over to the barkeeper and said to him “George, These three gentlemen and I are going to have a private party, so we need everyone out. Would you mind?”


The barkeeper looked like he was about to refuse, but he saw the look in Newman’s eyes and he looked slightly frighten, knowing what will happen if he does refuse.


“Okay everybody,” he yelled throughout the bar. “It’s closing time. Everybody out, now.”


Most of the people were confused at what was happening, but they obeyed, even with much frustration. It wasn’t long before only the barkeeper was left in the building, and he said “Make this quick, Newman. I have a business to run.”


Newman nodded, and the barkeeper walked out of the bar, with Devin hearing a faint clicking noise from the door.


“Now, how should we do this, boys? Should I kill you quickly, or do it painfully slow?” asked Newman, standing up and unbuttoning his suit.


“About we kill you quickly and painfully?” said Dante, and he whipped out mystic sub-machine guns, which looked very similar to MP5s, and started firing them right at Newman. Newman moved away from the gunfire, moving in a smoke-like movement. He was now left from Devin, and he unsheathed his swords and moved over to Newman. He slashed one sword horizontally, Newman dodged it. Devin used his momentum and did an upward diagonal slash, cutting Newman’s cheek. He stepped back in pain, his cut burning, as if a torch just grazed his face. His expression became angry, and pounced at Devin.


Devin saw this coming so he yelled “Lightning Slash!” and his blades started to spark with electricity, flowing around the blades like it was being generated from the blades. He swung his swords at Newman, and the slash came off of the swords and headed toward Newman, blowing him back from the impact. He was now on the ground, twitching from the electricity going through his body.


But Devin knew this couldn’t kill the demon. He looked over to Dante who about to shoot Newman, but Devin yelled “No! I have the kill shot, understand?


Dante nodded and handed Devin a mystical Shotgun and aimed the gun right at Newman’s head... Newman snarled at Devin, rushed to him at an incredible speed and grabbed his leg, tossing him to the wall right of him like he was light as a pillow. Morgan now came over to Newman, with a mystical dagger pointing down from his knuckles and thrust the dagger at Newman. Newman grabbed Morgan’s wrist and Morgan said “Push!” and Newman was blown away by Morgan’s magical force.


Newman’s back been now on the wall, and was going to attack, but he was pushed back on the wall when we heard a gruesome sound from his shoulder. He yelled in pain, and looked at his right shoulder; Devin’s sword was impaled onto it. He looked over to Devin, who had his hand out, showing he threw it at Newman. Dante was now next to Devin, saying “Nice throw Devin! I’ll handle this,” and pointed his mystical MP5 at Newman.


“Devin, why did you do that?” yelled Morgan and he were pushed back by Newman’s demonic abilities, and Newman smiled viciously. He grabbed Devin’s sword, pulled it out of his shoulder, and it became engulfed in flames, but his hand sizzling while grabbing the grip of the sword. Newman rushed over to Devin, hacking the sword at him. Devin was defending himself as best as he could. Dante came over to help but Newman shoved him away, knocking him down. Devin was now holding himself from death, not having a chance to attack. Newman thrust for a final blow and Devin blocked it, holding off the sword from slashing him with his own. He was using all his strength to defend himself, but the demon was too strong. He soon was on his knees, with Newman bending over to go for the final blow.


“My are you weak! Just like your w***e mother, giving birth to such a disgusting creature. You’re an abomination to the world. It’ll be a pleasure to wipe you off from this world...”


Devin’s anger began to grow, his strength growing. But it wasn’t enough to get Newman off of him. With a final ounce of great strength he parried Newman off of him. Newman quickly recovered and was about to counterattack, but he became frozen, his eyes wide with horror.


 He looked down at his chest, having a gold-onyx sword tip coming out of it. Dante now revealed himself from behind and dug the sword deeper into the Demon’s chest. He let his sword out, and now Newman was on his knees, his eyes turning orange, starting to become lifeless. Devin stood before him, his sword gripping tightly in his hand. “This is for my mother, you son of a b***h,” and hacked the sword right at Newman’s neck, decapitating him, his head and body burning into flames and becoming piles of ash.


Both Devin and Dante left out breaths of relief, breathing heavily, recovering their stamina. Devin looked over to Dante and said with a smile “Guess you can put that sword into good use, huh?”


Dante laughed and replied “Yeah, well it’s not called the Guardian Sword for nothing, you know.”


They both heard a few grunts coming from the wooden debris, and saw Morgan standing up, holding his head, rubbing it slowly. He looked over to them, then the two piles of ash, and looked back at them, and smiled.


“Well, looked like you two did a good job on your first demon kill. But next time, never let them touch your weapon, they will use their powers to enflame it with hellfire, even holy swords.”


Devin nodded and said “I’ll keep that in mind.”


Morgan looked over to the front door and said “Let’s get out of here; people must have noticed the gunfire and noise of busting up the place. Let’s go” and he led the boys outside the back.


Twenty minutes later the trio was on the road, with Devin driving (since he was the only one who didn’t have temporary injuries to not drive). Morgan laying in the back seat; his eyes closed and were saying “What you just experienced today was just the tip of the iceberg. Our job is going anywhere we’re needed, keeping the peace of humans and Otherworlders, preventing demons from destroying the world, and maybe a little more. So what I’m going to ask of you boys, are you up for it?”


Dante looked over to Devin and said “I don’t know Dev; you think we’re up for an army of supernatural creatures, using our mystical toys and enchanted tongues to take them on, living every day like a unsung hero?”


Devin had a faint smile on his face, and said “Well since you put it that way, I think I’m definitely up for it.”


Dante drum rolled the dashboard hard and said “Yahoo! Devin and Dante, Warrior Wizards, protecting the world from the unknown!”


“Easy there Dante, there’s plenty of us in the world to protect the world. Don’t act like your world’s only line of defense. Now if you don’t mind, I would like some sleep now.”


“Yeah, yeah okay. Hey Devin, put on some Pink Floyd, help the old man sleep better.” Said Dante, smirking at Morgan, even though he couldn’t see. But as if he could see Dante’s smirk, he said “I’m young enough to be your older cousin, dude.”


Devin chuckled at what his father just said, and he turned on his The Dark Side of the Moon CD. As he listened to the CD, he was reminded of how he first introduced by Pink Floyd. It was the first year he met Danielle, and she was showing him her father’s old cassettes.


“Pink Floyd was so good at making music. You instantly had a different feeling or a different mood when you listened to them.”


That was the only downfall on being a Nobleman. Never seeing her again is going to be difficult, but he’s sacrificing that for the protection of the world, making sure no one is scared when things go bump in the night. As long as he has that purpose, he will manage to never see her again, with an ounce of hope that one day that will meet again.


It was his destiny, he had to manage.


End of Part I



© 2011 Michael Huffam

Author's Note

Michael Huffam
To what I said in the last chapter, This story will be put into parts, kinda like how a TV series is put into. Each chapter will be about a situation of Devin and Dante doing cases involving Otherworlder, Kinda like Sam and Dean in the show Supernatural (Yes, that show is one of the many things inspired me to write this series). Each writing will show a little more Devin and Dante, and who they really really are, facing unimaginable threats, but not without meeting a couple allies and friends along the way.

Please, enjoy the adventures of the two Noblemen Brothers (By law) and review any pieces of my writing of thoughts, critism, whatever! A Writer gets a crapload of negative critism before getting great Critism! Please R & R and tell me what you think! Thanks!

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