Grampa's Cap

Grampa's Cap

A Story by Michael

Grampa's cap

“Wats a madda, Grampa?” asked little Karen, with a genuine interest.

“Nothing is wrong” I replied, but I knew she didn’t believe me, she was a very smart eight year old.

“I know you’re sad Grampa, cause I can tell, and I wanna make you feel happy again” boasted Karen, with enthusiasm.

I smiled at my adorable granddaughter and reassured her that I was ok and that I just needed a big hug.
That is just what I received from her.

“I love you and you’re the bestest grandpa in the whole world” Karen whispered to me as she gave me the biggest, longest, and tightest hug I had ever received, and somehow it did make me feel better, temporarily.

But the reality still bothered me and no hug could change that.
You see, my dear friend Robert, was “let go.” He was forced out, shoved aside, and no longer needed.
Replaced by a much younger and more productive employee.
Yes, he was 3 years past retirement. But never the less, he did not wish to retire, he was made to.

Those events opened my eyes, and I realized that eventually, it will be my turn to “retire”, and the thought of growing too old to work, gave me an empty, sick, feeling.
One that I have never had before, one that would not go away.

“My favorite cap you ask?” “I think its hanging on my bedroom door, Karen”
And off she went straight upstairs.

“What in the world does she want with my hat?” I thought and for that moment, growing old didn’t matter, it was no longer a worry to me and a nice cup of coffee became my biggest worry at the moment. Off to the kitchen I went, temporally forgetting about my job.

I was sitting in “my chair” flipping through channels on the tv remote when Karen came up behind me and whispered with her cute little voice, “I have a present for you Grampa”

I turned towards her and she was holding my Redsocks Cap.
I had forgotten all about her asking where it was.

Further looking at it, I realized that she had pinned a picture of herself onto the front of it, completely covering over the Redsocks emblem.

“I put my picture on your hat, so even if your having a bad day, I will be with you so that you won’t be alone” “I hope your not mad at me” Karen said softly as she looked at the ground while she offered me the cap.

“No sweetie, I could never be mad at you” I said to her as I took it and began to study it.

“Its beautiful” “Thank you very much” “You’re the best granddaughter in the whole world”
I said to her then proudly put it on.

Her whole face lit up when I told her I would wear it forever and she replied “I love you grandpa” and gave me an even bigger hug then last time.

I wear my “new” favorite cap all the time now, even more then I did when it was just a plain and boring, Redsocks cap, and I no longer worry about growing old, or retiring.

Most people would say that I am crazy and that cap is still just a cap, if I were to tell them about its magic.
And tell them, I do, every chance I can get.

And I tell you it is a magical hat, and that Karens touch comes out of that picture and enters my heart every time I put it on.
And that cap transforms me into a young, vibrant, happy man.
Full of life and full of energy.
I know this for a fact.

A few times, I almost forgot to take it off when entering the shower, which is just how much I wear it now.

I am almost looking forward to retiring, this way I can have a lot more free time to spend with my family and my granddaughter, Karen.
Oh and her son, Jason, my favorite great grandson.

But that old wore cap Karen made me 14 years ago is the sole reason why my boss refuses to “let” me go.
The raise they give me every year I try to retire is solid proof that cap is magical.

"You are far too valuable to the company to let go" My boss would proudly say when I try to discuss my retirement with him.

© 2013 Michael

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Added on March 13, 2011
Last Updated on May 11, 2013
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