Part Two - The adventure begins

Part Two - The adventure begins

A Chapter by Michael

Mathew buys a ship and sets sail in search of answers

Five years had past since that day Mathew and Thomas talked, Mathew stood there gazing out over the valley with Daisy at his side. He couldn’t help but think back to that day when it all happened; he took a deep breath, and then sighed.
Mathew then looked down at Daisy and grinned, “Girl, one day you’ll let me in on your little secrete” He said as he spun the Glowing Ring with his left thumb around his finger. Mathew’s thoughts shifted abruptly.
“Well Daisy, it is time, he then crouched down to her and Daisy nestled up to him, he whispered “we will be ok girl there is nothing that can harm us” they both looked out over valley. Just then Daisy gently pushed Mathew back with her massive wings as she stood upright, “ok girl, its ok,” she flew off as Mathew regained his compositor. Cupping his hand over his mouth and yelled “Daisy, please stay with me, I will not let anything happen to you, you can not fly that far.”

Mathew watched as she disappeared into the horizon, his focus then shifted to the ship he bought, and its crew, shaking his head he thought out loud “Lord, what am I about to face”
"its been 15 years since I've stepped foot on a ship," he then looked at the Glowing Ring spinning on his left finger, “he had got into the habit of spinning the ring with his thumb” He studied it, as it spin around and around, "its like its not even there, I can feel it and see it yet it is invisible," Mathew then took it off and held it up to the sun, ”it is as clear as water, yet it reflects no colors upon itself” Twirling it between his fingers, it still astonished him that it has 3 points and it feels as if it is as round as the sun, “it looks just like a 3 pointed star” Shaking his head he put it back on and then went back to packing up the rest of his gear.

It was way past mid day when Mathew reached The River Tylwu,
"Vince dear oh chap, do you still travel up north?" Mathew echoed across the docks, Vincent turned and looked at Mathew "ohhh......tears are flowing through my eye dear friend, I have so...longed to see you, I have missed you ever so" Vincent replied as he swiftly hurried towards Mathew, tripping over everything in his path and bumping into those less fortunate to see him coming.
"Ha ha ha my dear friend Vincent" Mathew laughed as he hugged Vincent. “How have you been?" Vincent turned and yelled for his wife "Raizel, Raizel ...” "I am pulling my hair out looking for you, why I even bother...Raizel, Raizel, RAIZEL!!”

"Yes Vince, my dear," she smiled. "Your going to have no hair left if you keep pulling it out all the time," she said as she laughed and walked up behind him, "What, where have you been, and who is tending the lines?" "Oh My Lord Up in the Heavens above" Vincent said as he reached up to the sky as if he were trying to pull himself up to the clouds, "I try Lord, ohhh take me now".... Mathew stood there chuckling.

"Vincent, I am trying to get to Isyfeyne, has your freight left out yet?" "No No No, it isn't leaving quite just yet" Vincent replied as he pulled out his pocket watch and looked at it. "I take it you wish to travel to Isyfeyne?” Vincent turned to Raizel and whispered to her, "Raizel honey, my dear sweet wife, ummmm," he began to yell "Why have you not yet brought me that letter I have to give to Mathew, when I yelled for you?" Raizel smiled and winked at her husband as she walked past him and up the docks towards their hut. "You did not ask for it, my love" she whispered back.

As Mathew was leaving the warn, beat up vessel, he stopped midway on the plank and looked back at the ship, "how on earth it still stays afloat" he thought, he then begin on his way for The Winema, the ship Thomas traded him. A young girl approached him "Jerky my Lord? The finest around, from only the plumpest cows this side of the island," Mathew tossed her a Gold Piece, took the jerky and continued on his way,

"There she is" he said as he approached The Winema," "It looks as beautiful as it did 15 years ago, it has really been well maintained" he thought as he walked up to the massive ship.
"Hey there, boy, where can I find the Quartermaster of this vessel?" Mathew called out to a young looking man, probably in his early 20's, "you’re looking at him, my Lord" the young man said as he smiled and bowed" he then tipped his hat and said "Lord Michael II, Quartermaster of The Winema, the finest ship in all of Isyfeyne" "and who you might be?" Michael said as he continued to count the boxes into the crate to be drawn up to the ship. Mathew studied him "hmmm, quite a young lad to be in the responsibility of The Winema" "Lord Michael, I am Lord Mathew, proper owner and captain of this vessel" Mathew handed him the documents to The Winema. Michael studied them, then handed them back as he bowed again "Pleased to meet you, Thomas sent word that you were coming; we did not expect you until next month."
Michael then said "let me show you to the captains quarters, my Lord" "we can discuss your plans for The Winema along the way"
"Can you send a hand to The Zinma to retrieve my equipment?" Michael replied "Yes my Lord" then he yelled out to a hand that was busy mopping and cleaning, "you there, go to The Zinma and bring back Lord Mathews bags and take them to his room" "yes sir" the hand replied then hurried off. Mathew and Michael continued on their way talking about the plans. Just before Michael left Mathew alone in his room he turned and said "My dear father died three years ago and the position of the quartermaster was passed down upon myself," "I have spent all of my life aboard this vessel at the right hand of my father, Lord Michael of Isyfeyne, God rest his soul" Michael then said "I know this vessel top to bottom, I know what she is capable of" he then put his hands on Mathews shoulders and said in a very strong voice "I will not disappoint you, my age is of very little factor in my qualifications of quartermaster of The Winema" then he left Mathew alone.

Mathew began to put away his belongings, upon setting his lock box down on his desk, he retrieved the letter Vincent gave him and began reading it again.
My dearest love, Mathew
It is in great despair that I must leave Isyfeyne; I am not able to discuss with you why I must leave. Please forgive me and remember that I will always love you, it greatly saddens my heart and soul knowing that I can never come back to Isyfeyne. Please do not hate me for not saying goodbye to you face to face, you must know that I wanted to but could not bear to.
I will never stop loving or thinking of you my dear love.

Love always, your dearest


Mathew then folder the letter back up and put it away, then laid down on his bunk and thought of Annemarie, and why she left him over 15 years ago, then he sat up and cried out loud "Annemarie, why did you leave me?" "Where are you?"

Just then, there came a knock at the door, Mathew remained sitting on his bunk, cleared his throat and said "Can you come back later, I am very busy" "No captain, Your request is needed on deck", Mathew then got up and said "very well, I will be up shortly" the voice replied "My Lord, please come at once" "this is of great importance"
Mathew opened up the door and said "very well" as he followed the hand towards the deck, he asked "what is this about?" the hand replied "I do not know, I was just told to bring you at once to the deck, I am sorry my Lord"

"Lord Mathew" Michael said, "Lord Alexander wishes your presence" then turned to Alexander and bowed. Mathew then bowed to Alexander and said "what is your matter with me? I am a very busy preparing to travel" Alexander then boldly stated "you do not address me in this tone, I have news for you concerning your plans" "you do not have the authority to be planning what your about to do" "I am here on the behalf of the ruler of Isyfeyne, King Madison the 5th" He then took out a sealed scroll and handed it to Mathew. "This legal document explains your stance in this matter" Mathew broke the seal and unrolled the scroll and began reading it.

Lord Mathew of Isyfeyne.

You are here by ordered to stand down, you are not in the position nor have the authority to travel to Perninties.
As you may already know, we are at war with them and you do not have the permission of Isyfeyne to voyage to Perninties, doing so will be considered treason, and you will face imprisonment.

King Madison the 5th of Isyfeyne


Mathew folded up the scroll and put it in his pocket, then bowed to Alexander and said "good day Sir" and left and went back to his cabin. Shortly after, Michael knocked at the door and asked "Lord Mathew, may I enter?" Mathew opened up the door and motioned for him to enter, then went back to his desk where he was studying his maps. "Lord Mathew?" Michael asked, and then paused.
Mathew looked up and their eyes met for what seemed like an eternity, then he said "we are still leaving as planned" then went back to his maps. Michael smiled and replied "As you were" and left. Michael knew very well of Mathews position with the people of Isyfeyne and what could happen if King Madison tried to stop him from leaving.

© 2011 Michael

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