Anti-Cosmic Chaos

Anti-Cosmic Chaos

A Story by Michael Thrower

A cold breeze in the night sky


It is hard to know where I should begin, or what to say at all.


The path is a lonely one, a wanderer’s path. The path where you are constantly lost in a world far grand than this one. A world where there are no answers to be found, only reflections to be seen. A world of confusion and understanding, a mirror to our reality, a twisted vision of unlight that sears the soul and breaks all boundaries. A formless void that shatters the form of whomever might gaze into it. This is the kingdom I have wandered into. Unknowing if I will ever leave, or if this may  be my own home and grave.


The trials I’ve faced and overcome have led to vast enlightenment, yet never do they satisfy the thirst. Over and over do I experience uncommon misfortunes and strange situations where I must stand up, alone, to face them.




The show must go on. Is it too late to back down, or is the present only a test for the strong to proceed and the weak to be weeded out? Who could say? There is no knowing of these things until one travels to the end of the road and sees what is beyond. There, my friends, I will meet you once again. In a new light we will all be free to dance under the crescent moon as our ancestors did many years ago.



© 2015 Michael Thrower

Author's Note

Michael Thrower
What image does this bring to your mind? What feelings come to you?

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Added on December 31, 2015
Last Updated on December 31, 2015
Tags: occult, alchemy, darkness, joy, discovery, religion, happy, sad, romance, fantasy, experimental


Michael Thrower
Michael Thrower

Azeroth, GA

22 years old and a student at a community college. For now. I love reading and writing fantasy and fiction. I'm hoping that by using this site, I'll learn to become a better author and reader. If you .. more..

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