Lying Excuse.

Lying Excuse.

A Poem by Mickey Hyde

I'm done with your lying, and your pathetic excuses.

Your reasons are nothing,
but a pathetic excuse,
that you prefer to tell,
instead of the truth.
  You can't accept the truth,
or the reality of how I feel.
Your fake world isn't going to shield you
from my truthful words, because they are real.
  Your lies are as thin as ice,
and the only reason I come to you now,
is because you are the one falling apart as always,
I can see it clear in your eyes.
 There's a pattern that you follow,
of clinginess and emptiness,
and we start in the circle again.
If you are here to use me,
Then you were obviously never my friend.
  Your excuses and your pleas,
are no longer going to fly with me.
I'm done defending you,
and coming to you for help when I am the one falling.
 I see now that you aren't going to be the one to pick me up anymore,
Yet you were always the first to do that before.
This is my final goodbye now.
Because you will no longer be included in my words.
 So goodbye, my dead and forgotten friend.
You are now, and forever, washed out of my world.

 Your excuses,
your lies,
and your Uncaring attitude has gotten us here today.
You have no one to blame but yourself,
because of you, things have ended this way.....

© 2011 Mickey Hyde

Author's Note

Mickey Hyde
Like it? :) Feedback is always returned, thanks for reading :D

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Added on February 1, 2011
Last Updated on February 1, 2011
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Mickey Hyde
Mickey Hyde

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