The Blue Eyed Child: Family Reunion (5)

The Blue Eyed Child: Family Reunion (5)

A Screenplay by Midnight's Mistress

N: *blue almost gone from her hand, smiles* Enjoy . . . *all the blue makes one last surge through Gabriel's body. Naomi passes out in his arms*

G: No . . . No! NO! *swears an oath under his breath* Damn you, woman *gently places the woman's lifeless body on the ground under a tree. Weakly and quietly* . . . Charon . . . *the cut from earlier begins to bleed*

*no boat comes, but a woman's voice rings out* Child, did you even check for a pulse?

G: *bends down, pressing his finger against her neck. Slight thuds are felt* You stubborn little . . . *sighs as the female voice is heard ringing through the forest*

Charon is not needed. Not today. Look at her fingers.

*Naomi's fingers have bits of blue on them*

She shall live.

G: *picks up her trembling body, chilled from exhaustion and the biting cold. As fast as he could, he ran back to the castle*

*a wolf howl is heard off in the distance. The moonlight lands on them as he runs*

G: *he approaches the castle entrance, opening the large doors quickly. He dashes up the marble stairs to his study*

N: *unconscious, cold as ice*

G: *lays Naomi gently on the large mattress, stripping her of her dress. He then quickly covers her up with the blanket, averting gaze from her* Gods, have mercy . . .

*a vile, cold wind emerges from the window behind him*

G: Hades . . .

*all candles are blown out, replaces with a purple flame. Standing on the other side of the bed from Gabriel is Hades, Lord of the Underworld*

Hades: Hello, Son. It is . . . Good to see you. *reaches his hand out across the bed, his boney fingers gleaming off the candlelight*

G: *pushing the hand back, trying not to taint Naomi* Spare me the petty conversations. What do you want?

H: *looks down at Naomi, smiling cruelly* I want her. *reaches a hand to touch Naomi's forehead*

G: Hold on. *takes Hades' wrist before he can touch her* Why do you want her?

H: Because, she would be a good Handmaiden for Persophone, and would keep me company while she was gone. *wicked grin*

G: *releases Hades' wrist* I have a better idea.

H: *eyebrows raise* Oh?

G: This woman is blessed by Artemis, and has supplied me with a supplemental soul. I would hate to think of Artemis' rage and Zeus' . . . Take mine, I'm no good to you, anyways.

H: *looks at Gabriel and chuckles* Me, take my own son's mortality? Never. I want her

*both look down at Naomi, who has stopped shaking and is now asleep, color growing back into her*

H: Although, you do have a point, Artemis would not be pleased . . . I will just wait until she has fully passed. Which, judging her by her actions since you took her in, should be soon. *walks back to the window, looking away from Gabriel* Goodbye to you, Son. Enjoy the soul . . . *looks back and smiles wickedly* And the woman. *the wind returns, and Hades is gone in a blink. The candles die out, then go back to their orange flames*

G: *running to the window* Hades! Get back here! We're not done yet!

*momentary silence*

N: *barely above a whisper* Lord . . . Gabriel . . . ?

© 2012 Midnight's Mistress

Author's Note

Midnight's Mistress
(Sorry the Scene is so short)

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Added on March 30, 2012
Last Updated on March 30, 2012
Tags: Greek Gods, Handmaidens, Lords, Love