Chapter 1 memory or nightmare

Chapter 1 memory or nightmare

A Chapter by Kang On Yu

A story about a girl with a fearful past.


December 12,2000

5:10 A.M.

It was a cold winter morning in Queens.I'm eight and I live in a nightmare that started off as a dream but went wrong some how.When your a little kid and you tell your mom and dad that you can't sleep at night cause there is a monster in your room.All they ever do is tell you that it's all in your head.Well for me it's not like that cause my monster is real.  It sleeps down the hall from me.Most monsters sleep under the bed or in the closet and only come out at night just to scare you.Mine doesn't do that, it's always there, watching me all the time.The thing I call "Monster" is my own Dad.

5:53 A.M.

I heard my mom leave her bedroom and walk to the bathroom to take a bath before having to go to work at the nursing home.She had to be at work at six thirty, so she leaves at six that way she can make it to work on time.But today she's running late.

6:18 a.m

"Oh, no I'm going to be late for work."She mumbled to herself as she ran down the stairs and out the front door.I turn to check the time and realized that the monster will be up soon.I don't feel like getting up so I drift back to sleep.

9:44 a.m

I'm awaken by the sound of foot steps, coming up the stairs.I know who it was, the same person who woke me up every morning.The monster is here to get me.I'm still sleepy do to the lack of sleep.I don't sleep as much as I should because of the fear of the monster will come in to my room at night and  "do bad things" to me.

9:46 A.M.

"Oh good your up Jaden.I came up to wake you, did you sleep well last night?"He babbled.I said nothing, all I did was sit there and stare at him."Do you know what time it is?"He grinned."About nine thirty,almost ten.Why?"I murmured."Yes and No, It's Daddy's bath time.Do you want to take a bath with me?"He asked still grinning.Before I could say anything he had lifted me from my bed and was walking to the bathroom.He sat me down on the counter and leaned over the tub to turn on the hot water.He soon started to undress me, when he was done undressing me he started to undress himself.As he lifted me in to the bathtub he groped my a*s.When we were in the water he placed me on top of his lap.He smelt like beer and cigarettes.I started to tremble as he touched me with his horny hands in a way no eight year old should be touched."There is no need to be scared it will only hurt at first but when the pain goes away it will feel good.Trust me."He whispered into my ear.

12:15 P.M.

I lay on my bed crying but the type of crying without tears.A cry that only you can hear yourself.I hear my door open."I'm going to go to work now.See you in a little sweetie."He grinned."Whatever I could care less." Was all I could say.Before he left my room he blew my a kiss.

2:23 P.M.

I started to fall back to asleep as I was watch T.V, in the living room.I suddenly found myself at the beach with my mom.She had on a beautiful baby blue sun dress.The sun was setting and for the first time in a long time my mom was smiling.At first I thought I was in heaven because I was happy, I was no longer afraid of the monster but after awhile I realized it was just a dream and not heaven because if I was in heaven I had to die first and so would mom.

4:59 P.M.

As I got up from the couch I realized    I wasn't alone, the monster was sitting in the chair staring at me.As my eyes started to adjust to the lighting, I suddenly realized the monster had a boner."Hello Jaden.Did you know you look so cute when you sleep."He grinned as he got up from where he sat and walked up to me.I started to tremble because I knew what was going to happen.He leaned over the couch and kissed me on the lips."You are a very naughty girl, tempting me like that.You should be punished."His grin grew bigger.He started to kiss me again but this time deeper and with more force.I tried to push him away but he pinned my hands over my head and stuck his hand down my skirt.I felt hot tears run down my cheeks.I kicked and squirmed trying to break free from his hold.He removed his hand from inside of my skirt and slapped me across the face."Do you want me to be rough when I do this?"He whispered as he stopped to catch his breath.He took off his belt and tied my hands together.Then suddenly got on top of me and unbuttoned his pants."NO, PLEASE DON'T!PLEASE STOP!"I screamed."Why stop now we just started."He whispered into my ear as he stuck one hand down my skirt again and the other down his unbuttoned pants."Please Dad don't do this to me.Please."Were the only words that came out of my mouth."It's to late for that sweetie.It's all gods fault for making you the way you are."He moaned.I heard my moms car pull up the drive way.Looks like Dad didn't hear that over all the moaning and groaning he's doing, I just have to hold it together a little longer I thought to myself.As the sound of the key turning I yelled for help.My mom rushed in to find my dad on top of me moaning and grinning."WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO JADEN?"She yelled at the top of her lungs.You could hear her voice crack when she yelled."It's not what you think honey."He pleaded."HELP ME!"I yelled once again.My mom ran over and pushed my dad off of me and helped me off the couch.My Dad got up off the ground and started to walk towards us."Stay away from her."She barked at my Dad."Or what?"He replied."I'll....I'll kill you.I MEAN IT, I'LL DO IT ON A HEART BEAT!"She yelled.I didn't dare to look at my mom.I couldn't take the yelling anymore.So I ran up stairs but, I was followed by my dad.I looked back to see if my mom was going after my dad but she was gone.When I got in to my room I locked the door and hid in the closet.My Dad was yelling and banging on the door.Then suddenly I heard three gun shoots and my Dad stopped yelling.A silent knock on my door told me it was my mom.When I opened the door and my mom hugged me, "I'm so sorry Jaden, I'm so sorry."Was the only thing she whispered to me.I suddenly saw my Dad's dead body on the hall way floor and a gun near my mom's leg."You killed him."I whispered under my breath.She took my down stairs and untied my hands.Then went into the other room to get the phone.I know who she was going to call.when she came back into the room she called 911."Hello, please state your emergency."Said the woman on the other line,"I just killed my husband."she mumbled into the phone."I'm sending the police and an ambulance right now Mrs. please stay on the line so we can trace your calling point."Replied the woman,but my mom hung up.She took my hand and sat me down at the stairs next to her.

7:35 P.M.

The police show up at the house five minutes after the call was made.My mom got up and opened the door, a cop held a gun up to her and asked her to step outside.Another cop asked where was the body, I looked up at his eyes and whispered,"Upstairs in the hallway."

8:16 P.M.

I  had seen my mom being put into the back of a cruiser and drive away.A woman named Ann stays next to me.Ann is with child service and is here to take my away, to put me into a new home, with a new family.

April 18,2009

3:55 A.M.

I wake up  covered in sweat, I realized it was just a nightmare.The same nightmare I have every night.I leave my bed trying not to make a sound as I walk to the bathroom hoping not to wake my roommate.I run the cold water and wash my face trying to get the nightmare out of my head but the thing is that the nightmare was no nightmare.It's just another fearful memory.

© 2010 Kang On Yu

Author's Note

Kang On Yu
Sorry for any grammar mistakes or if there is something wrong with my dialogue, it would help if you told me what I did wrong so that I can change it and I know that the books name is bad but that was the only thing I could think of.

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Well s**t! that i almost didn't finish it because it was so tramatic. i LOVED it. the way you started it off was perfect. can't wait to see more.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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that is really really good!!!!! but on "ruff" you may want to change it to "rough" just saying so far its really really good it made me sick cause this kind of thing happens but really its great can't wait for more!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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