Her Story

Her Story

A Story by Midnight_Mask

   Within the cries of traffic, the breeze settles in, relieving the grand city from a raged sun. Every street bleached in enriched colour, giving the dull greys a dazzling shimmer.
   She just sat there, gazing out at the city rush. Her greyish blue eyes soaking in the simple beauty. Drowning out the metallic noise with crisp, husky singing. Softly whispering it into the air, her full swerve lips caressing every word with her heart. Bright wide eyes, touched by understanding and pain.
   The sun burnt at her pale arms, but she endured it. Almost taunting it to do its worst. Stung by lingering thoughts that hung sour in her mind, tears started to will themselves to the surface. With a lot of practice from experience, she held them in. But the crease disturbing her brow, leaving her looking broken and scared, brought attention she didn't want. In panic she flashes a awkward smile, that clashed with her pained eyes and everyone saw her. 
   The strong façade, destroyed in that one swift emotion. Vulnerable. She saw the look in everyones' face, that look of judgement, wavering as they now stare at a completely new person. Trying to crawl out of the hole she had just thrown herself down, the desperation was obvious. Nervously laughing, preparing herself for the questions, the ones who'll walk away - but then again, she wanted them to all walk away. She never wanted to be alone more in her life, then that second right there. Wanting more then anything, for the shadows to open up and envelope her in their embrace and hide there forever. But the shadows did not hide her and those who left, left not out of disgust, but instead out of respect. those who's heart looked injured at the sight of her so fragile, walked forward and embraced her - not to hide her - to comfort her. 
   There did the tears roll over her rosy pink cheeks. Safe. A world of emotions flooded her, almost overwhelming her to the point of breaking. Her heart pounded with all its might, throbbing in pain. Muscles shook in anger and she just cried until the world around her blurred into just light. Sounds became unapparent and the warmth from her friends hugging her close, was gentle. 
   But somehow, she felt more alone then ever.

© 2014 Midnight_Mask

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Added on June 22, 2014
Last Updated on June 22, 2014



London, United Kingdom

Hi, I am Midnight_Mask and write because that's how I express my feels and how I see life. I've wrote everything from songs, to poems, to short stories, to chapters. One of my goals is to finish a b.. more..