The Valley of Freedom

The Valley of Freedom

A Story by Midnight_Mask

   With the Sun looming high in the ocean of sky above, scorched at the Earth below with unforgiving love. Warming the long wild grass, soft to touch under bare feet. Coupled with the cool breeze, demandingly pulling at the leaves and strands of your hair, leaving them to dance within the winds' rhythm. Resting on a huge oak tree,
supporting your small body with its trunk, you stare up at the giant towering over head. Thick branches stretching out, littered with thousands of leaves sprouting from its multiple limps. As the leaves sway in the gentle breeze, tossing them side to side, the faint soothing sound of rustling purr into the air and your eyes droop
to relax in its melody. 
   Soft cool grass nestle around your legs, cuddling close and stroke your bare legs lovingly. Distant calls of light hearted whispers cry to you from close by and your eyes flutter open to the world opening up before you. The grassy hills, stretch out far, like waves bobbing up and down for miles. Blurring into the bluest sky
you have ever seen, dotted by fluffy white clouds floating up high above. 
   You soon realise that the call sounded from a distant figure. Somehow the sweet voice carried by the breeze, drifted to you, leaving you stirred to decipher the words. But she was walking towards you now, leaving your heart to flutter and breathing to quicken shallowly. You almost move to stand, your legs trembling and head
spinning. With the promise of support from the oak, you remain seated, feeling the world shift in intensity around you, almost as if just the presence of the stranger called it to excite.
   As she closes the distance, being bathed by golden light, making her skin shine a blinding holy whiteness. Her small slim frame, back straight with pride worn strongly, her hips swaying from left to right with every step with such ease and elegance. You shortly notice that her dainty feet did not touch the ground, did not
disturb the vibrant green grass, but instead as if there was a invisible floor hovering just above the grass, she glided across nothing. 
   Taking in her curves and slender figure, your eyes rise to feed on more, to learn more, to worship more. Slowly teasingly your eyes follow the weightless single cloth wrapped around her body, that clung to her body - only as your eyes crawled their way up across her perfectly rounded bosoms you realise the cloth was completely
transparent. Exposing her n*****s and fullness of her breast completely. The journey continued after shortly appreciating the view, up her slender neck to lurk on her
   What almost made your heart burn with desire, was when she entered the welcoming shade of the great oak, greeting her features to come into focus. Her high slightly
wide jaw, was balanced by high softly defined cheekbones, making her face look rounded but structured firmly with delicate smooth skin. Full swerve lips, with straight button nose and eyes a fierce beautiful, a blue-ish grey gentle look shared a look of curiosity.
   You try to move your tongue to ask for a name, but find your mouth dry from holding agape in stunned belief. Quickly you work saliva back into your mouth, but before you get to function your tongue to form the words, she's looming over you with a almost childishly curious look in her mannerism - head tilted slightly to the right and hands behind back as she lent in slightly, leaving her breast to tumble forward. Instantly, your mouth is dry again. She didn't move to speak, to ask any questions, but in her eyes burned a playful light-hearted question "Who are you?" but the voice seemed to arrive in your mind in a sweet soft high pitched voice, sounding so innocent.
   But before you could answer, another question dances into your mind "Have you come to play with me?" With that, she stood up straight and closed her eyes in delight at the idea, a giggle charms its way on the wind again. But you didn't seem startled by the unusual way the sound arrived to you, it somehow seemed to settle your 
heart and breathing.
   She jumped elegantly in a circle wheeling away from you and back into the golden light, giggling in her strange way the whole time. "Follow me and we'll play!" her delicate soft child-like voice came to you and she started to walk backwards staring at you the whole time as the distant increased. Slowly the Sun made it nearly impossible to see her any more, only leaving a faint shadowed figure gliding slowly away from you. 

© 2014 Midnight_Mask

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Added on July 18, 2014
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London, United Kingdom

Hi, I am Midnight_Mask and write because that's how I express my feels and how I see life. I've wrote everything from songs, to poems, to short stories, to chapters. One of my goals is to finish a b.. more..