A Craving that Some of Us Cant Get

A Craving that Some of Us Cant Get

A Story by Midnight_Mask

My dreaming of a guy who is there but doesn't know that he is until that moment.



 More then anything do I crave for that slight touch of our lips melting into each other, with our hearts racing as we hover; droop eyes, staring at each others quivering lips. What would I do to have that press of your body, laying over me, while you serenade my neck; allowing the frost of the wind cradle the damp markings of your kisses.

   Now that I got your attention, my face will light up; creasing my eyes from where my smile pushes my rosy cheeks upwards and my soft blue eyes would gleam again, as if they blossomed like a beautiful rose in the winter, a fantasy that will never happen. The wind will catch a hold of me and wisp my skirt high, with my wide eyes - awakening shook - I'll grip it down and allow my face to light up red from the untold embarrassment enveloping around me. But then you'll avenue over to me, lift my chin up to gaze into my afraid eyes and whisper into the now soft breeze flowing around us that "Everything is all right, don't fear prying eyes, your beautiful" 


   And then we're back to step one; where your hovering over me, with your manly hight over towering me. Your closeness couldn't be any closer and yet you was still too far if that is possible; I don't know if you know it, but what you do to me is unbearable. You differ on this note, where you act as if you don't know and at my weak point you lean in and I brace myself with eyes closed shut, just from reaction and I'll be there for seconds on end that feel like weeks or maybe months to years and before a decayed could pass I will open my eyes to find you still there, no movement and no sign of a movement any time soon; only then do I breath and only then does my heart stop. Why do you torment me so well? But I do see that in your eyes you resent it; you do deny that your thoughts of me are only neutral and yet I find you choking on a reply.

Is there or was there something about me that you dared to fix? like a broken dream or maybe a cut or even possibly my heart. But as you can see, I've tried to fix my dreams, but they lead only to you and these cuts that you see are the cuts that I produce, so the only thing left is that heart you see; the thing I've tried fixing and nearly succeed. All these little pieces are like fragments of broken glass, glueing them together just to make out the shape of my heart. However, after he broke it I left it alone, because I heard that if someone loves it like how I love others then my heart would soon grow, again it will b anew, beautiful as ever. So count to ten, take a deep breath because I'm leaning in for the kiss and I hope I won't miss.

    Now I see no sudden movements, just a slight bowing down as your lips pucker up. Your eyes fixated on mine as I flutter the light away, just to focus; I'm pretty sure this can't be true. As our mouths return to the closeness as before, I push forwards and my lips jump forth; closing with yours in a rhythm we both pick up and as this dance becomes one so natural, you step forwards and hug one hand around me and place your other on my cheek; feeling the warmth burning underneath, where I've heated up from this unexpected reaction. 

With my hands, left to hang awkwardly; I cuddle them around your neck, slowly they drop to your chest where your heart beating comes into mind; beating so strong and loud, I nearly was lost in its confusing rhythm.   

  But now we just stand, twisted into one another. The dance stopped and our heads lay on each other; with complete silence staining the air, except for the faint beats of your heart against your rib cage. I allowed my eyes to slip and my dreams float back to me, I wish that I could have this feeling now; I crave for it. 

© 2009 Midnight_Mask

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I really liked it.
Except for a few minor grammatical and spelling errors, it was very enjoyable.
Nice write :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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