Funny Faced Girl

Funny Faced Girl

A Story by M.E.Lyle

A Holloween Story


The Funny Face Girl

She was there, standing in the door frame, scars and new cuts covered her body, she glared at me,

"Trick or Treat," she giggled shyly, while shuffling her feet from side to side.

"What?" I mumbled, "is it that time of year again?"

"Yes sir," she said quietly, "Halloween, October 31st again."

"But you're a month early." I looked down at my watch to confirm my claim.

"Yep, according to the calendar on my watch it's only September 31st, you're a month early."

I looked up at her, she was tall and slender, and appeared a bit old for trick or treating. I could barely make out her darkish brown eyes behind her Raven mask, but I could see a glimmer in them that reflected an air of innocence.

"Well," she replied, "your watch seems to be in error. There is no September 31st. Check again, go on, check it."

I did as she asked. My knees became weak and began to buckle as I looked at the date glowing on my watch,

October 31st, 2018.

"What the... how, I mean, the year isn't even right."

My head spun with thoughts of insanity, wondering where the past two years had gone. Something must have been wrong with my watch, so I banged it with my other hand, but the date remained the same.

"Who are...what are you?" I stammered.

She slowly removed her mask revealing the face of a silly girl I had fallen in love with back in high school.

"I'm Angry Bird," she smiled, "but I'm not angry anymore. Trick or Treat?"

She threw both arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.

"Funny Face," I said softly, "where have you been all this time? My heart still hurts. You left it in such a shamble, I thought I might never recover."

"Gone," she said, "just gone."

Things began to blur before me when suddenly I gasped awake with the bright, green light shining on the traffic light and the sound of a horn,

"Hey buddy, move it," came a voice from the car behind me.

I glanced up and mumbled, "Uh oh, it's happening again."

© 2020 M.E.Lyle

Author's Note

Okay, so I twisted things up in the end. You don't you?

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Everybody's asking what's going to happen next but I think it's amazing as it is. I love the dialogue also the part where you thought the watch was broken. Please keep on writing, you're amazing :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

I love this! The subtle switches in genre are so interesting, I was fully geared for a horror and then it started mellowing into something sweet. By the end of it, I was confused for a moment but it's really interesting! I'd love to know what 'it' is that is happening again! Solid writing ^^

Posted 4 Years Ago

I like this. Perfectly done without much narration beyond dialogue. Best way to do things in showing the story through dialogue. Love it, and you left enough cliffhanger that I'm curious to see where it will end up.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Nah, I don't mind a bit of twisting. In fact, I love it. Boy, I hope Trish shows up at my door tonight and gives me one of those big kisses. This is a great little tale, Mike, and extremely well written.

Posted 4 Years Ago

M.E. Lyle,
I am a new reader of your work. I read this twice trying to make sense of where it might be going. The scary encounter at the beginning with a supposed stranger, time out of kilter and dialogue with a real person or not really is interesting. The ending was good to flow into another chapter. Really fun to read. Blessings Kathy

Posted 4 Years Ago

Lovely, M.E. At a certain age memories return, asleep or awake, and bring the past along for the ride. A very good rendering and a bit spooky as well. I liked it. There is a logical explanation for age related memory issues, but I can't remember what it is. Thanks again. A good write.

Posted 4 Years Ago

holy hell, that one was chilling, at first I thought it was going to go in full on killer mode when they mentioned the wrong date, but then it went straight up into Lovecraftian insanity and non linear perspective. Like I said, I'm still learning myself but your grasp on dialogue reads really well to me. not a beat was skipped into the build up for the scene, everything slotted in with two perspectives of the experience, meshing into one for the creepy ending. I like how it's left open for more, as the other guy said, is there more?

You have greater control of your prose than I have, that's for sure. it was an effortless read, and I have dyslexia, so double good job.

Posted 4 Years Ago

a very intriguing write. the mystery grabs the attention unfailingly and of course it's very well written, though a tad short, I find. I'm not quite sure about the ending, though, Mike. is there more?

Posted 4 Years Ago

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