One,  Not Alone

One, Not Alone

A Chapter by M.E.Lyle

"He looked into a fire in the sky."



The Sequel

One, Not Alone

He stood frozen, looking down at the red rusty colored sand.

"Why," he wondered, "No...what, what had brought him to this place?"

He had a reason once, but his memory failed him, as it often did these past years. He looked up into a fire in the sky.

Had it been six years, or was it more, he couldn't say for sure.”

The sky burst into a giant canopy of colors.

It danced like angel hair in a light breeze.

He searched for a clue, hoping to solve the mystery that had brought him here.

A soft hand gently tapped him on his shoulder.

He turned and saw her long, wavy, “just plain brown, hair" cascading down around her shoulders. Her crystalline blue eyes still shone brilliantly. The little girl had grown up, he did not recognize her.

Look Mathew,” she said pointing to a silver winged pin, “I still have it. I wear it over my heart just as I said I would, remember?”

It was the one he gave her the night they kissed. It was last time he saw her.

But the story behind the pin was a mystery, as he had no memory of it.

He had forgotten everything, everything, including the girl.

It was one of those episodes he was having. The doctors didn't have a name for it, so they called them moments of selective amnesia.

They began several months after the accident,

A young lady, driving alone with her learners permit pulled in front of him as he rode his bike through a residential neighborhood.

It was an ugly scene.

The doctors said the accident was not the likely source of his condition.

They had no explaination behind them.

Mathew slipped in and out of periods where he suffered total memory loss.

Sometimes they lasted for days, and others for months.

She stood facing him, tears falling down her cheeks,

"I was certain I had lost you forever. Why did you leave?"

He looked down surveying the red sandy beach,

"I'm not sure actually."

So you just left?" she cried.

Holding his hand she confessed,

"I tried hating you, you know, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.”

They turned and walked off into the sunset.

© 2019 M.E.Lyle

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