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Who Killed Poor Mary Anne

Who Killed Poor Mary Anne

A Story by M.E.Lyle

A very, very , short mystery.


Who Killed Poor Mary Anne

Who killed poor Mary Anne, knife sticking out from her heart, dripping blood onto the pearl white marble floor?

Who could have done such a thing?

She was young, attractive, kind, and well liked.

Who would do this?

Crime Scene Investigators sifted through things looking for clues as to who the culprit might be.

A father and his wife stood, heads bowed in sorrow, their girl was gone.

Bobby was there, stained in blood.

They had seen each other on occasion. They were not lovers, only friends.

As far as anyone knew, he was the last to see her alive.

They hauled him off to the station, shirtless and handcuffed.

Was he the one, nobody knew, he wasn't speaking. Bobby was a mute and could only speak through his hands.

Mary Anne had learned his language though, for she was a mute as well.

Why was Bobby covered in Mary Anne's blood?

Bobby was tried and convicted as there were no other suspects.

Death by hanging was his final performance.

In a dark corner of the courtroom stood a shadowy figure smiling.

© 2021 M.E.Lyle

Author's Note

A very short mystery.

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Who was that shadowy figure with that sinister smile, and what does he /she know about it? Was it them?

Posted 2 Months Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 23, 2021
Last Updated on March 23, 2021



Wills Point, TX

OK, I'm no longer 69, but 70 sounds so awfully old, so I won't be 70. I can try, even though my birth certificate will prove me a liar. I hike up mountains with my lovely wife, ride bikes, rollerbla.. more..

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