Part Eight

Part Eight

A Chapter by M.E.Lyle

Part Eight

In 1997 a young Dr. Shoemake was trending a new pathway into the human mind. His goal; to develop a device that was capable of controlling the mind using an external device that sent electrical impulses to the part of the body he wished to control.

It attached to the top of the subjects cranium. Wires attached to electrodes extended from the device. The electrodes were connected to various areas of the cranium.

All devices were externally connected.

Through a series of trial and errors, Dr. Shoemake finally had a breakthrough.

In 1999 he succefully demonstrated his Autonomic Mind Control Device to the Neuroscience Academy in Denmark.

The good Doctor, however, was not done.

Shoemake became obsessed in the fields of Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The year was 2004.

He pondered the possibility of creating a device capable of taking over the functions of the brain with no human interaction.

It was, in a sense, an electronic brain.

There were issues, however.

First, the brain of the subject must be totally removed.

Secondly, the machine must be inserted into the skull and connected to all vital nerve centers of the central nervous system.

Unfortunately, due to the vast number of nerve centers, not all systems were able to be connected. As a result,the creature died shortly after completion of the operation.

Eddie the chimp lasted just over a week. He was the only test subject to survive more than 24 hours.

It wasn't until our good doctor entered the field of AI and wireless technology that he experienced any long lasting success.

He developed nerve transceivers and electronic chips placed in a wireless CPU to store information. It was about the size of today's cell phones.

The device could send vital information to all parts of the body wireless.

By 2016 Dr. Shoemake and his crew were ready to test this new technology.

The subject was a recess monkey named Sam.

The operation was a success and Sam came out of it in fine shape.

Sam could perform any task that a normal brain could. There was something missing.

Sam lacked the ability to reason things out. He had no emotions and was unable to express his feelings through facial expressions or actions.

He was basically an AI inside a monkey's body.

Dr. Shoemake was at a crossroads.

Scratching his head, he wondered,

"Where do I go from this point?"

© 2021 M.E.Lyle

Author's Note

This might help fill in some of the blank spaces.

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