Part Nine

Part Nine

A Chapter by M.E.Lyle

Part Nine

Dr. Shoemake had a daunting task before him. How do you create human reasoning and emotions? How do you collect all past memories and insert them into a memory chip?

There was another problem that lingered on the tables of the scientific world.

What would become of the body of the subject?

In the case of animal experimentation, it wasn't a problem, but put into a human, it was a big problem.

With animals the subject's body could be reused. Only the brain would be removed and replaced by the AI device.

It was something else with humans. Removing a healthy person's brain might be viewed as murder. Also standing in the way were the moral ethics of such cases.

If word of such procedures got out into the public there would likely be religious outcry leading to demonstrations and possible violence.

Dr. Shoemake's life could be in danger as well.

For this reason, a contract was signed vowing never to discus, or even hint at the possibility that such a project exist. This was a Top Secret operation.

By the end of 2017 Dr. Shoemake had created a device that could download all information stored in the human mind by using electrodes attached to the outside of the cranium.

Think of it as sort of a Vulcan Mind Meld.

The information which included past memories, past experiences, autonomic systems and all voluntary actions, were stored in twelve micro chips which were later inserted into a microprocessor about the size of today's current cell phones.

Think of a cell phone without a screen.

In the end, all information was removed from the brain and it became nothing more than a jellified blob.

Having all this technology did little good if the morality issue could not be resolved.

Dr. Shoemake thought he had the answer.

"Hmm, I wonder," he thought.

© 2021 M.E.Lyle

Author's Note

More information. You have figured it out by now.

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