Part Ten

Part Ten

A Chapter by M.E.Lyle

Part Ten

By February 2018 Dr. Shoemake was ready to enter the final stages of his human /AI project.

His team of experts had solved every problem faced thus far.

He was now capable of reproducing a human clone minus brain tissue.

There was still one minor glitch, growth rate.

If the tissue was allowed to mature on its own it would take years before it was developed enough for the purpose of Dr. Shoemake's project.

There was the possibility of using another body whose brain had been declared non functional.

In all intent and purposes, the subject could already be declared dead thus clearing the staff from commiting murder.

The problem was placing another person's memories and personalities into a stranger's body.

Think of looking in a mirror and seeing a face staring back at you that did not belong to you.

That alone would be traumatic enough.

An identical clone had to be produced in order to keep Dr. Shoemake's project from leaking into the public eye.

Cloning would erase any doubt on the issues of ethical and moral principles .

The AI/Human clone would become the subject from which it was taken.

There could be no question about that.

The AI had to believe it was the subject from which it was taken.

It was Dr. Majors, an expert in the field of human growth hormones, who solved the maturation problem.

He developed a treatment using super hybrid human growth hormones.

The treatment accelerated growth processes.

The subject could be fully formed in approximately six months.

Before the desired age was reached, treatments stopped.

Non treatment halted the accelerated aging process.

Normal aging would take over from that point.

Dr. Shoemake smiled.

Now all that was left to do was to sit back and wait.

© 2021 M.E.Lyle

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Added on May 22, 2021
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